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    Later, Ye Tao chatted with Cher about some other things and walked towards the back "flower" garden. At this moment, in the huge "flower" garden, it can be said that in a hundred miles around, there are all kinds of rare "medicine" materials. In a location of nearly 300 kilometers, robots are busy. There are hundreds of stories, or even thousands of stories of tall buildings, stacked on top of each other. In two open skyscrapers, there are thousands of mecha. And nearly a hundred flying saucers and battleships. Ye Tao can accumulate such a big price, naturally is the exploration of those micro-machine spiders, but Ye Tao has taken back the "exploration spider", because there is already a mineral crisis on the earth, after all, even if there are many minerals in the earth, they can not withstand the crazy exploration of those micro-machine spiders. If this situation continues to develop, I am afraid, in less than 20 years, the earth's material will be collected by him clean, in order to avoid the disaster caused by himself in the future, Ye Tao also has to do it. So, today, Ye Tao will ask Cher about alien things. Ye Tao in the back of the "flower" garden of the major bases, around a few rounds, and to a few high robot orders some things, he heard the bell rang outside the class. Immediately,Narrow aisle rack, Ye Tao's "spiritual consciousness" withdrew from the space. He also straightened up on the table where he had just been lying. As soon as Xu Linlin and Chen Yujia saw him straighten up, they rubbed against him like a mouse seeing a cat, stretched out their arms, and covered the front of his "chest". Ye Tao looked at it and found that these two silly girls were so cute that if he really wanted to see them, what was the use of hugging them? At the same time, Wang Zhengnian looked at the actions of the three people and the "color" of God, his mind was full of puzzlement, he really did not know what the three people were doing, but he did not think much about it,Cantilever Storage rack, said that the class was over, and left the classroom. As soon as Wang Zhengnian walked away, Xu Linlin put her arms around her chest and said ferociously, "You come with me." Xu Linlin dares to talk to Ye Tao like this, mainly because she and Chen Yujia have seen through the latter's nature. They belong to the kind of cynical strange people. Although they are hateful, they will not really do anything unconscionable. Otherwise, they will not dare to come to see Ye Tao even if they are killed. Ye Tao pondered a smile, also did not speak, when first toward the outside to go out, as for, go to the alien to find the source of energy, although he can't wait, but also to wait for Qiao Lan after the matter is resolved, besides, Ye Tao also want to see Zhang Xuan and Bai Lianxiang and others, after all, this time to the alien, Pallet rack beams ,Warehouse storage racks, he did not know how long it would take to wander down. Because, according to Ye Tao's own idea, that is, this time, we must turn the seven planets and the sun around again, after all, if there is any rare ore in the planet and so on, he can also get it on the spot by using the five elements of escape, say not necessarily, this time a circle down, his golden elixir is hopeful. When Ye Tao left the classroom, Xu Linlin and Chen Yujia followed closely, which made many boys who saw the situation cry in their hearts and scold Ye Tao. Not for a while Ye Tao walked quickly to a small forest in Huaqing Garden and stopped. At this time, he suddenly turned around and a clear white light appeared in his eyes. Xu Linlin and Chen Yujia looked at it and immediately screamed. Then they covered their bodies and fled to the back of a big tree with blushes on their faces. Xu Linlin also scolded them in shame and anger, "You'bastard ', really shameless, peeking at the body of a'woman'. Is it funny?" "I think the feeling is very good, who let us have this thing," Ye Tao while a bad smile, mouth also went on to say, "I also forgot to tell you one thing." "What is it?" Xu Linlin asked in surprise. "What I want to tell you is that if this is an object without soul and life, I can use my perspective eyes to see through it, just like the big tree in front of you." Ye Tao is still laughing like a thief, and his tea is flashing. "Linlin, your breasts are a little small, but they look pink and tender, and they are still in the shape of bamboo shoots. It's good to play with them." Hearing this, Xu Linlin immediately stiffened on the spot. She felt dizzy and blushed. She really didn't expect the latter to be so shameless. She was also very clear about her own affairs. As soon as Chen Yujia heard Ye Tao's words, he hesitated for a moment and blushed with shame. Immediately, he squatted on the ground with his body in his arms, looking at the "touch" as if he was looking for a "hole" to get into. Chapter 381 of the main text. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-6-22 6:52:25 Words in this chapter: 9360 Chapter 381 Mole. Ye Tao looked at the different expressions and movements of the two people, but also laughed heartily, tears are about to flow out, in fact, he did not use any perspective, but according to his inhuman eyesight, how can not see the approximate shape of the two people, after all, at this time is the hot weather, the girl's clothes will not be too much. Moments later, Xu Linlin came to her senses and squatted on the ground hurriedly. The glittering jade dimple contained evil spirits. She said angrily, "You are a bad guy who is shameless. Relying on the talent that God has given you, you mess up." Ye Tao looked at the two movements, but also in the heart of great joy, said with a rogue face, "you have the ability to see ah, who did not stop." In the end, Ye Tao also deliberately straightened up, looking shameless to the extreme. Xu Linlin looked at Ye Tao such an expression, really have a kind of forward, in his hateful face kicked on the impulse of two feet, but this time where she dare to go out, if this can be completely exposed. Ye Tao laughed and said, "Since you don't get up,Industrial pallet rack, I'll go." "Don't go." Xu Linlin cried out and immediately asked bitterly, "Let me ask you, did you do anything to us yesterday?" 。

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