Tackling the Sick Villain (Chuanshu)

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    How could you bring your concubine to such a sacred place as the Imperial College?! Liang Shengwen had some anger in his heart, and his impression of the prince and nobles was a little worse. At the same time, he felt sorry for Su Tiantian and broke the little fantasy that had just risen. Su Tiantian was pulled by him to walk to the inner room, she repeatedly shook her hand, "in broad daylight, what are you doing?" Chu yuan looked back, "what were you doing in broad daylight?" Su Tiantian justifiably said, "to attract talents for you!" Chu yuan sneered, "is that also a talent?"? He's just a Jinshi who hasn't entered the examination yet. He was also a Jinshi who did not understand the current affairs and was about to be removed from their list. Su Tiantian also sneers in the heart, that is one of the humerus that will support Chu Yu in the future, do not draw you silly. "Of course he is a talented person," said Su Tiantian, "but he is a man whom the people in Suzhou admire very much." Chu yuan had already returned to the table. He looked up at Su Tiantian again. Remembering that Su Tiantian had just talked and laughed with the man, and that she had let him go as soon as she saw his name that day, he said, "Do you appreciate him?" Su Tiantian: "Of course I appreciate it. I have talent, good character, and I can work hard." Not to mention that he later contributed many good reforms to Chu Yu, and was an important helper for Chu Yu to hinder Chu yuan. So you have to fight for him, not work with them and remove him from the list. Su Tiantian said. Chu yuan frowned. "Are you in cahoots?" Su Tiantian: Isn't it? You know who Chu Yi and Chu Su are. Those who are close to Zhu are red and those who are close to Mo are black. Chu yuan hooked his lips: "So what if it's black?"? In this world, we only ask the result,jacuzzi suppliers, not the process. Su Tiantian sighed and took out the book she had just found and put it in front of Chu yuan. "You can read these books." Chu yuan raised his eyebrows. "Why do you want to read?" Su Tiantian: "The book of sages and sages, people say that reading is clear, reading the book of sages and sages, and doing the things of sages." Then he took out a copy of the Great Learning, opened it and began to read: "You see, the way of the Great Learning is to show virtue, to be close to the people, and to stop at the highest good.". In ancient times,Chinese spa manufacturer, those who wanted to show virtue in the world first governed their country, and those who wanted to govern their country first regulated their families.. Before she had finished reading, Chu yuan recited it directly. "Those who want to regulate their families should first cultivate their bodies; those who want to cultivate their bodies should first correct their minds; those who want to correct their minds should first be sincere in their minds; and those who wish to be sincere in their minds should first reach their knowledge.". To gain knowledge is to investigate things. Things and then know, know and then sincere, sincere and then the heart is right, the heart is right and then self-cultivation, self-cultivation and then family unity, family unity and then national governance, national governance and then the world is peaceful. From the emperor to the common people, all of them are based on self-cultivation. Su Tiantian was surprised: "Can you recite it?" Chu yuan hooked his lips and said, "Not only can you recite?"? I have participated in the compilation of this book. His long finger pointed to the small print of the explanatory notes on the side of the page. "These are my annotations." Su Tiantian:.. "And many of these in your hands are also annotated by me, so do you still need to tell me how to read?" Chu yuan hooked his lips. Su Tiantian:.. Well, he is also very talented. But obviously, he read so many books, and his thoughts and actions did not seem to change, whirlpool hot tub ,whirlpool bathtub, so Su said, "Then you read so many sages, have you learned?" Chu yuan: "Of course, you can look at my notes, but also to help you read comprehension." Su Tiantian: "Then why don't you understand the principle of recruiting talents?" Chu yuan:.. "There is also love for the people as a son, compassion for the world, the line is doing straight." It seems to have nothing to do with you. "That's not going to work," said Su. Chu yuan raised his eyebrows. "Why not?"? Why must we act according to these pedantic principles? Su was at a loss for words, "because." Because it's a common rule, it's.. It's the "Tao" you said before! Chu yuan sneered, apparently ignoring it. Su continued, "then why do you want to argue with Chu Yi and Chu Su?"? They do whatever it takes to get to the top. What about you? And why are you? Chuyuan a meal, into these fights, including the wind and so on, is he pushed the boat along, he never took the initiative to choose what, after all, as a person who is doomed not to live to the weak crown years, the future is just death, nothing, so these ill-intentioned people to use him, he just won't as they wish, to let everyone like him, no future, There is no hope that destruction earlier than he will give him some pleasure. But now that he has Su Tiantian, she will cure him, so what is the future for him? If he had really won, what would have happened? He never thought about it. But as long as he thought about it, he understood in an instant. Chu yuan looked at Su Tiantian and asked, "What would you like me to do?" Su Tiantian: "I hope that when you are in a high position, you will seek your position and not forget your roots.". If you are a wise king, you will serve the country, the world and the people. She hoped that he really became a generation of wise king, she did not want to help a tyrant to do evil, even if this is only the world in the book, nor did she want Chu yuan to become such a tyrant. Chu yuan hooked his lips, "so, as you wish." He wants to understand, he only for her is all the future. Chapter 69. Su Tiantian pulled Chu yuan out of the palace early in the morning, saying that he wanted to give him a surprise. Chu yuan followed Su Tiantian all the way to the street market in a carriage and found that her so-called surprise was actually giving porridge to people. At this time, Su Fu's boy and servant girl had already prepared a few big pots full of vegetable porridge, and there was already a long queue in front of them, and the old and weak women and children dressed in plain clothes were all carrying bowls in their hands. Chu yuan raised his forehead. "What kind of surprise is this?" Su Tiantian: "Give people roses, hand fragrance, take you to find that helping others is also a kind of happiness." Chu yuan:.. Su Tiantian pointed to the crowd and said, "You haven't seen that there are so many poor people who don't have enough to eat in the bustling capital." Chu yuan: "How do you know they don't have enough to eat?" "Of course, if you have enough to eat,outdoor whirlpool tub, do you still need to wait for this bowl of gruel early in the morning?" Chu yuan raised his eyebrows. "It's free. Why don't you come?"? Besides, these are all old and weak women and children who have nothing to do all day long, but they just spend some useless time. Su Tiantian:.. What kind of unsympathetic devil is this. monalisa.com

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