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    Although Butterfly Blue used ice silkworm instead of poison to control Mu Shaoai's action, which was slightly beyond the plan, everything went smoothly, except for Butterfly Blue's hand. Mu Shaoai's estimate is the most wrong. It is the internal force of Si Nan. Apart from Xiaocai and others, almost no one in Jianghu knew that Si Nan's internal force was so deep that Mu Shaoai's poisonous palm did not cause much harm to him at all, leaving Si Nan room to fight back. If Mu Shaoai is not in a hurry to rob the ice silkworm, but calm down and think carefully, maybe he can achieve his goal more safely, but he is too impatient. He lost his usual calmness and reason in front of the great temptation that could make the poisonous palm go up to a higher level. Butterfly Blue looked at Mu Shaoai's position before he died and said with a smile, "People die for money, and birds die for food.". The ancients did not deceive me. Si Nan handed the cold jade box to Butterfly Blue and said disapprovingly, "Is this worm money?" Butterfly Blue smiled and said, "Why doesn't it count?"? For a medicine man and a poison man. This is indeed wealth. The two of them returned to the nearby village and were sent back to the city. Butterfly Blue said to Si Nan, "My hands need to be nursed back to health for a few days. Let's stop looking for medicinal materials for a while." Si Nan calculated that it took them only twenty days to find three of the targets. At this rate, it would not be difficult to complete the task, and it would be good to rest for a few days. They agreed to meet again in three days. They went their separate ways. 16K Fiction Network Without the guide of Butterfly Blue, Si Nan fell into a state of having nothing to do. He thought about it and entered the Seven Killing Valley again. Still using the return wind to remove the power of the monster,outdoor hot tub, Si Nan's control of the "return wind" is much more skilled than the first time he used it. In the past 20 days, besides running around with Butterfly Blue looking for medicinal materials, what he has done more is to practice flying skills constantly. [Return air] can be automatically activated when the body is stressed. Remove the force, but Sinan found out after several tests. If consciously manipulated, [return air] can remove more force. In terms of unloading force, in the face of different types of attacks,jacuzzi swim spa, the performance of [return wind] is also quite different: pure external force is easier to unload than martial arts containing internal force. Now Si Nan can completely remove the power of a black bear's palm, but he can't be safe under the palm of a player with the same power as the black bear (such as Mu Shaoai). Inside the valley, Xiaocai was not there. Ah Li was the only one squatting on the stone. When the latter saw Si Nan, he smiled and said, "Look at you. You are very skilled in the use of the return wind. Si Nan shrugged his shoulders and took out three things and handed them to him:" Su Fang Hua, Hundred Years Jasmine Root and Tianxin Stone. Is it all right to deliver part of the goods ahead of time? " Because it is the task of two people, Butterfly Blue collects medicines in duplicate, one in each hand. Li stretched out his hand to take it and said with a smile, "Of course it doesn't matter.." Are the remaining four in the bag? Why do you have time to come here? Si Nan curled his lips and said, "No, my friend who accompanied me to look for medicinal materials was injured. I want to rest for a few days. I'll come by to have a look at the side dishes." Li said in surprise, "Don't you live together in reality?"? Why do you come to me to find someone? Si Nan gave him a white look: "I graduated." Now, 4 person jacuzzi ,jacuzzi bath spa, Si Nan also does not regard this boy as the system character, only regards him as the same living person as oneself, ten words only say three points, the remaining seven points let him understand. A Li froze for a moment, then nodded, obviously understanding is not bad. Two people did not speak to stare at each other for a while, Si Nan first broke the silence: "In fact, I still have something to ask you, that is, the problem of internal force..." After taking Tianxinshi, he could feel that his internal force had deepened a lot, but. Si Nan showed the attribute panel to Ah Li and presented the facts directly. On the page of Neigong, there is a line of words: Bodhi, forty-three layers. I clearly feel that the internal force is much deeper, but why does the level of internal force decline? Before coming here, Si Nan thought about this problem all the way and didn't understand it. Li blinked, glanced at Si Nan, and then looked at the attribute panel. "Didn't you look carefully at the grade mark of Neigong?" He asked with a smile. Si Nan is stupefied, this just notices, before Bodhi decides 3 words, originally have a medium grade low terrace sign, now became medium grade now. What does that tell you? Si Nan thought to himself. The mouth also involuntarily asked the question. A Li answered casually, "It shows that there is no upper limit to martial arts. Every low-level martial art will be automatically upgraded after practicing to the 49th level. Although the name remains unchanged, it will add the connotation that is suitable for the rank, and replace the level of martial arts to the level of this rank that is similar to the 49th level of low-level martial arts." Si Nan immediately thought of the Arhat Boxing of Passerby B, if there is such a setting. Then passer-by B's lack of micro-manipulation of strength can be gradually solved, and then he thought of his own internal force: "You say to add the connotation that is compatible with the rank?"? Why don't I feel the change? A Li said lazily, "Internal force has attributes. For example, some people's internal force is cold, some people's internal force is hot, some people have continuous internal force, and some have hidden strength. In the low grade, these attributes are not obvious, but if you break through the limit of 49 layers.". You can feel a more obvious change. But you are different. Bodhi Jue is a rare internal skill without any attributes in the game. There are only two basic characteristics, so no matter how deep your internal force is, you can't expect any change. At this point, he deliberately stopped, intending to see Si Nan's depressed expression. Si Nan looked back at him with a smile: "Sorry,massage bathtub manufacturers, I can't let you see my lost appearance. I have so much internal force that I almost get the land for nothing. I am already very satisfied. It doesn't matter whether I have those attributes or not.". Please go on. What are the two basic characteristics? Li smiled and said, "Do you realize that your internal force is only a little deeper than others, and there is no absolute advantage?" Si Nan answered very readily: "I didn't find it!"! I think my internal force is very deep! 。

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