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    "Aren't you afraid?" Chels looked at Zhao Fan with some surprise, because the breath of the main temple covered him, he could only see that Zhao Fan was a human under the appearance of the tauren. A human being can be so calm when he sees a God. Chels has never seen many! Is that he in the human country, accept a few strength extraordinary younger brother, will not have Zhao Fan this calm. Zhao Fan is not the first time to see God, and the God in Zhao Fan's eyes is just powerful! Since Chers did not mention the crime of Zhao Fan killing his son, Zhao Fan was also happy to play with him, "under the crown, you are the God of nature, born with a peaceful and intimate breath, of course, will not let me feel afraid!"! To tell you the truth, I have also seen Anubis, the God of the desert. Compared with you, he is a country bumpkin! "Oh?"? Is it? Hey, hey! Chers still had no intention of entering the temple, nor did he mention that Zhao Fan had killed his son. "I love to hear that!"! But I was surprised to learn a few months ago that the old wolf wasn't dead. Boy, now that you've seen him, can you tell me what's going on with him? "At your service!" Zhao Fan breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart. I wonder why the God of nature is so easy to talk to? It's totally different from the ferocious face that Beckram told himself! Is it really like your own nonsense? Chers is naturally peaceful and intimate? Shaking his head, Zhao Fan told Chels what had happened to him in the desert. Of course, it also conceals some things that are inconvenient for the God of nature to know, such as the animal seal and the cloud! "A master saved you?" Chels knocked on the palm of his hand with a bamboo stick,juice filling machine, as if inadvertently moving forward, at this time the distance between Zhao Fan and Chels, because of the more relaxed atmosphere of conversation, has been very close! According to your description, there are indeed many people who can defeat today's Anubis and save you from him on the land of fantasy! "Under the crown, you." Just as Zhao Fan wanted to praise Chels' shrewd judgment, he was shocked to find that a bamboo stick patted his waist in a strange way. Zhao Fan only had time to shout out three words, and was beaten out of the main temple by Chels' bamboo stick! "Drink!" Robinson immediately found out that the situation was not right and rushed out of the main temple of Thuram with a loud roar. In fact, Chers was only one step away from the main temple,Beverage packing machine, so as soon as Robinson came out, he hit the head of the God of Nature with a fist full of fighting spirit. Chels, on the other hand, made light of it. Holding the brush, he twisted the bamboo stick with three fingers in his thumb. A bamboo stick suddenly seemed like a poisonous snake attacking its prey. With lightning speed, it tapped Robinson's fist. Robinson's thunderous fist, even under the gentle touch of Chels, the right arm of the weak punch down. Robinson's expression is twisted, obviously enduring great pain, since with Zhao Fan, Robinson this is the first time to eat deflated. Guy Chels has lived for tens of thousands of years and called everyone a boy, and he really has the qualifications! Look at the way you just punched, you should have fought with Beckram, right? Yes, that punch did block the attack route of our Pendle stick, CSD filling line ,water bottle packaging machine, but do you really think that with your half-baked fist, you can also break my stick? "Ha ha!" Chels laughed, and the voice of the broken Gong was so harsh that it matched the level of the five Beckram brothers singing in the Red River. "You've fought with Beckram, and you should think we have this set of sticks." The law pays attention to skills, right? Hey hey, I will tell you today, this set of stick skill of our Pandel clan is completely skillful martial arts! Beckram is just not good at learning! "Despicable!" Zhao Fan was Chels a foot on the chest, struggling for a long time, unexpectedly Leng is unable to stand up, Zhao Fan really do not understand where this thin old man so much strength. He could only lie on the ground and glare at Chels. He had been hunting geese all the year round, but today he was pecked blind by the geese, and was put together by Chels. Zhao Fan sighed deeply from the bottom of his heart, like father, like son! Zhao Fan regretted very much that since he knew that Beckram was seemingly simple and honest, but actually insidious, how could he ignore his father? "Niang Xipi, do you really think that if you kill my son, I will let you go so easily!" Chels curled his lips disdainfully. "From the way you looked just now, I think my prodigal son told you everything, didn't he?"? I am not afraid to tell you that among the four forbidden places in Tianhuan Continent, I dare not go into the Northeast Thuram Temple of War! Otherwise I wouldn't have had to work so hard to get you out! But now that you are no longer in the Temple of Thuram. …… Hey, boy, you're dead! Chels said in his mouth, but he was not in a hurry to kill Zhao Fan now. Anyway, this guy could not escape from his own hands. Chels turned his eyes to Bekram, who was huddled in the temple, and shouted, "Niang Xipi, Bekram, you come out!" Beckram hesitated to step out of a big fat leg from behind Pasteur, but as soon as he touched Chels'sharp eyes, he shrank back and shook his head behind Pasteur. "Dad, if you swear not to hit me, I'll go out!" "Niang Xipi, it's against you, and you dare to bargain with me!" Chels' body suddenly exploded with a bang, and in a green whirlwind, it turned into a panda that was exactly the same as Beckram except for a slight difference in stature. From this, we can see why Chels loved Beckram, the eldest of the five brothers, so much! Where are your four brothers? Niang Xipi, I know you've lost your four brothers, haven't you? Chels, contrary to the steady image just now, completely turned into a rogue, "Niang Xipi, I don't believe you've been hiding all your life." In the temple of Thuram! I'll kill the boy who killed you once, and then teach you a lesson slowly! Chels said, the end of the bamboo stick in his hand suddenly became extremely sharp, aimed at Zhao Fan's throat,water bottling line, just about to poke hard, suddenly came the voice of Pasteur, "Stop!"! Or I'll kill your son! Chels turned his head and saw Pastri struggling with one hand around Beckram's thick neck and the other holding the dagger against Beckram's big belly. Pastri was too short. He could only reach Beckram's belly at most.

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