The beauty is carved on the bone _ the president draws the ground as a prison

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    School Song looked at Miss Zhang and laughed silently in his heart. How could Miss Zhang look like Kaiyin? Kaiyin had big round eyes, while Miss Zhang had long and thin Danfeng eyes. Shang Xiuwen's action was aimed at him. School Song smiled and said nothing. Tang Ze calm self-restraint of the alienated eyes silently staring at Shang Xiuwen, Shang Xiuwen suddenly mentioned his ex-girlfriend, Tang Ze quietly looked at the Song school. School Song leaned back in his chair gracefully and calmly, as if he did not hear it, and his side face, which was full of lines and moist, was filled with a warm smile, not angry, but sweet. Miss Zhang returned to her seat after making up in the bathroom. As soon as she sat down, she was whispered by Shang Xiuwen. Miss Zhang is an old man in the workplace. She knows how to move forward and backward, but after listening to Shang Xiuwen's whispers, her face was slightly stupefied. Director Shang, shall I have two more drinks with you? Shang Xiuwen showed a misty state of drunkenness. He squinted his eyes and shook his head at Miss Zhang. After getting up, he pulled open the seat and lowered his head to pull Miss Zhang up. Miss Zhang frowned nervously and did not want to ask Song for help. President! School Song is having a secret chat with Vice General Manager Ji at the table. No matter what happens to Shang Xiuwen, there are beautiful women around him. It should not be difficult to deal with. School Song, who was lying on the table with folded arms, raised his forehead gently when he heard the sound. His forehead, like clear water,whirlpool hot tub spa, was like white jade, shining with a faint light. What's going on? Not happy? Shang Xiuwen pulled Miss Zhang's hand and seemed to be a little impatient. At the same time, she increased her strength and caused Miss Zhang to cry out in pain. She called him "President" again. Shang Xiuwen showed a sarcastic smile. Miss Zhang's self-defeating behavior of asking for help from Song School led to Shang Xiu Wen's more extreme behavior. He forced her to attend, regardless of whether Miss Zhang was willing or not. School Song was still lying on the edge of the table as light as the morning breeze, but her eyes like clear water were extremely sharp at Shang Xiuwen. Miss Zhang could not break away from Shang Xiuwen's pull. She looked at School Song's clear eyes like an ant on a hot pan and asked for help: "President, Director Shang asked me to sit upstairs.." Battle-tested, knows how to issue a distress signal to a reliable person in front of the person concerned,5 person hot tub, upstairs? Upstairs, of course, is the hotel room, sit? I'm afraid it is. Do it. After listening to Miss Zhang's story, Song's eyes turned leisurely, and he had nothing to do with it. His sharp chin was crocheted with Song's elegant smile. Quietly, he had already opened his seat and got up from the table and walked towards Shang Xiuwen. School Song walked to the middle of Shang Xiuwen and Miss Zhang, slender tall and straight body slightly on one side, has quietly blocked Miss Zhang behind him, Shang Xiuwen's eyes burst out of the flame of hatred. School Song knows too much about Shang Xiuwen. Simple people can't do dirty things. Director Shang, if you are interested, I invite you to go to the club to play. With the elegant smile of Yada in his eyes, Song Xiao put his hands in his pockets and faced Shang Xiuwen in front of him. He also looked so polite and unhurried when he opened his mouth to ask. Shang Xiuwen grinned, endless swimming pool ,outdoor spa manufacturers, full of disdain, shook his head and pointed to Miss Zhang, who was hiding behind Song Xiao. Like a disgusting guy, he was deadlocked and embarrassed everyone: "Sorry, I'm particularly interested today, but this interest can only be with Miss Zhang." As soon as the conversation changed, the tone took on a playful tone and became slippery: "Song Zong, since you invited me to show up tonight, I think you must be sincere. Don't you agree to let me talk to Miss Zhang alone?" "Director Shang, I've been married." Miss Zhang told the truth in her predicament, but Shang Xiuwen raised his eyebrows and aimed at Song School: "Song Zong, is this your sincerity?"? It's rare for me to be interested, but what do you mean by sending me some married women? Miss Zhang smell speech has scared pale, afraid of their own before they have abandoned the interests of the group, but Shang Xiuwen is really the first person on the wine table in front of president song to embarrass her, for Han minister work for so many years did not meet officialdom or business with this person similar to the person, after the wine Bureau she must be able to escape, the group has a car to send her home in person. Unexpectedly, Shang Xiuwen insisted on embarrassing her. School Song raised his eyebrows and smiled, still with his hands in his pockets and tall and straight. When he said "sorry" to Shang Xiuwen, the sophisticated and cunning Vice General Manager Ji came forward to mediate and led Shang Xiuwen to leave the box. Vice General Manager Ji's glib voice sounded like a snake letter drilling into people's hearts: "Shang Bureau, it's not easy to play."? Shall I take you to a place and play with you? Shang Xiuwen's temperament can be seen. He was stubborn. He shook off Vice General Manager Ji's arm, turned around and picked up his chin at School Song. It was absolutely decisive: "General Manager Song, I have to take Miss Zhang away tonight. If you don't agree, we can do what we should do in the preliminary hearing of the new urban area." After Vice General Manager Ji saw that Shang Xiuwen intended to be embarrassed tonight, he immediately turned around and pushed Song Xiao's shoulder. His voice was like an electric shock. He quickly and quickly swept into Song Xiao's ears: "Don't offend him. Otherwise, any case dealing with the Bureau of Land and Resources in the future will have to be sealed." Shang Xiuwen did not hear what he said. He stood at the door of the box, waiting slowly for Song's decision. School Song modestly fended off Vice General Manager Ji's hand, still with a dignified and calm expression. Vice General Manager Ji asked Miss Zhang to accompany Shang Xiuwen to the club to sit for a few more hours and gave Miss Zhang a look. Miss Zhang understood that the look was a delaying tactic, but School Song's voice broke the tacit understanding of silence between them. School Song looked over Miss Chang's head, put his hands in his pockets, and said to Shang Xiuwen, who was standing at the door, "I hope you know that once you get from where you are today." In the position of fall, you will regret, can not withstand the storm, why do you set sail? Did you go through all kinds of hardships to climb up to this position just to fall down from it? Shang Xiuwen laughed. Miss Zhang, the perpetrator, was frightened to stand in the middle of the two men who were fighting against each other. She had already regretted the uproar she had ignited. When she was at a loss, she was pushed away by Shang Xiuwen mercilessly and coldly, and fell to the door. It was not easy for her to gain a firm foothold. Looking back, Shang Xiuwen seemed to want to fight with President Song. Shang Xiuwen was a little shorter than Song Xiao, and he was willing to bow to the wind,China spa factory, but his eyes of hatred were still happily and boldly staring up at the light Song Xiao, like a sharp sword, plunging into the steel gray eyes of Song Xiao.

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