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    What did she do? Lin Wanrong thought hard for a long time, but he couldn't figure it out, so he had no choice but to shake his head. You fool! "She gave you an innocent daughter and even gave birth to a son, but you still don't know what she has done?" "You mean the bridal chamber?!" Rong Laobian is hot: "This, is this concerned with poison?" "When a man is dying, his words and deeds are the most honest moments in his life." Anbiru nodded slightly and sighed silently, "a woman like Yujia, who dares to love and hate, is fearless. In the last days of her life, she will surely fulfill her last wish.". In the negotiations between the two countries, she made concessions again and again, and gave you her pure body, knowing that she would die, and did not want to leave with regret, so she gave you the best. When Lin Wanrong heard this, his mind trembled and his eyes moistened. He held her hand tightly: "Sister, please, save my little sister!" "As I said just now, there is no cure for this poison, which is stronger than gold." The younger brother's face turned pale. Sister Ann patted him slowly and said with a smile, "There's only one way to save her." "What way?!" Lin Wanrong was shocked when he heard this. An Biru grinned. "You've already solved it for her. Why are you asking me?" Solved?! Lin Wanrong is in a daze, where does this come from? "Silly little brother!" "What is your favorite thing to do?" Anbi asked with a few charming white eyes. What do I like to do most? Bridal chamber?! Lin Wanrong jumped up in fright: "Sister, you mean, I and crescent moon son like that, that can detoxify?" An Biru sighed softly: "I'm afraid even Yujia herself didn't think that she loved you to the extreme and gave you a pure daughter,multi disc screw press, but finally saved herself.". This feeling is more effective than Jin Jianwei for virgins. If you get married within five months and lose your daughter, the poison will not only dissolve itself, but also turn into a fertility aid. Therefore, love is stronger than gold. It is poison, but it is not poison. It is the touchstone of all lovers in the world. Such a love is stronger than gold! No wonder the crescent moon hasn't mentioned poisoning since that night! Lin Wanrong surprised a word can not say, think of the little sister's deep affection, immediately in the heart is sour and sweet, tears floating in the eyes. He thinks a little while, shake one's head suddenly, indissoluble way: "elder sister, I still have one thing to be unknown.". How do you know my little sister will marry me? What if in five months she's taken up with someone else? "With someone else?"? Of course it can be solved! The holy aunt laughed. What Lin Wanrong shouted and jumped up: "How can this work?" "This is called the bystander is clear and the authorities are confused." An Biru shook her head and said softly, "I watched Yujia walk with you all the way. Her affection for you was covered up, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,wall penstocks, but it was clear.". Like her so outstanding prairie woman, once in love can not extricate themselves, let alone five months, even if five hundred years, she will not like others! At the end of her life, any normal woman. What I want to do most is to give everything to my sweetheart. This is called love is stronger than gold! A good feeling is stronger than gold. Lin Wanrong's heart was full of sadness and joy, and he looked back silently. At the end of the day, there seemed to be a beautiful figure gazing at him gently. As soon as his nose was sour, he took Shenggu's hand and said silently, "Thank you, sister!" "Now you're relieved." Anbiru gently wiped the tears from his eyes. "It is sweet after setbacks," he said with a smile. Your little crescent moon sister. Now I probably wake up laughing in my dreams. But she deserves it, and no one in the world can compare with her when it comes to constancy and enthusiasm! Lin Wanrong nodded slightly. Only then did he understand the significance of the holy aunt's invitation to return to the grassland. I can meet the crescent moon. It's really killing two birds with one stone to relive the dreams of the past with Sister Ann. Little brother, "Anbiru suddenly winked like silk and called softly in his ear," How is your sister? " 'Good. OK Lin Wanrong nodded hurriedly. Anbiru winked mysteriously: "Just say yes!"! I helped you make a match with the crescent moon. But I also want you to promise me one thing. ” The little brother clapped his chest and said, "It doesn't matter, sister.". My little brother will go through fire and water without hesitation. "I can't tell you yet." Anbiru giggled and said, "I want to help people achieve a wish.". When we go back to the Miao village. You'll know. Hum, it's really cheap, you little rascal! The master's sister was very mysterious, and she didn't know what she was up to. Lin Wanrong shook his head with a wry smile. The wife he married. From Qingxuan, Fairy, Shifu Sister to Crescent Moon. One is more cunning than the other, and one is more clever than the other. I don't know if they will all get together in the future. What kind of lively scene will it be? He thought about it and looked forward to it more and more. Little brother, when will you come back when you go to Korea? Anbiru took his hand and asked gently. The war is over, the wife also married into the door, just wait for the matter of Koryo to be resolved, then everything will be fine. He laughed and nodded, "I'm going by sea, and I'm sure I'll be back before the Spring Festival.". Sister, you can go and play with me, too. Anbiru shook her head with a smile. "I don't care about the barbarian land.". I want to go to Qianjue Peak to hold a memorial ceremony for Shimen. By the way, I want to see your fairy sister and catch up with her. We'll wait for you on the hill. Startled, Lin Wanrong said, "Sister Shifu, you won't fight with the fairy, will you?" "What do you say?" The master's elder sister gave him a charming look and smiled with great charm. Lin Wanrong shook his head with a wry smile. When Fox and Fairy Ning met, no one knew what would happen. It's not the same as before. They sleep with the same husband and kiss each other. I hope they won't fight too much in the future. At least they can save some face for their husbands. Left the prairie, all the way through the stars and the moon, to the southeast. Entering the junction of Shanxi and Hebei, they were reluctant to part with Anbiru in Yangquan. Sister Ann turned back to the capital. He wanted to go to sea from Donggang Rizhao,lamella tube, so he continued eastward. In a few days, he arrived in Jining, Shandong Province.

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