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    That night, the bright moonlight passed through the luxuriant branches and leaves of the trees and fell on every corner of the dark forest. Some unknown insects crooned, bringing a happy sound to the quiet forest. The bonfire was red, which made the warm heating spread in the cool night. Han Shuo picked up a few sticks covered with fresh meat in his hands and stirred them over the hot bonfire. As some condiments were sprinkled on the red and shiny roast meat, an attractive smell of meat drifted into the mouths and noses of the undead students. It smells good, Brian. I didn't know you could do this. Lisa wrinkled her lovely straight nose, and her eyes fell straight on the shiny meat picked up by Han Shuo, sighing with surprise. Today you met the performance of the spiny tail cat, it is too disappointing to me, the heart of a panic, even the most basic bone arrow magic, can not be completely correct display, this can not ah! And you, Mr. Jean, although the attack power of your last bone arrow is amazing, you were too negligent before. If Brian hadn't been alert, he would have been hurt by the spiny tail cat. The cadets gathered around the bonfire, Fannidai frowning slightly and shouting at the crowd, as if they were very dissatisfied with the performance of the cadets and Jean today. The students looked submissive and seemed to listen very attentively, but their eyes wandered to Han Shuo's barbecue from time to time, and the sound of swallowing saliva came from several people's mouths. Han Shuo used to be a full-time otaku at home. He usually eats and drinks by himself, and his cooking skills are very effective. The development of eating in the world, compared with the times in which Han Shuo lived, the gap is definitely not a little bit,outdoor whirlpool, and now a little bit of display, immediately these people's saliva splashed. Listening to Fanny's reprimand, Han Shuo could not help looking at Fanny a few eyes, and was surprised by the momentum of Fanny now. It seems that Fanny is the real person in charge of this action. In the undead department, it seems that Jean, who is a teacher, is inferior to her. No wonder Jean is still a little afraid of Fanny. It seems that it's not just because Jean loves Fanny so much. All right, let's stop here. We will encounter more dangers in the future. I hope you will stop being so careless and start eating barbecue. Fanny taught the crowd a lesson for a while, and she herself could not stand the smell of the meat being roasted by Han Shuo. Today,jacuzzi manufacturers, she walked all day. She used to eat some simple bread and water, but now she suddenly has such delicious food that her stomach is the first to start having an attack. Miss Fanny, this is yours. Lisa, this is yours. Bella Barkjean, these are yours.. Han Shuo, with a strange smile on his face, distributed barbecues to the crowd one by one. Um. "Oh, Brian, you are so good. This barbecue is really delicious!" After Fanny ate a piece, her fragrant tongue curled up her red lips and praised her again and again. It was a beautiful state that made people daydream, which made Han Shuo's heart swing. Yes, it's delicious. Brian really has a hand! Lisa is also smiling repeatedly praise, a large piece of barbecue in the blink of an eye, has been solved by her more than half. What rotten meat? It tastes terrible. It's not cooked. "Whoo." It tastes really bad. It has no taste at all. "Damn it, Brian, you did it on purpose. This meat is still raw." “……” Buck, Jean, endless swimming pool ,outdoor endless pool, Bella, and several people who had enmity with Han Shuo, after eating two mouthfuls, were cursing again and again. With an innocent look on his face, Han Shuo said with a simple smile, "Er.." Some of them may not be baked yet. I'm sorry, but you're a little unlucky! Volume III Chapter 34 change unconsciously. All the way to the south, Han Shuo and his party of twelve people have been walking for eight days. Along the way, the Warcraft we met became stronger and stronger. The one-horned bull-running Warcraft, the giant lizard Warcraft, and later the magic wolf that can release the wind blade, and the flying eagle that spouts frost. From the previous calm coping to the recent day's adventure, a group of people clearly felt the increasing pressure. At first, everyone was eating the food they carried with them, but later, when the food was finished, they directly cut and roasted the hunting Warcraft. These Warcraft are becoming more and more fierce, but the meat on their bodies is not all so delicious. Like the meat of the lizard Warcraft, it has a peculiar smell and is hard to swallow. But the more powerful Warcraft, the more valuable things on the body, especially some Warcraft that can release simple magic, there will be Warcraft crystal nuclei in the body, these Warcraft crystal nuclei are very precious, according to the different levels, can be sold at a very high price. A line of people harvest is also extraordinary, these days, a total of four Warcraft crystal nuclei, including three crystal nuclei of the Wind Blade Demon Wolf, one crystal nucleus of the Frost Eagle. The crystal nucleus of Warcraft is divided into six levels according to the level. The crystal nucleus of the sixth level is the cheapest, and the crystal nucleus of the first level is the most precious, which is basically difficult to see. These Warcraft crystal nuclei can be made into some powerful magic weapons, which can increase the magic power of magicians, and some special ones can increase the mental power of magicians, so the value is very high. The crystal nucleus of Wind Blade Demon Wolf belongs to level 5, with a market price of about 20 gold coins. The crystal nucleus of Frost Eagle belongs to a higher level 4, with a market price of about 150 gold coins. With the Warcraft crystal nucleus harvested now, even after deducting the fifty gold coins needed to borrow the horse, it is already a profit. What's more, these Warcraft, in addition to the crystal nucleus, some of the flesh on the body is also valuable, the fur of the wind blade demon wolf, the horn of the unicorn running bull, are also valuable items, these things all add up, the value has far exceeded Fanny Jean's expectations. After a few days of trial, we have a lot of improvement, in the face of Warcraft will no longer be so flustered, in actual combat, this is the most important. Also, our luck is good, this time out of the trial harvest is very big, better than our usual harvest, when we return to the college,american hot tub, these things will be sold and the gold coins will be distributed to everyone. Fanny was in a good mood, with a contented smile on her beautiful face, and said softly to the students.

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