The charming imperial concubine confuses the harem

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    Empress Wu pondered for a moment and said, "Your Majesty, in those days, when the Ai family married the emperor, the emperor was not a crown prince, but a king of You. He spent all day guarding the frontier for the country and fighting north and south. My concubine followed the emperor everywhere. Although it was hard work, the husband and wife loved each other, and the family was harmonious and happy. How happy I felt!"! But later, the emperor later replaced the position of the crown prince, I also became the crown princess, but I then felt that the emperor was estranged from me, and then later, the emperor succeeded to the throne, became the king of a country, I also naturally became the mother of a country, I thought as a queen, as the commander of the harem, is a happy thing, but who ever thought, Behind the infinite scenery is the lonely room alone every day, the emperor every year, especially after accepting a plum imperial concubine,mineral flotation, I even see the emperor side is difficult, the emperor has ever considered the feelings of I? When Empress Wu said this, she rested for a moment, and her eyes were already full of tears of grievance. Gan did not speak, but frowned and pondered, his face blank and expressionless. The snow outside the window drifted more heavily, and the ground began to turn white, and countless white barriers were erected between heaven and earth, which seemed to separate the infighting between the palaces,tin beneficiation plant, but I still felt that in this huge palace, there would always be ties between people that could not be separated, strands, pulling me, surrounding me, making me breathless. I had always thought that Empress Wu was a wicked woman, but when I heard her words just now, I felt a little sympathy for her lonely queen. Empress Wu sighed deeply and then said, "Later, Concubine Mei died prematurely. I thought the emperor should change his mind. But I never thought that the emperor would choose a woman who looked like Concubine Mei in the national talent show. The emperor really chose Lin Yuxuan. She had the same face as Concubine Meifei.". Since she entered the palace, it is by virtue of this face to win the favor of the emperor, rose rapidly, has been promoted to the imperial concubine, if not for the emperor later found this woman's ulterior motives, I am afraid to replace the position of the concubine queen? The emperor? But your Majesty, magnetic separator machine ,coltan ore processing, when you spoil this fox spirit every day, have you ever thought about how the lonely concubine spent those long nights? The air in the room seemed to stagnate at this moment, silent, terrible silence, only to hear the sound of snowflakes falling outside the window. A few people did not speak again, not do not want to say, but really do not know what to say, if I had only hated Queen Wu, then tonight, at this moment, after listening to her confession from the heart, I have some sympathy for her, how many women in the palace can always enjoy the emperor's favor alone? I can not help but think of a poem: "Jinse fifty strings for no reason, one string and one pillar think of Hua Nian.". Zhuang Shengxiao dreams of butterflies and looks at the cuckoo in the heart of the emperor in spring. There are tears on the moon and pearls in the sea, and the sun warms the jade and gives birth to smoke in Lantian. This feeling can be expected to become a memory, but at that time has been frustrated. Isn't this the portrayal of the lonely life of a woman in the palace? How many women's golden years are spent in this endless expectation, accompanied by endless tears, that yesterday's warmth can only become a memory. Just when we were all embarrassed, An Tianhai suddenly ran in and said, "Your Majesty, the snow is getting heavier and heavier. You should go back to the palace. Later, I'm afraid the road will be covered by snow." The emperor did not answer, but Empress Wu stood up, looked at us a few, and then went straight to the door of the hall, eyes swept an Tianhai, an Tianhai immediately understood for Empress Wu pushed open the heavy palace door, Empress Wu walked away without looking back, a group of palace maids also followed her disappeared in the vast night. Suddenly, a gust of wind passed through the door of the palace, which was not completely closed, and the candle on the table was extinguished by the wind. An Tianhai, light the candle. Cried Gan. An Tianhai walked into the main hall with a lighted candle. Just as he was about to light the candle on the table, I said to him, "No need, Your Majesty. It's dark and snowy. Your Majesty should go back to the palace to have a rest earlier.". ” Gan never thought that I would order him to leave. After a short silence, I felt Gan approaching me. He stretched out his hands and held my shoulders. He sighed and then said, "Xuan Guifei, take care of yourself!" Then he turned around and strode to the palace gate. Ruyu's hands held my hands tightly, and then he walked behind him. I was the only one left in the dark and empty palace. I was surrounded by darkness and loneliness. I felt as if I was going to suffocate. I went to the window and looked out of the window at the flying snow. It was so crystal clear and pure. I wanted to let the pure snow cover all the ugliness and struggle in the palace and make the world pure and beautiful. But I know this is nothing more than my wishful thinking, the harem, since the day it appeared, no matter which Dynasty or generation has never stopped the struggle for power. I remembered the little gold who had been injured just now, so I lit the candle on the table and shouted to the outside of the hall, "Cui Xi, Cui Xi." "The maidservant is here. What orders does the imperial concubine have?" How about the little gold? Is the injury all right? Is there any danger? Chapter 267 Disaster (1) How about the little gold? Is the injury all right? Is there any danger? I asked Tracy. Cuixi replied, "Back to the Imperial Concubine, the Imperial Physician has just come to see her. The wound on her head has stopped bleeding. The Imperial Physician said that there is nothing wrong with living, that is.." "What is it?"? What will happen to the little gold? "That is, the brain may not be so good in the future." "What?"? Does that mean that little gold will become stupid? "The doctor said that it would not be so silly,gold shaking table, but it would certainly not be as brilliant as in the past. The doctor said that the vase was smashed down with great strength, causing a slight concussion, which was harmful to the brain." 。

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