The Counterattack of the Goddess of Rebirth

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    Qin Zheng sees cloud Luo rare show lovely one side, cannot help teasing her, "what does that wife adult want to eat?"? Shark Uh.. Cloud Luo hurriedly shook her head, she was afraid of eating indigestion! "Why are you here today?" Cloud Luo looks up, just bump into a pair of deep eyes, black eyes deep but overflowing with tenderness, a pair of peach blossom eyes make people intoxicated, "I miss you and my son." What Qin Zheng said was so natural that Yunluo felt that they were really a family who loved each other. I.. "Cloud Luo strong momentum, also only in front of Qin Zheng will converge, her face embarrassed, eyes confused, want to ask Qin Zheng'why so good to her and small Kirin? ' With his status, what kind of woman around him did not, how did he choose her? But was stopped by Qin Zheng; "Shh!" Qin Zheng's index finger fell on Yunluo's plump cherry lips. At this moment, both of their bodies were shocked, and an ambiguous breath filled the air.. That soft touch, sweet breath, so that Qin Zheng almost can not hold. The blush on Yunluo's cheeks spread to her neck, and her black and white eyes were so flustered that she dared not look at Qin Zheng. White casual clothes tightly attached to the body, revealing a concave figure, slender white neck, flawless, sweet breath, attracting all the mind of Qin Zheng. The people on the ship saw the shark, suddenly disappeared, the heart only felt a strange, but did not think much; When the shark was cooked, it did not surface, but sank directly to the bottom of the sea. So those people did not know that at that moment, Qin Zheng displayed his power. Qin Zheng hugged Yunluo's slender waist and they got on the ship together. Mommy, "Little Kirin broke away from Feng Shan's embrace and ran to Yunluo."; The cloud Luo hugs the small Kirin tightly in the bosom, on the face still has the fear, the facial expression suddenly becomes dignified, "the small Kirin promises the mother, later does not allow to take the risk again." Small Kirin beep mouth, a pair of big peach blossom eyes,Mechanical fine screen, slightly moist, some grievance "Mommy, small Kirin want to save Mommy, big fish bad, bully Mommy.." Little Kirin, after all, was only one year old. Seeing Yunluo's serious face, she thought Yunluo was angry, so she was afraid, "Mommy, don't be angry, little Kirin dare not.." Seeing that the little Kirin was about to cry, Yunluo was so distressed that she held the little Kirin in her arms. "Don't cry, little Kirin. It's Mommy's fault. Mommy's just scared." "Well," the little Kirin put her arms around Yunluo's neck. "Mommy, I'm not afraid, the big fish is flying.." Hearing the little Kirin's comforting words, Yunluo couldn't help laughing. Little Kirin is mischievous. Every time she bumps into him, rapid sand filters ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Yunluo always points to the place where the skin is broken and says to him, "It hurts.." I didn't expect him to remember. Qin Zheng saw his son's aggrieved little face, handsome little face wrinkled into a small steamed stuffed bun, the heart of pain straight pumping, but Yunluo in the education of children, he did not dare to interrupt. Small Kirin's courage is really too big, in the face of such a big shark, dare to jump into the sea, is to control, but still good heartache. My own son! Qin Zheng handed his son a soothing look and made up for it for a while. Their family rule is: strict mother and loving father! Chapter 264 detonating the world (20). Qin Zheng was afraid of being tired to Yunluo, so he held the little Kirin in his arms. The little Kirin twisted his little body in Qin Zheng's arms, biting his ears and whispering to Qin Zheng. On the way back, Yunluo introduced Qin Zheng to the top management of the company and the crew. Yunluo only said Qin Zheng's name, not his occupation. Everybody also all did not ask, but in the heart also all understood: Boss's this husband, the status is afraid is unusual. Back in the town, the rest of the crew knew the whole thing and were happy to see everyone back safely. The clouds gradually dispersed and the happy banquet officially began. However, most people's eyes are still focused on Qin Zheng. This handsome face, tall and straight posture, exudes a domineering strong man, is the boss's husband? Oh, my God, is it so unexpected? Who told them that the boss's husband must be an old man with one leg in the coffin? If the old man is the boss of the husband, then: please give me a dozen! Yunluo took the little Kirin to the hotel and changed into clean clothes. Yang Linsao saw that the little Kirin's clothes were all wet, and she couldn't help feeling distressed, and her eyes were all red. Fortunately, I didn't tell her that the little Kirin jumped into the sea to beat the shark. Otherwise, Yunluo felt that Mrs. Yang Linsao was afraid that she could faint with excitement. When I came to the beach again with the little Kirin in my arms, I saw the man at a glance, beside the oven in front of the pavilion, turning over vegetables, chicken wings and fish carefully. Dad, "Little Kirin struggled to the ground and ran to Qin Zheng's side, holding Qin Zheng's thighs and staring at a grilled fish with big round eyes." Dad, the fish is delicious. " Qin Zheng picked up the grilled fish and first handed Yunluo one, "taste it, be careful to burn it." Yunluo took it. "Good." Qin Zheng himself did not eat, but picked up one, carefully tore off a piece, and fed it to the little Kirin's mouth. "The little Kirin's mouth is bulging, his big eyes are narrowed into a crescent moon, and his face is satisfied." Dad, it's delicious. Qin Zhengxiao, father and son two people exactly the same peach blossom eyes also narrowed into a crescent shape, "little Kirin like it." Looking at the warm atmosphere of the father and son, Yunluo couldn't help laughing and said, "For the first time, I found that your father and son have peach blossom eyes." Yunluo's unconscious words scared Qin Zheng's soul almost to fly. Guilty did not dare to look at Yunluo, pretending to look calm, continue to feed the little Kirin to eat fish. Father and son are only like eyes, but Yunluo did not think much about it, the little Kirin came too suddenly, too unexpectedly, that night, Yunluo sealed it to the depths of memory, never to recall. Now that she has a smart and lovely son and a husband who loves her, she dares not think about it, nor does she want to pursue it. Seize the moment! Qin Zheng sees cloud Luo just say casually,filter nozzle, in the heart relieved tone, at the same time some feel lost. In the evening, the banquet was even more lively. Some crew members brought in music equipment and began to perform.

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