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    Liang Jiugong said in his heart, "The prince once told you that the fifth elder brother's laziness could not be cured. He and the crown princess had another legitimate son.". For this reason, the slave felt that the prince would not instruct Lord Suo to set up his grandson. It suddenly occurred to Kangxi that the prince had said this more than once, and he felt much more relaxed: "What do you think I should do with Suo'etu?" "The slave dares not talk nonsense." Liang Jiugong shrank his head and said, "The matter of Tai Sun is a matter of great importance to the country. If it is small, you can also criticize the five elder brothers for being young and shirking it." "Wait a minute!" Kangxi saw that the memorial was written, "The Year of the Child?" Liang Jiugong followed Kangxi's line of sight to see the memorial, and suddenly opened his eyes wide: "I remember that children generally refer to eight-year-old children. When the third elder brother and the fourth elder brother were born at the age of seven, it can also be said that the two elder brothers are now eight years old. Is it not the fifth elder brother that Lord Suo asked to stand?" "That's right, not that little lazy guy." Kangxi took the imperial clan's memorial a little closer, with the words "The Year of the Child" written on it. He loosened his brows and said, "This Suo'etu is not doing his business. He just wants to make trouble for the prince. I almost misunderstood the prince." The next day, in the morning, the prince paid attention to Kangxi's face from time to time, and when he picked up the memorial, his body could not help tightening. Sibele Yinzhen, who was standing behind the prince,calcium ammonium nitrate price, noticed that he had poked the prince on the back while Kangxi was bowing his head. "What's wrong?" He asked in the lowest voice. The prince's hand in his sleeve moved slightly, indicating that it was all right. However, this small action was straight county king Yin and three Baylor Yin saw. When the sun came out, around seven o'clock, Kangxi took out the book of Suo'etu and read a paragraph, saying that the establishment of Taisun was an important matter for the country, and that Suo'etu should be guilty of discussing state affairs. The prince lifted his feet out of the line. Straight county king Yin preemptive way,Magnesium Oxide powder, should be banned, handed over to the clan office. Kangxi nodded slightly, and the prince withdrew his feet. Immediately, the prince heard that Kangxi ordered people to arrest Suoetu. Suo'etu was quite happy to hear Kangxi read his book, thinking that it could be done. Unexpectedly, it took a turn for the worse, and Suoetu was dumbfounded. Two arms were imprisoned, Suoetu just woke up, subconsciously to the prince to call for help, the words to the mouth to realize that can not involve the prince, suddenly swallowed back, can not stand coughing twice. After going down to court, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Yin Zhen and Yin Kui caught up with the prince. "Does the second elder brother know about this?" "I didn't know until yesterday." "Do you know?" Said the prince. Yin Zhen and Yin Zhen said no and nodded again. Prince does not understand: "Do you know or do not know?" "We also wanted to set up Taisun with Khan Amati." Yin Zhen said, "I just haven't figured out how to tell Khan Ama yet. Suo'etu jumped out first." "It was done by Suo'etu behind his second elder brother's back. Would Khan Ama think the second elder brother instructed him?" "No." The prince already knew from Wang Yicheng that Kangxi had not misunderstood him. "Don't mention the matter of setting up Taisun again in the future. Khan Ama has his own decision on this matter." Yin Zhen: "Suo'etu is like this, and we dare not mention it again.". Second brother, is Khan Ama not satisfied with Hongyan and Hongyao, or is he going to see them for a few more years? "Khan Ama told Gu to wait until they were teenagers before making a decision." The prince said, "Don't go to the East Palace to find an orphan if you have nothing to do these days." "My brother knows." "What are you going to do about Suo'etu?" Prince: "I still haven't found out how many ministers Suoetu has asked for his grandson, and I haven't found out whether Khan Ama really wants to kill Suoetu or teach him a lesson. I have to find out these things first." Yin Zhen and Yin Kui looked at each other. Prince's second brother, where you need help, just say it. Yin Zhen opened his mouth. Prince: "I won't be polite to you." Waving his hand, he motioned the two men to go back. Looking at the direction of the West Warm Pavilion of the Palace of Dry and Clear, he sighed and returned to the East Palace for a delicious breakfast. He estimated that Kangxi's anger had subsided before he went to intercede for Suo'etu. Suo'etu formed a clique to force Kangxi to declare his position, and the prince did not defend Suo'etu, but asked Kangxi to spare his life for the sake of Suo's old age and early achievements. Kangxi had never thought of changing the crown prince. Suo'etu was the one who was called uncle by the crown prince. For the sake of the crown prince, Kangxi would not have killed Suo'etu. The prince and he were of the same mind, and Kangxi felt that the prince was still close to him, so Suo'etu stayed in the clan mansion for half a month and was put back, and the official title was naturally rolled to the end. The Hesheli clan originally thought that Suo'etu had not returned this time, and when they saw that he had to come back, Suo'etu's wife handed him a sign the next day to see the Crown Princess and thanked her to the East Palace. Shi Shunhua did not see anyone in the Hesheli clan, she did not want to see is one, two, she is busy thinking about how to get Nalan Pearl in, but also can pick the Shi family and the Hesheli clan clean. Chapter 128 Pearl in prison. Shi Shunhua has been a ghost for more than two thousand years, and the plots he has seen are far more amazing than the ups and downs described in the script. But even though she had a thousand hearts, it was still a little impossible for a woman in the back house to calculate the important officials of the court themselves. Shi Shunhua pondered for a few days, but did not figure out a feasible way to deceive the prince. On the evening of May 28, in the dead of night, Shi Shunhua said to the prince, "I still remember that my concubine once said that Khan Ama planted the pearl to contain Suoetu." "I remember." Prince pillowed his hands, "Pearl is too greedy, Gu always felt that Khan Ama would not endure Pearl for too long, so he kept telling his uncle to retire, but unexpectedly it was Gu who made him stay in the clan mansion for half a month." Shi Shunhua: "As far as I know, Lord Suo didn't suffer much in the clan mansion. Now he goes home to take care of himself. It's over.". Let's say Nalan Mingzhu, if no one writes, for the sake of Huifei and eldest brother's face, Khan Ama will at most find a reason to be the official of Mingzhu. You find someone to collect the evidence of Mingzhu selling his official title and submit it to Khan Ama. Even if Nalan Mingzhu doesn't die, he has to go to prison. What's more, you told my concubine that it was the eldest brother's proposal that Suo'etu was banned from the clan mansion. Prince: "Do you have a candidate in mind?" "Zhao Qian." Shi Shunhua said,potassium sulphate fertilizer, "I heard that he is now in Ducha yuan." The prince turned around and asked with a half-smile, "My beloved concubine, how can you know this kind of thing better than Gu?" 。

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