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    Think about it, this player can use'hundred million 'as a unit, a large family of direct subordinate members are more than one million, besieged a BOSS, with the call of impermanence, at the same time, everyone does not need several times. Trapped magic is almost the same, even if the blood God curse, if not the master of heaven and man can release internal gas, forming a shield, I am afraid it will be banned. This call of impermanence is well used. It is a skill against the sky. Level 10 can be 1%. I can do it alone. Sky Hei Hei smiled, this impermanence call, want to upgrade to level 10, extremely difficult to use successfully will have increased skill experience, basically no one can rise to, and novice mainland players to the prehistoric world, any combat including auxiliary combat type skills will be washed out, so the previous generation of players as chicken ribs in the chicken ribs. But all this is no problem for the sky, turned out a three-level wishing stone, the sky crushed, wishing way: "upgrade impermanence call." Suddenly there was a halo on his body. Ding, make a wish successfully, the skill of Impermanent Summoning has been upgraded, and now it is Level 2. Haha,silk ficus tree, when making a wish in the sky, there is no indication of how much skill experience to upgrade, then the system will increase according to the highest experience. A third-level wishing stone is needed to upgrade from the first level to the second level. According to experience, there are 45 third-level wishing stones in total. There are fifty thousand in the sky, but I don't feel bad. I use them all in one breath. The skill is fulfilled and upgraded to the tenth level. Summoning of Impermanence (Tianren Lv10): There is a great chance that the soul of the opponent will be taken away unless the opponent breaks away from the record of life and death. I enjoyed it proudly. But now the sky is penniless, that three days of intermittent recruitment, has long let him that more than 60 million gold coins into today's more than one thousand gold coins, if not can also get broken soldiers equipment to sell so a few silver coins,outdoor ficus tree, would not be able to continue. This money for experience, the alliance's "eternal life" is still not refined ah. Putting down some thoughts, the sky went out of the courtyard and went to see Zhang Jiao. As soon as Zhang Jiao saw the sky, he first expressed his admiration that the sky could really rise to level 27 in three days. Then he gave him a sign representing the lieutenant, a strange blood-colored heart-shaped jade. Then he said to the sky: "Disciple, Cheng Zhiyuan and Deng Mao have already gone to Zhuojun. Hurry up and follow them, just to resist what you said about Liu Guan and Zhang." This day demon possession blood crystal can temporarily upgrade your level, I believe that plus fifty thousand people will not lose to the three grass people, right? The sky took a look. Lieutenant Tiger Charm: It is specially used by the Yellow Turban Army. It can lead 10,000 welding pawns and low-level infantry to bind the sky. Possessed Blood Crystal: Summons Demon Possession to temporarily raise a level for 1 hour, after which it has the side effect of weakening for 30 minutes. Master, what if we can't capture Zhuojun? There are a lot of strange people on the side of Liu Guanzhang. The sky thought for a moment and asked. Zhang Jiao gave a sneer and said, "Heaven is dead. Huang Tian should stand. The year is Jiazi, and the world is auspicious.". All the luck in the world belongs to me, Taiping Dao. Is there any reason to lose? Needless to say, if you go, God will stand on my side, artificial coconut palm trees ,artificial banyan trees, and there is no possibility of losing. Sky helpless, can only be depressed, Zhang Jiao how to think he doesn't know, sky only know, in previous lives no one can change any key process of the novice mainland, this Zhuojun is the first pass of the rise of Sanying, is absolutely the key in the key, how can it be reversed? "It's just that it's not necessarily impossible to really reverse it. I'm afraid the conditions are very harsh. I have to try anyway. If it works, maybe I can earn a lot of gold coins in the mainland." The sky hesitated for a moment and thought. Wrote a letter to the flying charm: "Is it interesting to gather people to kill Sanying?" Flying Charm quickly wrote back: "How much?" "Half." "Wait for me to discuss it." Soon the flying charm appeared in the giant deer in a hurry, found the sky, panting, sweaty, the sky can not help but admire the authenticity of the virtual technology of the alliance, it is powerful. How to kill three people? Someone has gathered a large number of people to try, everyone has been killed, what's more, the three people have the skills of group killing, simply can not get close. ” "Of course, the normal way will not work, and we will go astray." Sky laughed and said, if it's so simple to be killed by the player, what else to play? Flying charm immediately eyes bright: "Oh, plan will be out?" The sky leans close to the flying charm and whispers: "You just need to do so.." After listening to the flying charm, Khan said, "You are so mean." The sky smiled faintly: "Life is like this, but the angle of life is different." Flying charm smiled again: "But I like it." The sky is stupefied, suddenly had the idea of teasing, gather together in the ear of flying charm to ask: "Do you mean to like me this person, or what?" As soon as this word came out, both of them were suddenly a little stupefied, only to find that their movements were extremely ambiguous, and suddenly their bodies stiffened, and their charming faces became more and more red from white, and their breathing became rapid, and there was a trance in the sky. This virtual game is really real. God flew out of the sky, and the sky suddenly murmured an irrelevant word. The two men were separated like an electric shock. I'm going to get ready. See you outside Zhuojun. The Satrap, who was somewhat overwhelmed by the flying charm, straightened his sideburns and then used the road guide to leave the giant deer. The sky stood still, and after a long time, it laughed at itself and went away. Bought a road guide, the sky came to Zhuojun. That Zhuojun is just a small town, usually not many people come and go, but now a sea of people, the locust-like strange people crowded all over the city, people happy horse call, not a quiet. With the city wall as the boundary, the zhuojun outside is surrounded by countless yellow turban army, on the hillside not far away, only a huge barracks, the yellow turban army Lord Cheng Zhiyuan, lieutenant Deng Mao is among them. Sky very not easy to squeeze into the camp, this just breathed a sigh of relief,decorative palm trees, along the way do not know how many people can be hard to squeeze in, see Cheng Zhiyuan and Deng Mao is also sad, it seems that is also for so many strange people and trouble.

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