The flower ate the monster.

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    Hang Yue fell to the ground countless times, abdomen, face, joints. He had been hit hard countless times, and each time he avoided the vital part and went to the most obvious position of the painful nerve. Hang Yue, who had almost fainted, breathed a sigh of relief in secret. The last time he fell into the muddy water, Hang Yue could hardly open his eyes. Very good. With the final blow, he can pass out completely and save the confrontation afterwards. But the last blow did not come, Hang Yue coughed violently in the muddy water for a long time, feeling the fishy sweetness of his throat, half looking up, spitting out a mouthful of muddy water mixed with blood. Yao Shou squatted on the ground, grabbed his collar, half dragged him to sit up, two people's faces are very close, Hang Yue can clearly feel the chill on his body. In the weak light of the lightning, he looked against the light with an inexplicable look. "You know what I want to know." "In half a month, it will be over here." Hang Yue gasped for breath, half a day to find his voice, "when the time comes." Even if he steps on Fenghua, he will save Lianxi. Parasitic things, has reached a critical point,5 person hot tub, this time do not take the opportunity to end, will only bring endless disaster. Big gains and small losses are not multiple choice questions for him, but "When the time comes, if something happens to Lianxi, will you let the whole Union Army be buried with her?" Yao Shou's voice was unusually calm, and he looked at Hang Yue's expressionless face and finally had a trace of panic, smiling at the corners of his mouth. Hang Yue suddenly remembered his grandfather's comments on Yao Shouna's father who died for love. The Yao family is affectionate. He curled up the horror in his eyes and muttered to himself, "You madman …" This evaluation, Lianxi has said several times,garden jacuzzi tub, Yao Shou did not feel anything. But when he heard the same words in the mouths of different people, he only felt ridiculous, and his face became more and more sarcastic. Bean-sized raindrops, crackling on the body of two people, splashing water, almost blurred their facial features. Hang Yue opened his mouth and said something. Yao Shou seemed to understand, loosened Hang Yue's collar, watched him fall to the ground, in the dim light, his face became more and more ugly. When he stood up, he shook, but he still stood firmly. He stretched out his hand and unbuttoned his clothes one by one. After unbuttoning the last button, he pulled off the whole coat directly. Strength, let the badge on the uniform fly out directly, Yao Shou grabbed the clothes and threw the uniform heavily on Hang Yue's side. The splashing water drenched Hang Yue all over again. "I've returned this skin to you, and in the future, best whirlpool tub ,whirlpool hot tub spa, it will be clear." The rain curtain separates two people into two worlds. Yao Shou lowered his head, took a look at Hang Yue, whose chest was rising and falling violently, and walked around Hang Yue. The boots stepped on the badge and made a "click" sound, which was drowned by the sound of falling rain in a twinkling of an eye. The adjutant, who had been in a hurry, hurried over. He is Hang Yue's close deputy, Yao Shou and Hang Yue have not started, he has arrived, but was ordered by Hang Yue, after evacuating the others, can only stand aside in a hurry. He picked up Hang Yue with his hand and found that Hang Yue's injuries were more serious than expected: "General, how are you?" "Cough, cough, cough." Hang Yue coughed violently, raised his hand and grabbed the adjutant's wrist with his backhand. "Let him go." "I didn't stop it." Yao Shou's rank and position were there, and there was no order from Hang Yue to stop him. Of course, there was no obstacle for him to get in and out. General, don't talk, I'll take you to the hospital right away. Hang Yue shook his head. "Ask Mr. Liu to come over." Liu Lao is the family doctor of the Hang family. The adjutant followed Hang Yue for more than ten years, starting from the guards and going all the way to his present position. Even in those years when he went to the battlefield in person, he had never seen Hang Yue in such a mess. A man of several decades old, his eyes were red: "OK, I'll go and call Liu Lao to come over." The world always needs different people to guard it in different ways. Even if it breaks morality. Even if brothers turn against each other. It was the first time Yaka had seen Yan Ze get angry. Yan Ze this person, rational, intelligent, also do not know is born or acquired personality, emotional fluctuations have been small, regardless of joy, anger, sorrow, are shallow appearance. Shallow, even the fundus is difficult to reach. Therefore, he was born to be a patriarch. At the age of fifteen, he became a patriarch and took over the mess of Fenghua. At present, his position in the clan was much higher than that of his old immortal. He said that he had shut himself up, but there was no nonsense in the clan, so he shut himself up. Even when he was punished, he did not win a glance from him, and now this kind of anger is rare. Yaka wiped the blood stains from the corners of his mouth, just enough to accept the punishment of insect bites, he even had to lean on the wall to stand firm, and this punch almost knocked him to the ground. "What's the matter, Patriarch?" He said with a half-hearted smile. Yan Ze grabbed Yaka's collar with one hand and put his elbow across Yaka's chest. Using the strength of his body, he forced Yaka to take a few steps back and hit the wall heavily: "Do you still have the face to ask me?"? Do you have to serve worms? "You said Saner?" Yaka frowned. "There is no tradition in the clan to punish the worm with the master. I've been locked up all the time. How do I know where it went?"? If the patriarch wants to find it, he probably hangs out in a nest, or goes to the foot of the mountain to steal nectar to eat. Yan Ze's eyes were red, and the complicated tattoos came out of his body. "Don't play dumb. Yao Shou and Hang Yue have broken up. It says there is no action of yours. Do you believe it?" Yaka's line of sight fell on Yan Ze's arm and put away his careless smile: "You.." Tattoo red, this is a sign of physical deterioration. Yan Ze seemed to feel nothing and sneered, "I can't die for a while, so I won't bother you." "You really are." Looking at Yan Ze's unlikable face, Yaka couldn't find a suitable word to describe it for a while. Yaka,endless swimming pool, do you have any idea what you did? Ah When he said the last word, Yan Ze's eyes were red, and he did not know whether he was angry or sad and almost cried.

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