The movie king's little earring has become a genius.

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    "Yes, I'll put it in the headlines!" Song Hazel hurriedly bought the micro-blog service and sent this micro-blog to the hot. Jing Nuan took the computer and said, "I'll turn it with my own number again." After this Weibo was pushed up, the comments gradually increased, and Jing Nuan and Jing Nuan still gathered together to watch the comments. [That's the pot edited by the program group!] I still don't think the song was written by Jing Nuan. [Song Zhen is so cute. I really can't see her character is so soft by looking at her face.] Song Zhen, were you kidnapped by Jing Nuan? Send another tweet if you are.] Jing Nuan felt that he was much better now than just now: "Well, thank you, you really helped me a lot." Jing Nuan smiled at Song Zhen. Song Zhen shakes shake one's head: "Not, you are very good also, I thought the monster outside is to be able to eat other monster really originally." Jing Nuan looked at Song Zhen's little face and couldn't help laughing again. At this point, a comment was pushed up. Cute Song Zhen, we are all very happy that you send micro-blog, but where did your mobile phone come from? Jing Nuan and Song Zhen saw this comment, and their smiling faces collapsed. Yes, the program group is not allowed to use electronic devices, but Song Zhen lives in a single room, she secretly brought a computer and a mobile phone. And now.. At the door came the voice of the assistant director and a knock. Jing Nuan and Song Zhen looked at each other with a wry smile. 、12 The first thing the assistant guide saw when he opened the door was the computer and mobile phone on the bed. He turned to look at Jing Nuan and Song Zhen,tape measure clip, who were standing in the doorway. Who brought it in? Didn't the staff find it out when they checked it? Who is in charge of the inspection? Song Hazel bowed his head and said nothing. Jing Nuan raised his head and made a grievance. Jing Nuan: "It may have been there." Song Zhen nodded aside. The assistant director looked at them like this and almost laughed. At this time, the assistant director's cell phone rang. He picked up his cell phone and took a look. Then he said to Jing Nuan, who was standing aside, "You wait first. I'll answer the phone." With that, the assistant director glared at them and went out. When Jing Nuan saw that the assistant guide had gone, their shoulders collapsed and they looked at each other with a smile. Jing Nuan made an assistant director's staring action: "The assistant director is so cute." Indeed,horse weight tape, the assistant director has always been a kind character in the show. He is a little fat and more attractive than the director. The contestants are not afraid of the assistant director. Here Jing Nuan and Song Zhen imitated the expression of the assistant director. Outside, the assistant director picked up the phone. The phone is from Song Shiyu, he saw the hot search on Weibo today, knowing that Song Zhen's computer was known by the program group, so he made a special call to the program group. And this time, when Song Zhen called him, he always said that his new friend Jing Nuan was very good, so Song Shiyu also said hello to the director, he could no longer do small tricks to Jing Nuan, he wanted Song Zhen to be happy in the program, not because of his friend's things and distress. After negotiating with the director group, Song Shi hung up the phone and looked at the photo of Song Zhen on the lock screen. He reached out and touched Song Hazel's nose in the photo and sighed: "Well, Horse weight lbs ,Wheel tape measure, it's hard to keep a girlfriend, especially you little guy." Song Shiyu smiled, "when will you learn to like it?" Jing Nuan they were continuing to do funny things when they saw the assistant director come back. Song Zhen pulled Jing Nuan's clothes, and then they quickly returned to the state of bowing their heads and pretending to be good. The assistant director walked up to them and snorted softly. Assistant director: "Well, I was going to punish you, but we discussed it carefully. For the sake of your first foul, you can send your own micro-blog to explain and apologize." Jing Nuan raised his head and looked surprised: "Really?" The assistant director nodded. Thank you, assistant director! "Don't thank me. Come on, now, tweet. I'm going to take these away." The assistant director pointed to the electronic equipment on the bed. Hmmm Jing Nuan nodded in response, and then pulled Song Zhen to the bedside. The assistant director looked at the two little girls and thought they were very cute. He coughed and said, "Write according to my copy. And Jing Nuan, you can go back to your dormitory after you send it.". From tomorrow, the program group will check whether you are in your dormitory every night, so don't run around again. ” Jing Nuan looked back at the assistant director and nodded like a chicken pecking rice. When everything was ready, the assistant director gave Jing Nuan a ride. On the way, the assistant director suddenly opened his mouth and said: Jing Nuan, you are very talented, like a person born to eat the bowl of rice in the entertainment circle. But you know, in this circle, you can't act on impulse. Sometimes, you have to learn to be tactful. Jing Nuan lowered his eyes. I understand. The assistant director looked at Jing Nuan, "You still have a little less experience of your own, and slowly you will understand." "Well, now that you're here, I'll go first." The assistant director pointed to the door in front of him, smiled at Jing Nuan, and then turned away. Jing Nuan stood in place and pondered for a moment. She felt that she had made a lot of mistakes recently, and it turned out that being a person was not such a simple thing. But I will still try to be a real person! Jing Nuan thought, she looked up and smiled, then pushed open the dormitory door. The next two rounds belong to the last elimination system. No longer two groups of PK, but by the audience and instructors to score, two people in a group, the low score of several groups will be eliminated by the whole group. However, the best performers can be discussed by the mentor whether to give the right of promotion. There is no doubt that these two rounds are very simple for people with real strength, so after these two rounds, the rest of the show are players with strength and popularity. At the same time, the program group also received a notice from the sponsor, asking the top ten in the top 20 to participate in the advertisement of the sponsor's new products. On the day of shooting the commercial,Fish measuring board, the girls were very happy. They didn't know how long they had been in the recording base. Now they could finally breathe fresh air. Lu sat by the window, looking out of the window at the huge billboard of Gu Yan. Sitting next to her was Jing Nuan, who looked at Lu's eyes flying away with the billboard and couldn't help smiling. You don't have to look at it. It seems that Gu Yan was there when we went to shoot the advertisement today. 。

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