The Ravens finally will be conducting an end-of-season

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    Which necessarily means that Harbaugh finally has his new contract in place.The team has announced that Harbaugh will meet the media at 11:00 a.m. ET on Friday. He wouldn’t be doing it if his new contract wasn’t done.Jamison Hensley of reports that the deal is indeed done. And it will be interesting to learn the details of the deal Germaine Pratt Jersey , if they ever are leaked.Although no salary cap applies to coaches, the pay scale for head coaches hasn’t increased the way it should, relative to the revenues generated by the sport. That has led to suspicion that a wink-nod agreement exists among most teams regarding coaching pay.If that’s what’s going on, it’s collusion. But it’s likely something for which no coach would sacrifice his career in exchange for a lawsuit.That’s what would happen to any coach who decides to blaze a trail when it comes to claims of collusion or race discrimination or age discrimination. They’ll end up shunned, and they’ll trade the balance of their NFL careers for several years of litigation. For the second straight year , Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is recovering from an injury that wiped out his season in December. For the season straight year, his health or lack thereof has dominated the offseason discussion.This time around, the injury isn’t as severe. This time around, Wentz is back to work, participating in OTAs. And coach Doug Pederson is raving about Wentz’s performance.“I mean Renell Wren Jersey , gosh, he’s strong,” Pederson told reporters on Monday. “His lower body is strong. His arm is strong. You are seeing the things that we saw a couple of years ago when he was healthy, obviously. He’s leading the offense, leading the team , and really doing a nice job out there. Getting on the same page with DeSean [Jackson] and really kind of getting that rapport going. . . . [I’ve] been real impressed with where Carson is.”Pederson explained that the Eagles originally were careful with Wentz.“We just wanted to make sure he was progressing each day, and we’ve increased his load,” Pederson said. “He’s handled it well. Again, we’re always going to be a little bit guarded. With all our players, but especially him. Yeah T.J. Hockenson Jersey , he’s been good.”That’s better than good news for the Eagles, who should be regarded as short-list Super Bowl contenders if Wentz can stay healthy all year. Of course, the “if” will be a big one, unless Wentz can protect himself from the kind of contact that can cause more injuries.

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