The Smiling Proud Wanderer (Old Version)

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    Shi Zheng's second escort was so frightened that he left his opponent behind and tried to come to his rescue. But the man surnamed Jia used his fists and feet together and did not allow the two of them to go away. Bai Er picked up the steel fork and poked the man surnamed Yu in the back of his heart. "Why don't you let go?" He shouted? How many brains do you have? "The man surnamed Yu didn't look back. He kicked the steel fork several feet away with his left foot, and kicked Bai Er seven or eight times with his right foot. He couldn't get up for a long time. Chen Qi cursed loudly:" Turtle bastard, ***ing little bastard, your grandmother's eyes don't grow! " One word of abuse, one step back, eight or nine words of abuse, eight or nine steps back. "Do you kowtow, big girl?" Asked the man surnamed Yu with a smile. Arm strength, Lin Pingzhi's head straight down, the more pressure lower! When his forehead was about to touch the ground, Lin Pingzhi used his fist to hit him in the lower abdomen, but he was still several inches short of hitting him. He felt a strange pain in his neck bone, as if he wanted to break it. Venus was flying in front of his eyes, and there was a loud buzzing sound in his ears. He scratched with both hands and suddenly touched a hard object on his calf. In a hurry, without thinking, he pulled it out, pushed it forward, and inserted it into the lower abdomen of the man surnamed Yu. With a loud cry, the man, surnamed Yu, released his hands and took two steps back. His face was full of fear. He had a golden dagger on his lower abdomen, which had not reached the handle. His face was facing the west. The setting sun shone on the golden handle. He opened his mouth and tried to speak, but he could not. He reached out to pull out the dagger, but he dared not. Lin Pingzhi was so frightened that his heart seemed to jump out of his mouth and he took a few steps back. The man surnamed Jia and Shi Zheng stopped fighting and looked at the man surnamed Yu in amazement. He shook his body a few times, grabbed the handle of the dagger with his right hand, and pulled it out forcefully. Immediately, blood spurted out several feet away. Several onlookers exclaimed loudly. "Jia," cried the man surnamed Yu, "Jia, tell my father to avenge me." With a backward wave of his right hand,metal racking systems, he threw the dagger at the yellow flash. The man surnamed Jia grabbed the handle of the dagger with his right hand. "Brother Yu! Brother Yu!" He cried. Hurry to deceive the past. The man surnamed Yu threw himself on the ground, twitched a few times, and then stopped moving. Shi Biaotou said in a low voice, "Copy this guy!" He ran to the horse and took the blade in his hand. He had a lot of experience in Jianghu. Seeing that someone had been killed, the man surnamed Jia had to fight for his life. The man surnamed Jia stared at Lin Pingzhi for a long time and thought to himself that he had been left alone. The other party did not do anything, and he was about to kill him. Suddenly, he jumped to the side of the horse, jumped into the saddle, and could not get rid of the reins. With a wave of his dagger, he cut the reins, clamped his legs, and galloped northward. The two of them had gone to Fuzhou from the north, but when his companion died, he did not go to the city of Fuzhou, but returned by the same way. Chen Qi passed by and kicked the body of the man surnamed Yu. The kick made the body turn over, automated warehouse systems ,pallet rack shelving, and the blood in the wound kept flowing. He said, "You have offended our young escort. Aren't you impatient to live?"? That's what you deserve! The first time Lin Ping-chih killed a man, he was so frightened that his face was completely bloodless. "Shi," he said, "what about that? I didn't-I didn't mean to kill him. Shi Dart frowned and said, "Let's move the corpse to the hotel quickly. It's near the main road. Don't let anyone see it." Fortunately, it was getting late and there was no one else on the road. Bai Er and Chen Qi carried the body into the shop. "Young Escort," said Shi in a low voice, "do you have any silver with you?" "Yes, yes, yes," said Lin Pingzhi. He took out all the twenty taels of broken silver in his bosom. Shi Biaotou stretched out his hand and took it. He went into the hotel and put it on the table. He said to old man Sa, "Old man Sa, this passer-by molested your woman. My young Biaotou helped her out and had no choice but to kill him.". Everyone saw it with their own eyes. This matter arises from you. If you make trouble, no one can get rid of it. You use the silver first. Everyone buries the body first, and then slowly try to cover it up. "Yes," said old man Sa! Yes! Yes Zheng Biaotou said, "It's really common for our Fuwei Escort Agency to kill a few thieves in the Greenwood.". These two Sichuan mice are sneaky. I think they are either thieves or flower thieves. Most of them have come to Fuzhou to commit crimes. Our young Escort's trick is bright, so we can manage this thief and keep the Fuzhou government safe. We could have gone to the government to get the reward, but the young Escort is afraid of trouble, so we don't want this undeserved reputation. Old man, you have to keep your mouth shut. If you let the wind out, we'll say that these two thieves were seduced by you. It's not true that you opened a hotel, but it's true that you're a spy. Otherwise, why didn't these two come too late or too early? You came as soon as you opened the hotel. How could there be such a trick in the world? "I dare not say, I dare not say," said Old Sa. With Bai Er and Chen Qi, Shi Biaotou buried the body in the vegetable garden behind the hotel, and hoed the blood in front of the shop clean with a hoe and covered it under the soil. Shi Biaotou said to old man Sa, "In ten days, if we don't hear the news, we'll send you another fifty taels of silver to make a coffin book for you.". If you gossip and hum, the thieves killed by Fuwei Escort Agency are not ten thousand, but three thousand. If you kill the old and the young again, you will only add two more dead bodies to the bottom of your vegetable garden. "Thank you, thank you," said old man Sa! I dare not say, I dare not say. It was dark when everything was taken care of. Lin Ping's heart was a little wider, and he returned to the Escort Agency nervously. As soon as he entered the hall, he saw his father sitting in the armchair, closing his eyes and meditating. Lin Pingzhi looked uncertain and shouted, "Dad!" There are three generations of Fuwei Escort Agency. It is hard to avoid fighting and killing people in Jianghu, but all the people killed are underworld figures. Moreover, this kind of fighting and killing always takes place in places with high mountains and dense forests. After killing people, they are buried on the spot. It is over. The thieves who rob darts will never report to the government about Fuwei Escort Agency. However, the person killed this time was obviously not a thief, and it was close to the outskirts of the city. Human life was no small matter. Not to mention the head of the Escort Agency, even if the governor's son killed someone, it could not be easily ended. Lin Pingzhi went all the way home,teardrop pallet racking, thinking: "Will you tell Dad or not?" Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the Escort Agency, he bumped into his father.

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