The Tank Corps Sweeping the Late Qing Dynasty

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    "It must be a bad bird to shake three times in one step!" The artillery company commander was also enlightened. As a result, the Zhang Zuolin Brigade of the National Guard, a unit outside the establishment of the Chinese army, began to take on a major mission. The Japanese naval fleet that took the lead in attacking overseas ports. They had already discovered the huge shadow of the Japanese naval fleet. For these country bumpkins, the eleven modern warships were not only beautiful and majestic, but also possessed ghosts that confused people's minds. Looking at them, people's eyes were blurred, and they only felt a large number of them, and they did not know how many there were. After all, it is a local miscellaneous brand army, and the quality of the army is limited. However, the artillery company was drawn from the Dragon Flying Division, and the artillery skills were not bad. Five cannons are hidden on the eastern highland of Donggou Town, and four cannons are hidden on the southern slope and among the woods. Take the firing of the eastern battery as the command. First, there are three test firings. Adjust the direction and height. Boom, boom. The artillery is very powerful, reflecting the bear power of Russia's big men, all of which are captured from the results of the battle on the northern front. In the first round of firing,outdoor endless pool, only one shell hit the port side of the Japanese reconnaissance ship Ryuta, and the shell hit the deck before it exploded, opening a big hole at that time. The light cruiser rocked violently. Nice shot. Good fight, keep fighting! Hundreds of officers and soldiers of the Chinese garrison were urgently mobilized and drilled into the solid fortifications of stone and cement structures. Even the people in the town were urgently asked to escape into the fortifications to be safe. It's a messy process. But ten minutes, that's about it. Donggou Town is nearly ten miles away from the coastline. Looking at the distant mirror, we can see that the road under our feet is very far. The east battery was hidden three miles from the coast, and the south battery was about four miles. The Chinese troops mercilessly loaded the shells and bombarded the shadows of the enemy's warships one after another,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, while the gunners shouted loudly to adjust their positions. The commanding company commander was in charge of the eastern battery, observing the results of the battle, scolding at the same time, and directing the artillery to concentrate their firepower. Destroy the first ship of the British, yes, destroy one is one! "What if the other warships run away?" A gunner, with the rank of second lieutenant, rolled his eyes. "Just run away. Do you really think these broken cannons can kill other people's warships?" Artillery has had formal military training, and their knowledge is relatively correct, but not all officers understand this. Many artillerymen felt that three or five shells could destroy a warship, and they were ambitious. Finally, the will of the company commander was carried out, and the Chinese artillery bombarded the enemy's first warship fiercely. In the violent explosion of artillery shells, whirlpool bathtub ,hot tub wholesale, the Longtian avoided the towering water column and rushed forward. The slender figure was both cunning and pitiful. It's like a mosquito escaping through people's hands. Dongxiang's ship was in the back, so he was not afraid of being attacked, and the warship's protection was absolutely strong. Without thirty or fifty shells, there is absolutely no danger. The battle plan of the Japanese army was very detailed. Although the direction of attack had been adjusted in the Yellow Sea, the Japanese staff had formulated a set of battle plans in any direction. As long as the commander of the warship opened it and followed it, the efficiency was very high. No matter how fast the Longtian ran, it was still hit by three shells, and a fire broke out on the port side, and the damage control personnel rushed out to rescue it. At the same time, the tail gun of the warship also turned a little, aimed at the position of the Chinese fort, and retaliated with random bombardment. Longtian did not approach the channel to the east, thousands of meters of bay, the east is a huge impact island, the area may be tens of square kilometers. They feared that there might also be an ambush by artillery from the Chinese army. Longtian was instructed by General Togo in time to advance fiercely, at the expense of the firepower of the Chinese artillery, which meant that General Higo Heihachiro's intention was firm to destroy the shore-based artillery of the small new Chinese army and continue to advance to Dandong. As a result, the Japanese naval fleet lowered a very bright and flashy British flag, only to see that the huge rice character was folded and disappeared with the fall of the flag, which shocked the Chinese artillery, as well as the troops inside and outside the town. The Chinese artillery commander thought the British fleet was going to surrender! "Ha ha, the British are defeated and afraid!" In the fortifications of the town, Brigadier Zhang Zuolin was also elated: "I knew that the foreigners actually had the special ability to install their mother***ing shells!"! I see you still can't pretend? Pretend to pretend, paint and oil, still can't cover your big elephant nose! Many people cheered. The army's observation post gave them too good news. However, Brigadier Zhang soon found that he was very silly and naive, because the British warships certainly did not surrender, because they had new tricks. What clothes to change? Is it the immortal clothes that are invulnerable to bullets? Several officers scrambled for the mirror, puzzled. Ah, the plaster flag! Plaster flag! It's the Japanese! Japanese warships! Some people are the first to wake up. At that time, officers and soldiers and ordinary people, although they stayed in the barracks and home all day, could also distinguish the diapers of various countries. As early as eight years ago, Japanese plaster diapers had been flying on the Liaodong Peninsula for many days. My God, it's the Japanese again, and the pumpkin is coming again! "I'm your mother, and I'm really a pumpkin!" "Why is the little pumpkin flying the English flag just now?" "Needless to say, they're bad guys hooking up with bad guys!" "Act in collusion with each other." "Come on!"! What about our artillery? The eyes of the masses are discerning, and their voices are very dignified and high, but the situation on the battlefield has changed fundamentally. Two Japanese armored cruisers moved quickly into range, and then dozens of cannons were directed at the shore for intensive bombardment. The Japanese naval artillery had been trained for a long time and was of high quality,indoor endless pool, and soon locked in the position of the Chinese artillery. The shells were flying in the air, whistling and crying sharply, which made the Chinese soldiers and civilians nervous and almost suffocated.

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