The Third Part of Emperor Yongzheng Hen Shuidong's Death

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    The rumor, which had already been said to be old and tired, once again rose up in the wind. It was said that Zeng Jing had gathered 100,000 troops in Hunan and sent Zhang Xi to Xining to contact each other. He and Yue Zhongqi acted as horns to attack the Central Plains by two routes. It was said that Yue Zhongqi's memorial to the throne was to test the court. If the court still trusted him, he would escort Zhang Xi to the capital. If he did not trust him, he would still rebel; What's more, Prince Zhu San has set off from Luzon to return home and presided over the restoration of the Ming Dynasty. All this, like a plague in the wine shop, tea house, Qin pavilion, Chu hall spread, even the six beadle also changed the habit of lazy, every day early in the morning to the class, from the officer in charge of the face to the department of officials a few words, to find out if there is a big March in the court. The whole Beijing opened its eyes wide. However, the decree that followed was unexpected. Just after the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Hong Shi brought his men to the Ministry of Punishment to deliver the decree: "Li Gou, Xie Jishi, Cai Ding, and others have formed a clique to engage in treachery and attack the upright. Li Gou will be dismissed from his post and locked up in the Ministry of Communications in Beijing to ask for punishment.". Chen Xuehai, a member of the Ministry of Punishment, slandered and entrapped Tian Wenjing, a minister of state, and was not guilty of the crime, that is, he was dismissed on the spot. The rest of the Dali Temple is strict and solid. Conviction according to law. Qin this! The decree was announced,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, and the Taitang of the Ministry of Punishment was as silent as death. Li Tian and Wen Jing Criticize Each Other It has been a long time, and it is still expected to make a conclusion now. Chen Xuehai, however, was not strict in his words. He was born with a foul mouth. There were rumors about some jokes made by Tian Wenjing during his term of office, but he was also "not allowed."? There is also a strange charge against Cai Ding, who was an old general with outstanding merits when Kangxi pacified the Three Feudatories. He guarded the southwest for more than 40 years. What people know is that he once recommended Huang Zhenguo to be the governor of Henan. He was a little closer to Li Guo, and sometimes there were poems and songs. That Xie Jishi is a famous person, with Li Jue just nodding friendship, how also involved in? So they all froze and looked at each other without speaking. For a long time, Ke Yingcai,Magnesium Oxide powder, Minister of the Ministry of Punishment, took the lead in kowtowing and said, "I accept the decree!" "Rise up, all your excellencies." Hong Shi changed his smiling face, "I am a night owl." Otaku, you're here without a good thing. Seeing that Chen Xuehai was kneeling and did not move, he went over and said with a smile, "Chen Xuehai, do you know your guilt?" When Chen Xuehai took one look at Hong, he kowtowed heavily and said, "The slave knows his sin!" He straightened up and snapped like a mosquito. He slapped himself in the face, "the slave's mouth is smelly!" Hong Shi had a dark personality. When he made him laugh, he lost his temper and asked, "You have a smelly mouth. What did you say about Tian Wenjing? Who did you say it to?" Chen Xuehai said, "The slave said that Tian Wenjing is a top good man.". But his mother has a hard time with good people, which is really baffling. As a matter of fact, the officials who went to Henan were all great talents in the original provinces, but they all became wimps when they went to Henan. In Henan, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,dap diammonium phosphate, Tian Wenjing believed that he had been close to Zhang Qiu, but Zhang Qiu was an ink official, so he didn't give Tian a long face! Wang Ye, don't laugh. I'm telling you the truth, but I can't figure it out. He doesn't even take care of his family. When he became governor, none of his relatives followed him to make a fortune. He only did things and did not make a fortune, just like Li Wei. He's not an idiot by any means. But he is a good man, and he can't get a place with all the good men. This Isn't that weird? I say that to everyone I see, and I say it wherever I go. Isn't my mouth smelly? Hong Shi could not stop laughing in his stomach as he listened, but he was ordered to ask questions and had to take up the posture. "Have you told Xie Jishi yet?" He asked. "Yes!" Chen Xuehai answered without hesitation. "I speak to everyone.". There is nothing in this book that you don't know. It's in the Third Master's mansion, the Prince Bao's mansion, and the Fifth Master's mansion. I also said that. Since the decree has asked here, does the slave dare to hide? Hong Shi thought for a moment and then asked, "Xie Ji." The emperor relayed your words to the emperor and wrote a memorial to the throne. Did he consult with you in advance? "No." Chen Xuehai felt more and more relaxed and pretended to look pitiful. "Good third Master, you!"! Xie Jishi is Zhejiang Road, I am a member of the Ministry of Punishment, thousands of miles away, the two of us did not communicate, even rabbits do not have such long ears! “ "Haven't you met him when he came to Beijing recently?" Third Master, the slave didn't know he was coming to Beijing. The Ministry has been busy these days, waiting for news from Hunan with staring eyes and ears. He is really very garrulous, "if Yongxing County." To interrogate Zeng Jing, he was a serial rebel, and he wanted to take one of them. He was afraid that they were not familiar with the matter, and that they would take credit for the confession of the good people. He was afraid that they would be afraid of the matter and leave the important accomplice. We were all in a hurry to wait for their message. Third Master, I'm so busy that I don't even have time to go home. Where can I find this bastard Xie Jishi to gossip? Besides …“ "All right, all right!" Hong Shi was so angry and funny that he waved his hand and said, "Didn't we just meet?" Remembering the words of dismissal in the decree, he added, "Come on, get rid of Chen Xuehai!" Chen Xuehai stopped the officials who had come forward. He took off his big hat and twisted the button to get the red tassel. He said with a smile, "I didn't spend money to earn this top, and I didn't spend money to go.". Now the world is really interesting, like Tian Zhi Tai, spending money to buy the red top earned by donation. Son, after all, wear it firmly and firmly-just like buying things. Genuine goods at a fair price are neither old nor young Deceive! He handed over his head and kowtowed to thank him for his kindness. When he saw that Hong Shi was about to leave, he ran after him and asked with a smile, "Third Master, you still owe me a return to the host. When will you return?"? -You can go! When Hong Shi returned to Chang Chun yuan in a sedan chair, he couldn't hold back his laughter. As soon as he got out of the sedan chair at Shuangzha, Li Laisu, the little eunuch, came up to meet him and said, "The slave has been waiting for a while.". Long live is waiting to summon you in Tan Ningju. Please go there now. Hong Shi nodded and quickened his pace. After entering Tan Ningju, Hongshi immediately felt that the atmosphere was not right. Yongzheng was not in Dongnuan Pavilion. He was sitting on the seat of Sumeru in the main hall. Zhu Shi, Fang Bao, Zhang Tingyu, Ertai, Yunyu, Yunlu, Yunli and Hongli all stood beside him. An official of the sixth grade, dressed in an egret suit, was lying on the ground with his son on the top, and was making a fierce statement: "The matter of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty regarding the crown prince is a lesson learned by emperors through the ages.". Not only the elder brother, even the prince, should not interfere in foreign affairs. Prince Chun Hua Yu De, cultivate one's moral character,Magnesium Oxide price, long live after ten thousand years, expect them to assist in governing, is the most public principle! 。

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