The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

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    I sighed. It just came to me. And the bird came to my house every day and squeaked in the neighbor's tree. But no one has seen what it looks like yet. "Well," she said, "that's all right. It's a mouthful, but it's much better than Okada Heng. Twist the clockwork bird! "Thank you." I say. She lifted her legs onto the chair and rested her chin on her knees. "And your name?" I asked. "Kasahara may," she said. "May may." "Born in May?" "Of course!"! If you were born in June, wouldn't it be superfluous to take a name in May? "That's true." I said, "You're not at school yet!" "I've been watching you, Clockwork Bird." Kasahara may not answer the question. Looking through the binoculars from the room, I saw you open the wire door and enter the courtyard. I always carry a small telescope in my hand to monitor everything in this alley. You may not know it, but there are a lot of people coming and going here. Not only people, but also animals. "What are you doing sitting here all alone, anyway?" "I'm bored." I said, "Think back and whistle." Kasahara bit his nails. "You're a little weird." "It's nothing strange, everyone is like that." "Maybe.". But no one went out to whistle in the courtyard of a nearby empty house. Just bored, just want to recall the past, want to whistle, in their own yard is not also possible? It does make sense. Anyway, Miangu Shengmao hasn't come home yet? She asked. I shook my head and said, "Didn't you see my cat after that?" A tawny guy with a patterned tail and a slightly crooked tip? Not once. Keep an eye on it. Kasahara may took out a short "hope" from his shorts pocket, lit a match, smoked quietly for a while, and then stared at me and asked, "Your hair is not thinning?" I touched my hair subconsciously. No, "said Kasahara," not there, but on the forehead. Don't you think it's too much to retreat? "I didn't pay much attention." "It must be bald from there,Horse weight lbs, you know, me.". In your case, you have to develop step by step. She grabbed her hair and pulled it back, pointing her white forehead at me. Better pay attention. I tried to put my hand on my forehead. As she said this — nervously, perhaps — the hair on her forehead seemed to recede somewhat. I'm a little out of breath. Tell me to pay attention, but how to pay attention? "Oh, in fact, there is no way to notice." "There are no confrontational measures against baldness," she said. Bald people are bald and bald when they are bald. That is to say, irresistible. Isn't it often said that careful care can not be bald? It's a lie! If you don't believe me, you can go to Shinjuku Station to observe the tramps lying there. There are no bald ones. What do you think those people use every day, Klinic or Sassen shampoo? What kind of hair conditioner will you apply every day? That's just a cosmetic manufacturer's wheedle to get money out of the pockets of people with thin hair. "That's right." I was convinced. "But how do you know so much about baldness?" As for me, I have been working as a temporary worker in a wig company recently. I don't go to school anyway. I have time. Ask for advice, cattle weight tape ,Adhesive fish ruler, do research or something. So there's a lot of detail on the bald head, and there's all kinds of information. "Uh" "But," she said, throwing the cigarette butt on the ground and crushing it with the sole of her shoe, "the company I work for will never allow the use of the word bald. We have to say hair minimalist. This bald word, here, is a discriminatory word. Once I jokingly said that my hair was not satisfactory, and I was severely scolded. Tell me that's not a joke. Everyone is working very, very hard. You know what? People in the world are basically very, very serious! I took out a lemon candy from my pocket, threw a piece into my mouth, and asked Kasahara if she wanted it. She shook her head and took out a cigarette. "Well, twist the clockwork bird," said Kasahara. "Are you unemployed?"? Still unemployed? "Still unemployed." "Do you have any plans to work hard?" "Yes." But I'm a little unsure of what I'm saying, "I don't know.". "I changed my tune and said," Well, I think I need time to think. I'm confused, so I can't say it well. For a moment, Kasahara bit his nails and looked at my face. Hey, wind-up bird, if you can, how about going to that wig company with me to do odd jobs next time? The wages are not very good, but they are very easy, and the time is quite casual. So, don't think so much, do something like this once in a while to pass the time. Maybe a lot of things will become clear in that time, and it will be a change of air. Not bad, I guess. Not a bad idea. I say Okay, I'll pick you up next time. She said, "Where is your home?" "It's not easy to say, but walking along the alley, turning a few corners, there is a red Civic Honda car parked on the left, with a sticker on the front bumper of the car with the words" Pray for World Peace ". My house is one door ahead. There is no door to the alley, and you have to climb over the prefabricated wall. The wall is a little shorter than me. "I'm not afraid. A wall like that is guaranteed to pass by." "The foot doesn't hurt?" She sighed and exhaled her cigarette. Don't worry. I didn't want to go to school to pretend to be lame. Just putting on a show in front of my parents. Unexpectedly, it became a habit unconsciously, and when no one was watching, he pretended to be ill when he was alone in the room. I am a perfectionist. If you want to deceive others, you must first deceive yourself, right? Clockwork bird, do you have courage? "Not much." I say Not in the past? "I haven't in the past, and I'm afraid it will continue in the future." "Curiosity?" "There is more or less curiosity." "Isn't courage and curiosity one and the same?" Kasahara may said,horse weight tape, "Courage is curiosity, and curiosity is courage, right?" 。

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