The word it suggested was misgivings which is an appropriate

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    While writing this article Benny Snell Jr. Jersey , I accidentally spelled signings wrong from typing too fast and went to have my computer automatically correct it. bad, bad NFL signings.Not every free agent signing is going to work out for teams - the New Orleans Saints and Adrian Peterson are a prime example from this season alone - but why not rub it in on teams and their fans by looking at the signings each of the league's 32 teams regret most.Yes Zach Gentry Jersey , there are some ground rules here! For starters, we're looking at players who signed their free agent deals from 2000 to now, although there is one player from the 90s who is going to get mentioned and you'll see why. Players who re-signed only to do nothing or make the team regret re-signing them (i.e. Brett Favre in 2010 with the Minnesota Vikings) are ineligible Nick Bosa Jersey , as are undrafted free agents. Also, players like DeAngelo Hall who were traded to a team and immediately signed an extension with them are ineligible as well; these are all purely free agents, not players under contract who worked out a new contract.If you're ready to relive some of the worst contracts in recent NFL history and try to block out memories you've likely repressed over the years L.J. Collier Jersey , let's get to work. NFL players seem to be in legal trouble more than any other athletes. Maybe it's that NFL is now king in the United States, or maybe the NFL culture just triggers wrongful doing in some way. Regardless it feels like every week there is a high profile situation going on with one of the NFL's top stars.This article isn't about those that have found themselves in trouble but rather 15 random drunk NFL faces that were out enjoying their time off the field. These guys take a beating on Sundays for the fans so it's amusing and humanizing at the same time to see them out and about taking a load off like the rest of us would.There are certain current and former NFL players that we know enjoy having one too many cocktails at a time. The party life seems innocent for some but for others (Johnny Manziel) it has ended up ruining a once promising career. Here we can take a look at some of these players who are partying for the right or wrong reasons. To us those blurry eyes still bring a form of entertainment we might not get on Sundays.

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