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    On the fourth floor, there will be something so terrible, to gather two guild masters, my curiosity was immediately attracted. However, I am now almost a household name in this dress, I am afraid that as soon as I show up, I will become the enemy of all. We have to find a way to make the best of both worlds. Isn't there a medicine room on the first floor of Zuma? Maybe I can try my luck there. Pushing open the door of the drugstore on the first floor of Zuma, I saw a lanky old man busy with something inside. When I heard someone coming in, the old man didn't even raise his head. He shouted in silence: "How much medicine to buy? Say it yourself." Ugh! Why is this voice so familiar? Looking more carefully, I was so stubborn that I rushed up and patted the old man on the shoulder. What are you, what are you doing? Are you here to buy medicine or to kill people? The old man raised his head in a rage and stared at me angrily. Old village chief, I am an ice doll. This will not be my mistaken identity, no, this small eyes, this temper has not changed at all, in addition to the old village head who else will be? The old man looked at me doubtfully, his eyebrows and eyes wrinkled into a ball, and said discontentedly,304 Stainless Steel Bar, "If you don't take down that cloth, who knows you are that." It turned out that the veil had not been taken off yet. I quickly pulled off the veil and pouted at the old man: "If I had known you were so forgetful, I should have let Jiao Niang ignore you all her life." "Hey!"! It's really you, Ice Doll. My old man was saying that he hadn't met an acquaintance for a long time, but he didn't expect to meet you today. The old village chief was as happy as a child, touching my head and talking endlessly. If it goes on like this, all the people on the third floor will be gone for a while. How can I go down to the fourth floor? I said hurriedly,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, "Old village chief, didn't you go to Beach?"? How can you sell medicine in Zuma? The old village chief gave me a complicated look and said with a sigh, "I've heard about the village for a long time, and there's nothing I can do to help. Once I heard from my friend in Beach that most of Zuma's monsters are petrified when they come out, and only when people get close to them will they be freed from the petrified state.". I wondered if we could save our village in the same way. So I applied to come here myself. "What about Jiao Niang?" "Jiao Niang is still in Beach, Phoenix said, only when Zuma's secret is revealed, I can bring my family to live here.". I think Jiao Niang will understand me. ..... Tears on my face, I do not want to say too many heroic words, also can not say anything to comfort the old village head, in a long period of time, I fell in the arms of the old village head silently shed tears, silently buried the sadness in the bottom of my heart. I know that only as soon as possible to uncover the secret of Zuma, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, so that Jiao Niang can live in Zuma, is the most important thing I should do at present. So, when the grief in my heart eased a little, I raised my face, stroked the tears in the wrinkles of the old village head with my hand, and asked, "Do you have Taoist clothes to sell here?" The old village chief shook his head and gave a slight pause. He said, "I only have a female soldier's dress here. Can it be useful?"? I'll give it to you if you want it. Who cares, as long as it's not a wizard's clothes, I nodded, not polite, took a dark green heavy armor from the old village chief, changed into a black demon robe, and put on a dark green heavy armor. Here, take this saber and equip it. Who has ever seen a female warrior wearing heavy armor and drinking blood? It's stupid. It's full of holes. Seeing that I was aggressive and wanted to fight back, the old village chief hurriedly "shushed" and said to me, "Don't make trouble, someone is coming." I turned my head and saw that it was empty and there was nothing. Okay, you lied to me. "Hi!"! There you are. I was just saying I couldn't find you anywhere. I don't know your name. I'm not a member of the Little Sword Society and I can't use their guild chat channel. We are really destined. Before I could speak and turn my head back, I saw the man who had just died push the door and come in. As soon as he came in and saw me, he smiled and said a lot of words to me. This man is really strange. He doesn't hit anyone who talks. Who knows who. Despite my displeasure, I nodded my head as a greeting. Thought it would be a good idea to follow him to the fourth floor later. The man walked up to me and said, "Are you here to buy medicine?"? I just forgot to buy blue medicine in the League. I heard them say in the guild that there was an old man selling medicine here, so I came. A wordy man! I gave him a white look, while he bought medicine and turned to talk to the old village head, I quietly put the blood drink in my hand into my belt, holding a saber like a decent, a female soldier came out. All the best books are Text 62 His name is Tail. (From 7U point 7U in 7U text 7U net update time: 2006-5-1 14:45:00 Number of words in this chapter: 2211) I lowered my head slightly, put down my hair again, and gently combed the long hair on my shoulders with my fingers, so that I could cover up my identity a little more! I've bought it. Come on, let's go to four. Boss, they have cleaned up the hall on the fourth floor. We have to move quickly. Otherwise, the monster will come out and we won't be able to get in. The wordy man looked at my new hairstyle, slightly stunned, and then looked at me with a smile, with a light of hope flashing in his eyes. Even if you don't ask me to come together, I will find an excuse to come together. I don't know the way to the fourth floor at all. Looking into the man's sincere eyes, I nodded and said, "Go." So you are a soldier. There are very few girls who play soldier. By the way, why did you just stand there? If I hadn't saved you,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, you would have died. Also, how did you become a red name? If you go back to the city like this, you will be cut into prison by the broadsword guards. The man behind me continued to talk as he walked.

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