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    I couldn't help looking in the direction of the back garden, and that guy. Will you come again tonight? Come on, go back to wash and sleep. At the gate of my yard, Yue Qingyin stopped and turned to me and said, "Go to bed early and get up early tomorrow." "Yes, brother." I watched him leave and turned into the yard. Now that Father Yue had told me to listen to the dog officer tomorrow, I saved myself the trouble of thinking. I took off my clothes and got into bed. I lay hard for a long time, but I didn't feel sleepy. It seemed that there was always something in my heart that I couldn't put down, so that I couldn't sleep. I had no choice but to get up and put on a robe. I gently pushed open the window. Suddenly, the silvery moonlight filled the room. I couldn't help but feel relieved. I carefully stepped on the chair in front of the window and turned out from the windowsill. When I came to the courtyard, the evening breeze was slightly cool, and my skin was tight when it blew against my clothes. I pulled my clothes and walked slowly in the moonlight, looking down at the shadow of the white chrysanthemum on the ground beside the courtyard wall. The slender petals swayed gently, like small hooks, which confused my thoughts. I was about to trample these shadows under my feet, but suddenly I saw a figure like a ghost appearing in the shadow of the flower, stretching out a slender hand like a chrysanthemum petal and waving to me. I sighed and pretended not to see it. I turned to go back to the room. Before I had taken half a step, the owner of the long fingers held his elbows from behind. Don't want to see me? The low and moist voice is ringing in my ears with a little warmth. What's the use of seeing? I raised my face, bathed in the cool night wind, and my hair was gently blown up, brushing his chest and face close behind me. It can solve lovesickness. He answered with a low smile. Lovesickness? I chuckled. "Which face should I miss?"? Is it on the wall of the back garden? In the temple of Qiuxi Land? Of the boatman on the boat? Or do you have a full beard? He held my elbows tightly, and after a long time, half teasing and half seriously, he whispered, "I've already said that if you want to see my true face, it's not impossible, but you have to pay the corresponding price.." If you want to see the true face, you will marry me,brushed stainless steel sheet, a nameless, homeless and bottomless thief. Would you like to be the wife of the moon? Would you like to.. Willing? Am I not going to marry into a rich family? Am I not going to be a rice worm who stretches out his hand for clothes and opens his mouth for food? Don't I want to spend my life quietly and quietly? How can you be pampered, ordinary and stable if you marry him? Perhaps to sleep in the open air, perhaps to eat bran and pharynx vegetables, perhaps to spend a lifetime in escape from the pursuit of the court. This is not a joke, I think I am serious this time, I really, really want to love. However Obviously, obviously he is not suitable for me, which he knows very well, so he is always at arm's length, so he refuses to let me know him more deeply, so that he can't pierce the window paper and reveal his heart to each other. I know that too. But, but why do you expect him to come to see me every night? Why is it that when you can't see him, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, you are restless and sleepless, but when you see him, you are both happy and worried? Why Why is it that whenever I see him, I have the impulse to give up everything I have imagined for myself in the future and to go to the end of the world with him regardless of it? Early after the beginning of love for love crazy psychological age, but the feelings of this thing is the world's most difficult to control the most difficult to fathom the most unpredictable a force, can really treat the feelings of people is cold-blooded, I am just an ordinary and normal woman, I do not have great wisdom and courage can not be prophetic, I only care about their inner feelings. Maybe occasionally rationally, maybe occasionally impulsively make decisions whether they are right or wrong. If I say yes, will you show me your true face? I asked softly, staring at the shadow that overlapped him on the ground in front of me. If I show you my true face, will you come with me at once? He asked in reply. Not right away, but.. But I'll keep my promise. I bit my lip and impulsively said the words that made me blush a little, regardless of the consequences. Maybe what I said impulsively is often the most real idea of a person. "Hello!"! Can I take this as your confession, Xiaoyue? He chuckled in my ear. What about your confession? I asked him as if nothing had happened on the basis of the good cheek I had laid down since childhood. "Well.." Smiling, he lowered his head and suddenly pressed his lips against my ear porch. He didn't let go until I blushed and almost lost my footing. "Why do you think I climb the wall of your house every night, Little Moon?" He whispered. With a smile, he turned to face him, looked into his eyes, and said, "In that case, let me see the real you tonight." It's time to decide whether to be brave and willful to love what you love, or to give up the right to love in order to enjoy it. Perhaps I have been bored enough, lonely enough, cool enough, I do not want to think about it, I know only: a man who attracts me for unknown reasons also has feelings for me, since it is already a mutual affection, we should seize this opportunity to cherish this fate, I do not want to let myself regret, even if the future outcome is beyond redemption-do not try to love once. How do you know I won't have a happy ending with him? All right, that's it. I'm just waiting for your choice-whether to take off the mask and be honest with each other from now on, or. Let such a thin film separate you and me from each other forever? Face and life experience The robber looked at me, motionless and silent. Two people in the autumn wind bright moon so look at each other, his eyes are full of all kinds of complex expressions, I know he is hesitating, also know that he is so forced him is a bit too much, I can feel that he is. Is like me, this feeling is not false, but I have not been able to get rid of those stereotypes, must know a true origin, a true identity, a true face, otherwise feel not practical,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, do not rest assured, dare not pay all, this is a common human problem.

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