Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

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    He’s a guy who has earned his fair share of detractors over the years due to his personal beliefs Max Scharping Jersey , his bizarre training habits, and those rumors that he might have played a part in Jimmy Garoppolo’s controversial departure, but Brady has found himself at or near the top of every metric that you could possibly use to define on-the-field success. He’s won five Super Bowls, he’s set the single-season touchdown record, he’s gone over 5,000 yards in a season, and most importantly, he has been an unbelievably consistent player whose play has been the main reason that the Patriots have been able to establish a dynasty that will likely never be equaled or topped. He could retire today Brian Burns Jersey , and he’d be a first-ballot Hall of Fame player with 100% of votes.Yet, Tom Brady hasn’t done it alone. He’s had a lot of people on the field with him who have not only contributed to that incredible level of success over the years but in some cases have helped Tom Brady become the player he is today. However, not every player that Tom Brady has ever worked with has contributed to his legacy in a meaningful way. Mind you, we’re not just talking about bad players; we’re talking about players who were so bad that they actively made Tom Brady a worse quarterback while they were on the field. They were the good, the bad, and the 10 Teammates Who Held Tom Brady Back (and 10 That Made Him Look Better Than He Was). In the business world, it's fairly straightforward regarding how to determine which company is the most successful. You just look at a common economic calculation like annual revenue, net income , or overall value. After all, since the prime directive of almost every business entity is to make money, the benchmarks for success line up nicely with numerical dollar amounts.But things are different in the sports world. While the people in the management suites do everything they can to maximize profit, the real measure of success comes from the team's performance on the field, court, or ice rink.So in a sense, every sports franchise is trying to accomplish two important but distinctly different goals: to make money and to win championships. Inevitably, these two goals will conflict with one another; this is most often seen when player contracts are negotiated Will Grier Jersey , new playing venues are built, or fan ticket prices are increased.In professional football, NFL teams didn't had to worry much in the past about the bottom line. The league had signed some mega-deals with TV networks, merchandise sales were humming, and profits kept rising for almost every team. But recently, a few scandals have rocked the NFL concerning player bounties, spying on practices, head injuries , and domestic violence. Some are saying that the days of the NFL printing money are over.If that's true, team owners will be focusing more on their balance sheets than they have in quite a while. That may lead to coaches and general managers having to do more with less in the years to come. These circumstances will make it harder for any NFL team to attain the ultimate prize: a Super Bowl title.With this profit-performance dichotomy in mind, let's take stock of where the NFL franchises are now. Here are the ten most financially valuable teams (as determined by Forbes magazine based on August 2014 figures) who have yet to put a Lombardi Trophy in their locker room.

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