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    Thornton gave a wry smile and said, "I don't have that kind of strength. They just don't want to kill me.". The whole second circle of hell is imprisoned by some undead creatures, including corpse demons, undead and bone demons. These people can live longer and have nothing to show off at all. If it wasn't for the Church of Light, experimenting with magic on people like us. I'm afraid the people on this floor don't exist anymore. The really terrible characters are on the bottom floors, and there can't be so many! Hearing Sander say so, Chen Dongxin gradually calmed down, the old undead was not as imagined. He gnashed his teeth and threatened revenge. It seems that as Cai Ang said, he was a sage of the undead at the beginning, and there was no ferocious breath on his body. At this time, the second circle of hell was completely rioted, and all the undead creatures were shouting: "Let me out!" " However, Chen Dong did not dare to do that, the release of a precious virtue is his limit, God knows what kind of monster this is. If he is released to endanger the world, he will be a great sinner. Through the spiral passage, this particular little group came to the first circle of hell. But just then, in the highest temple of the Church of Light, on a tall throne, an old man suddenly opened his eyes, which were so bright. The hall is relatively empty, and there is only one big God on duty. At this time, the great oracle saw what happened in hell under the temple through a magic crystal ball. He lost his voice: "The Pope is not good, someone broke into the second layer of hell, rescued a necromancer..." The old man, who was called the Pope, waved his hand and said,ultrasonic metal welding, "I've known for a long time, but I didn't understand the strangeness of the little dragon until just now." "Then I'll send someone to stop them right now?" The great God's face was respectful, and he asked for instructions. The Pope waved his hand and said, "No, let them go." "Ah, this." The great oracle was at a loss. Finally, he opened his mouth carefully and said, "Although I don't know what you mean, I think it must have a profound meaning.". But Cardinal Maren must also have been informed of the situation through the magic crystal ball, and if you don't do something, he will make a big deal out of it. Although he respects you on the surface, in fact, he has been disobeying his will and secretly associating with the bishops who oppose the resurrection of the old God of Light. Yes, I know. Whatever Marem does, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, you don't care. You just remember that you didn't see what happened just now. The Pope said these words and closed his eyes again. Yes The great oracle answered respectfully. When the dragon broke the seal of the first layer of hell, Chen Dong, Cai Ang, Sander, through the boundary, no one noticed that the space ring on Chen Dong's hand flashed and then disappeared. At the same time, the Pope had a dark and shiny ring in his hand. He said to the great oracle below, "You go to the first layer of hell and put the books in this space ring back in place." "Yes" The great oracle answered, turned around and retreated, and the empty temple was calm again. When Chen Dong, Cai Ang and others came out from the exit of the tunnel outside the city, Sander's faint fire of life flashed. He said to Chen Dong, "Young man, thank you for coming to rescue me. Cai Ang once promised to tell you the whereabouts of the Dragon Sword. Now I will fulfill my promise.". The legendary first magic soldier in the world is said to be lost in the deepest part of the primeval forest where the ancient elves tribe is located. Chen Dong Wen Yan, a wry smile. Rumor has it that in the distant past, there were several Dharma gods and fighting gods of different times who walked into the primeval forest in their old age and never returned. The deepest part of the primeval forest became a holy place for practitioners in the western continent. But Chen Dong has faintly guessed that it is a big evil place, is a piece of perishing God's magic land! If the dragon sword is lost there, he has absolutely no power to find it now. The two undead magicians gradually went away, and Chen Dong suddenly realized that the space ring had mysteriously disappeared. This It's terrible! There are time magic and space magic in the West, but according to legend, they have been lost for many years, but it seems that the rumors may not be true. Chen Dong after a fear, unexpectedly someone silently took away his space ring, no matter whether this person used space magic, its repair has reached a really appalling point. Chen Dong returned to the city of Baidan and practiced hard every day to improve his cultivation. He never wanted to visit again since he came back from the 18 layers of hell. On that day, there was a powerful man who was aware of his and Leon's actions, which was somewhat terrible. Fortunately, the man did not punish them and let them rescue Sander and leave. As the four brothers of the Du family got closer and closer to the city of Baidan, the holy city became more and more lively, and practitioners from all over the world flocked to it. Rumor has it that the supreme royal family has come to kill the first man of the hour in the world of practice, which makes the world of practice boiling. For a time, the strong gathered, and the wind and rain from all directions gathered in Baidan. When the world of practice is boiling, a piece of news spreads that the Dark Church will send a master to kill Chen Dong and avenge the death of several fifth-order masters. The enmity between the Dark Church and Chen Dong caused a lot of trouble not long ago. Chen Dong killed four great masters in one day, and achieved the supreme prestige of the first person of his younger generation. This is something that everyone in the practice world knows. It is not surprising that the Dark Church will also take action this time. There will be a break between the two sides sooner or later. Du's four masters attack, if a confrontation, Chen Dong may not be able to cope with, now coupled with the dark church, Chen Dong is now worse. In a temple of the Church of Light in the city of Baidan, the Cardinal of Malen is meditating. Although he has no powerful cultivation, he is a powerful cleric in the church. In his sixties, with greying hair and beard, he was loyal to the present God of Light and opposed the resurrection of the old God of Light, who had been dead for many years, contrary to many of the Pope's views. He thought about it for a long time,ultrasonic spray nozzle, then called in an oracle and ordered, "Let someone dress up as a follower of the Dark Church. When the Armageddon comes in a few days, he will attack and kill Chen Dong." "Yes" The oracle turned slowly and retreated.

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