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    Agreed. I performed The Division 2 Phoenix Credits and enjoyed it, but didn't enjoy the way the original stats approaches played out. Didn't like that firearms was a stat, and that electronics did not feel authoritative enough. I'm thankful they removed the guns stat, which makes that a skill based component of this game, while focusing on wellness, amror and electronic equipment as the 3 principal stats. I had been hoping for that upon coming into the TThe Division 2 beta.Very excited for the full release. And even more astonished that when I believed I was done, there was more to play.

    What on earth are you referring to? I can't really recall any poisonous players at PVE and honestly have met lots of cool folks. The second I step into the DZ nevertheless, the opposite is true. However, so much as PVE I don't know you are meeting so many poisonous players. I often have a good time, particularly in Survival and I don't normally add random friends on matters but my ubisoft accounts has LOTS of people I've played with. PVE hasn't been poisonous for me and I think that it'll be a blast to have 8 Agents tearing up stuff. Can't wait.The game was reworked. The healing mechanics aren't exactly the same so you can actually play with pvp tactically in the DZ and in pve. Rather than wasting 10 mags on an 19, so you can kill, bullet sponge has been reduced also. Ubisoft is stating that lvl 30 is like the beginning of the non campaign material. So we know that the game is replayable, unlike The Division 2. There is so many distinct items in this game. Look into the sport and what it has to offer before forming an impression.

    Nothing but complaints from those below me. It's not the first game on steriods not close they shifted the basic strategies so much no longer facetanking for example it's absolutely more strategic your wrong there too and the nps are not bullet sponges when compared with The Division 2 you need to aim correctly and hit on the weak points and at reward for percison planning you reach harder and kill quicker then ever. It's not socom it's a RPG I don't understand rpg that utilize 1 shot to kill so all of you folks below me with negitave remarks are people players who hardly played The Division 2 let alone know the fundemantals behind strike. It looks amazing in Division 2 Boosting my opinion but people will despise lol all fantastic tho simply pointing out an observation.

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