What is the first level of protection? Secondary protection? Level 3 protection? Video Detailed Expl

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    Originally published as What is Level 1 protection? Secondary protection? Level 3 protection? Video Detailed Explanation of Three-level Protection In the prevention and control of COVID-19, in order to minimize the risk of infection among prevention and control personnel and provide scientific protective measures for personnel in different positions, the standard prevention and three-level protection standards are defined as follows: I. Standard Prevention 1. Standard prevention It refers to a series of measures taken to minimize the occurrence of nosocomial infection based on the principle that the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions (excluding sweat), incomplete skin and mucosa may contain infectious factors. Including hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment,Medical Disposable Coverall, respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette, etc. 2. Graded protection On the basis of standard precautions, measures such as contact isolation, droplet isolation and air isolation should be taken. 3. Graded protection standards : 1. First-level protection (1) Scope of application ① medical observation of close contacts of pneumonia cases infected by new coronavirus. ② Sample delivery personnel. ③ General respiratory tract fever emergency medical staff. (2) Protection requirements Wear work clothes (white coat),Full Body Disposable Coverall, disposable hat, disposable isolation clothes, disposable gloves and disposable surgical mask (change them once every 4 hours or when they are wet, and change them at any time when they are contaminated). 2. Secondary protection (1) Scope of application ① Personnel conducting epidemiological investigation on close contacts, suspected cases or confirmed cases of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus with symptoms. ② Personnel carrying out terminal disinfection in the epidemic focus. ③ Laboratory personnel who handle and test specimens in the biosafety cabinet. ④ Driver and medical staff for patient transfer. ⑤ medical staff for diagnosis and treatment, Medical Disposable Coverall ,Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate, cleaning and disinfection in the isolation observation room, isolation ward or isolation ward of the COVID-19. (2) Protection requirements Disposable cap, medical protective mask (N95 or higher level medical protective mask), goggles (anti-fog type) or protective mask (anti-fog type), medical protective suit or work clothes (white coat) covered with a medical protective suit, disposable gloves and disposable shoe covers. 3. Three-level protection (1) Scope of application ① Specimen collection personnel for close contacts, suspected cases or confirmed cases with symptoms of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection. ② Personnel who may produce aerosols during specimen processing and testing. ③ For observed or confirmed cases of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus, brachytherapy operations that may produce aerosols, such as endotracheal intubation, atomization therapy, examination of induced sputum, bronchoscopy, aspiration of respiratory sputum, nursing of tracheal incision, thoracic physiotherapy, nasopharyngeal aspiration, mask positive pressure ventilation (such as BIPAP and CPAP), High frequency oscillatory ventilation, resuscitation procedure, postmortem lung biopsy and other medical staff. ④ Staff handling the patient's blood,Full Body Disposable Coverall, secretions, excreta and the corpse of the deceased. (2) Protection requirements In addition to the second-level protection requirements, replace the goggles (anti-fog type) or protective mask with a full-face respirator or a higher-level filter respirator with electric air supply (positive pressure headgear). The following 13-minute video details the most stringent level three protection. Source: Lab Broker Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com

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