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    The two beasts crossed their shoulders and went into the office of the department building to plan. Yang Xiaokong kicked the stones under his feet and looked at Bai Zuohan's back as if it was a big blow. He said in amazement, "Elder Martial Brother Bai, why is Professor Bai like this?" Bai Weiyu sneered, "What about him?" Yang Xiaokong lowered his head and said dejectedly, "I have been in contact with him for several years, and he has always been very good." It's not like this today anyway. Bai Weiyu complained: "Of course he pretends to be gentle, serious and noble in front of the students. Do you think he is really a white daffodil?" Yang Xiaokong retorted, "Don't say that about Professor Bai. You are the White Narcissus!" "I'm just a metaphor. I didn't say you. What's your hurry?" Bai Weiyu touched his nose angrily. How can I be in a hurry? Yang Xiaokong lifted his legs and walked away, changing the subject: "But it's really not very kind for Professor Bai to brush Elder Martial Brother Chen down in this way.." Bai Weiyu patted him. "What are you worrying about?"? It is useless for Professor Bai to do any preparatory work. All the teachers who corrected the papers in the second examination will defect on the spot. "Why?" "You see," Bai Weiyu raised his chin inscrutably. "We'll see in a week." Two days later, it was Le Zhengqi's turn to report for school. Wei Nanhe took back the child's school uniform from the High School Affiliated to Normal University and told him, "The school rules are very strict. You study obediently and don't make a scene." Generally speaking, children who do not have the conditions to go to school are eager to go to school, and those who have the conditions hate going to school. Our seven children just to school age was deprived of the right to go to school, failed to accept the statutory compulsory education,Surveyors tape measure, although the absorption of knowledge is difficult to assess the way right or wrong, but it is really lost the ability of normal social contact, now facing how to learn to get along with teachers and classmates, how will we face in the future? This is the first lesson that Wei Nanhe wants him to learn. Le Zhengqi, a child who is over-protected, is not afraid of anything,fish measuring tape, does not know the dangers of society, and never has bad people in his eyes, which is his lovely advantage and fatal shortcoming. Wei Nanhe was reluctant to let him get in touch with the society, and once selfishly wanted to hide him under his wings for a lifetime. It's not that Professor Wei hasn't studied educational psychology, so he knows better than anyone the stupidity and infeasibility of this idea. Le Zhengqi is not someone's private property. He should be allowed to understand the society, which is rich and colorful with competition, right and wrong, and conspiracy. Le Zhengqi was so excited that he couldn't sleep all night. The next morning, he got up and put on his school uniform. He shook Wei Nanhe and urged him, "Get up quickly!"! Or you'll be late! Quick, quick, Fish measuring board ,Adhesive fish ruler, quick, help me tie my tie. Wei Nanhe yawned and stood up, looking him up and down as he helped Le Zhengqi tie his tie. He smiled bitterly and felt that his state of mind had suddenly aged ten years. School uniforms are more beautiful for good-looking people and more ugly for ugly people, regardless of gender. Wearing this school uniform, Le Zhengqi looks both naive and sexy. He likes to download the uniform of the campus series of pornographic films. Bai Weiyu's classmates wished they could lock up the little P child and ravage him severely. Le Zhengqi slanted a shoulder bag on his back, with his hands in his pockets. The old three and the old four came over and said happily, "Weiyu, look at my school uniform!" Bai Weiyu covered his nose painfully and tried his best to hold back the desire of nosebleed, saying, "It's really too ugly!" Then he ran away. Le Zhengqi touched his school uniform uneasily with a black line on his head: "Is it really hard to see this?"? Yang Xiaokong was more honest and said with a red face, "so cute." Then he ran away in a hurry. Wei Nanhe stuffy hum, the mouth did not say anything, the heart angrily scolded: "Damn!"! A bunch of bastards, you'd better not hit my wife, or don't blame me for playing dirty! "Be sure to be obedient at school." Wei Nanhe taught his children in the car: "Listen carefully in class. Don't give me any trouble. If the teacher complains, I won't beat you." Le Zhengqi turned over the Chinese book and promised loudly: "Good." "The mobile phone is confiscated so that you don't have to play games in class." Wei Nanhe stretched out his hand. Le Zhengqi handed over the mobile phone. Wei Nanhe wanted to think: "The mobile phone still gives you, encounter what circumstance to hang up the phone to me." Le Zhengqi put his cell phone in his pants pocket again. Professor Wei led the child to report and said hello to the head teacher, who was a teacher surnamed He and a student of Professor Wei. At the gate of the class, Le Zhengqi's palms were sweating. He pulled Wei Nanhe and said, "I have stage fright." "I didn't ask you to sing on the stage. What are you afraid of?" Wei Nanhe smiled and once again exhorted, "Be obedient in class. I told Mr. He to take care of you." Le Zhengqi kept nodding: "I know." The rule of the drop-in students is to stand on the platform and be introduced by the teacher. This is a new student who has just been transferred to our class. Please applaud and welcome. After the applause, Le Zhengqi, facing the eyes of dozens of strangers, naturally panicked and looked at Wei Nanhe standing at the door for help. Teacher He said politely, "Now let the new students introduce themselves." Le Zhengqi said, "I.." My name is Le Zhengqi. There is a classmate below cry: "Call what?"? Speak up! Le Zhengqi hung his head and his voice trembled slightly: "Le.." Le Zheng Qi. The child has never seen the world and is short of breath. There was a buzzing noise under the platform, and a boy laughed and said, "speak louder!" " The parents at the gate of the class suddenly flew into a rage and pointed at the boy with a bully's demeanor and scolded him: "That boy, what do you want to do?" The classroom was immediately silent. Are the boys tired of living? Ask your teacher He, when he was in college, did he dare to talk in front of the cultural hooligan Wei Jiaoshou? Le Zhengqi sat down by the window in the third row from the bottom. Her deskmate was a sweet-looking girl. Le Zhengqi had no contact with girls of the same age, so he blinked at his deskmate's face, looked at the face and then looked at the skirt, looked down at the skirt, staring at other people's thighs. Wei Jiaoshou's heart tightened: "Depend on!"! My deskmate is most likely to fall in love. Change a boy! On second thought, ah,Fiberglass tape measure, ah, my little seven is different from other children, and it is not safe to change a male deskmate. tapemeasure.net

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