Xie Shao's intimate and cold secret

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    In the ground eye, the voice is hoarse, the hand also immediately grasps her ground. She just smiled at him, gentle and lovely, pulled her hands out of his clenched hands, and untied the bathrobe belt around her waist. All of a sudden, her clear skin appeared in front of his eyes, and he felt a buzz in his brain, unable to think about anything. But she took off his shirt, then approached him, put her hand around his neck, and stood on tiptoe to kiss him. Late. Will. I can't help it. He was sober after all, but his words were blurred and he groaned. Then don't put up with it. She murmured in his ear, as tantalizing as she could be, and he only gave a low roar, eager to kiss. Her lips, only, her movements, immediately made him gasp. She actually.. The hand reached into his trousers. He was a little shy, but he could not control himself, and there was a surge of enthusiasm in his heart. Xiang Wan did not dare to look at him, but fell on his neck and kissed him gently, and he held her tightly, refusing to let go, but holding on. She moved her hand: "Late …" "Let me help you." She spoke softly, but every word made him feel unbearable. Uh. Restricted. Minors please automatically ignore some of the clips,alumina c799, flash occasionally. Happiness Side Story (XXIV) Xiang Wan did not dare to look at him, but fell on his neck and kissed him gently, and he held her tightly, refusing to let go, but holding on. She moved her hand: "Late …" "Let me help you." She spoke softly, but every word made him feel unbearable. His grip on her hand gradually relaxed, but he just hugged her and kissed her again, while her fingers were a little clumsy and green. But he was still on fire all over his body. His hand went around behind her, turned on the tap,cordierite c520, and the hot water washed over her and him from top to bottom, and she only felt. His whole body trembled, and then another kind of stimulation came to his mind. He could not control himself, as if his body and mind were not up to him. Although she did not let go, he seemed to want more, and his hands around her were tightly encircled. It was so tight that her whole body ached, and the kisses, like raindrops, fell on her, and she felt a throbbing pain on her skin, but it also made her more. Jia Yi became obsessed with Sui, and he was really able to endure it, until the end, he did not touch her, but did not refuse her "help". Everything was calm, except for the hot air in the tap, which covered the sound of heavy panting. He only leaned on her shoulder, so close to her that he could feel her urgent breathing and hear her intensity through the sound of the water. His heart was beating, ceramic welding tape ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, his hands still holding her, one hand pressing her waist, the other hand on her buttocks slowly rubbing back and forth, soft and greasy. Touch makes people linger and forget to leave. She did not say a word, but put her hands around his shoulders. He knew she was tired, so he washed her body carefully and then picked her up. She stepped out of the shower, The heating was on in the room, and the weather outside the room seemed to be completely different. He took one side of the bathrobe and wrapped it around her body, and she was really. Tired, closed his eyes in his arms to rest, let him hold her back to the bedroom, let him put her on the bed, along with wiping her naked body. Her skin was flushed from the snow, and so was her face. His throat and hair were tight, and he couldn't help kissing it again. She just felt it was still. Not cool through the body, and seems to be on fire, with a cry, turned and slipped into the silk quilt. He did not move again, saw her tired eyes closed, his face also burst into a smile, dried himself, and then slipped into the quilt, reached out to embrace her. Hold her tightly in your arms, kiss her on her forehead, with satisfaction and depression in your voice: "Go to sleep, baby.." She was so peaceful and happy that she put her arms around her and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up the next day, there was no sign of him around me. I was still very tired at night. I only opened my eyes and looked at the empty bed. Then I closed my eyes. Continue to sleep, do not know how long to sleep, faintly suddenly heard the sound of opening the door, footsteps are very light, as if to the bedside, all of a sudden there is no movement. She was too lazy to open her eyes, thinking that it was probably Aunt Lan or Yuesao, taking breakfast or pushing the babies in, but for a long time, there was still no one. He Jingdong. She raised her eyelids again, but was startled by the man standing in front of the bed. He was standing on the edge of the bed, looking down at her, and she sat up in a hurry, forgetting that there was nothing on her body. The silk quilt slid down to reveal her attractive chest, and he breathed heavily again and turned his eyes away. Is he really dying? The older he gets, the more he degenerates? Or was she drugged? As soon as I saw her body, I was too excited to be myself. See his eyes deep to the evening, hurriedly pulled the silk quilt: "How do you … …" Why didn't you go to work? Remembering what she had done last night, she could not help blushing. How did the followers tie up with him? When he saw that she looked as beautiful as a flower, he was even more absent-minded: "I'm the boss, and I can't let go yet." A day off for yourself? He took his eyes off her face and said, "Do you want to sleep again?" "No, I'll get up." So frightened by him, she did not have sleepiness, only afraid that he really slept and did not let her go, so he wanted to get out of bed, but also thought of his own body. Cover thing, drive him again then: "You go out". He glanced at her with a half-smile. "Where haven't I seen it?" Having said that, he went out obediently and took it with him. He was very Clearly, it is not a question of whether he has seen it or not, but his own problem. He is afraid that he can't control it. When he went downstairs after dressing,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, he was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper. Aunt Lan saw her coming down and hurried to the kitchen to heat up breakfast. Young madam, are you hungry? I'll prepare breakfast right away. Aunt Lan said with a smile and turned to the kitchen. "The old lady stewed it for you." The bird's nest is cold, and I'm going to heat it up. "The old lady?" "I went for a walk with my master.". global-ceramics.com

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