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    "Well, I'll give you a chance to get close to each other. You two go back with your good sister and ask the motorcade and the displaced residents of Tianlong Stronghold to come back to Tianlong Stronghold. In the evening, ask the chefs of your oil tavern to cook something delicious to celebrate the fate of your brother and sister. I'll stay here with Youyou and Zhou Qinan and Zhao Tianxiong to look around." This tens of thousands of people suddenly disappeared in Tianlong Stronghold, there will be some clues, the total is not really evaporated, the departure of a large group of people will certainly leave traces! Lei Bafang said as he ordered and explained. Yes The madman and Long Wu answered happily at the same time, and one of them took Ling Jiongyan's hand and ran happily outside the door. As soon as the figure flashed, the three of them had disappeared in front of everyone, and far away came the happy laughter and excited howls of the madman and the dragon five. Volume 6 Game Magic World 5 Chapter 37-Women and Wine On the post road twenty miles away from Tianlong Stronghold, a line of four riders galloped on the post road. General Thor, this road through the Tianlong Mountains is the only way to the Kingdom of God. Standing at a fork in the road, Zhao Tianxiong pointed to the largest passage in the middle and said, "These two trails on the side were made by bandits. They set up a card at this intersection to collect fees jointly, and the money collected was divided 50-50 between the two families." "Oh, this is fresh, the bandits also jointly set up a card to charge ah?"? It's really the first time I've heard that the robbers in Tianlong Mountain are really innovative! Grab money and grab new tricks! Lei Bafang laughed and scolded. Thor will,Whirlpool bathtub, we have come all the way, also did not see any signs of wrong ah, this day the people of the Dragon Stronghold and those black-clad robbers really disappeared like this? Zhou Qinan looked around and said. Youyou, what do you think? After listening to Zhou Qinan's words, Lei Bafang thought for a moment and turned his head to ask Youyou's opinion. Brother Lei, look at the situation now,endless swim pool, those people don't seem to leave Tianlong Stronghold from the post road, so let's not say there are tens of thousands of it, just say those old people, women and children in Tianlong Stronghold, it's a little unrealistic for them to travel so far, and we also saw when we came out that all the carriages of the caravan were still in Tianlong But all the living things have disappeared, chickens, ducks, pigs, cows, horses and so on, all the living things have disappeared, best whirlpool tub ,jacuzzi swim spa, we can imagine that tens of thousands of people with these animals, along the way will certainly leave traces of these animals, what chicken dung, cow dung, horse dung and so on, but along the way refreshing, there is no such thing. We galloped all the way here, almost more than twenty miles away from Tianlong Stronghold. It's really a little strange that we didn't find any trace of a large team in such a long distance. You thought about it and analyzed it slowly. "Well said!" Lei Bafang was very satisfied with Youyou's explanation, from which we can also see that Youyou is indeed an extraordinary person, with careful thoughts and great talent. Lei Bafang turned his head and asked Zhao Tianxiong, "Do the caravans of the Kingdom of God come here every day?" "Yes, there are large caravans in and out of Tianlong Stronghold every day, especially the caravans of the Kingdom of God, which are basically one caravan a day." In the middle of the conversation, Zhao Tianxiong suddenly understood the meaning of Lei Bafang. " Strangely, if no one has made a fire to cook in Tianlong Stronghold for two days, then it also shows that the caravan of the Kingdom of God has not come to Tianlong Stronghold for two days! Is something wrong? Is the Kingdom of Gods and the Kingdom of Dragons going to war? It's impossible. There was no news or change beforehand. Zhao Tianxiong began to guess at random. Don't the caravans of the Dragon Kingdom come every day? Why are you only surprised that the caravan of the Kingdom of God has not come for two days, but not the caravan of the Kingdom of Dragons? Lei Bafang heard something from Zhao Tianxiong's words. Oh, this is normal. The caravans of the Dragon Kingdom do not come and go every day. Because the main dangerous area of the Tianlong Mountains is in the Kingdom of God, the caravans of the Kingdom of God need to pay tolls to the bandits. Therefore, the caravans in the Dragon Kingdom are very safe. Thor will make you safe all the way. "Zhou Qinan explained:" The caravan of the Dragon Kingdom has a warehouse in Tianlong Stronghold, and there is also a chamber of commerce organization. Under the leadership of the organization, they often form a team together to distribute the goods brought by the caravan of the God Kingdom from the God Kingdom reasonably, and then the caravans of all sizes collectively bring them back to the Dragon Kingdom. Basically, this process is once every three days, only under special circumstances. For example, there are a lot of goods, or there are any special requirements in the Dragon Country. There are caravans sent several times a day, but they are basically regular at ordinary times. Today is the third day, so we will intercept General Lei's convoy on the road! "So that's it!" Lei Bafang nodded, and things were finally a little clear. But the most important thing has not been resolved, the sudden disappearance of tens of thousands of people, or unknown ah, and so far, there is no clue. Brother Lei, we'd better go back to Tianlong Stronghold and look for clues carefully. Maybe the clues are in Tianlong Stronghold. At least we now understand that tens of thousands of people with a group of poultry did not leave Tianlong Stationery from the post road. So, to put it bluntly,jacuzzi bath spa, these people disappeared in Tianlong Stationery or somewhere near Tianlong Village ~ ~! Youyou made a suggestion. OK! Let's go back! Lei Bafang thought about it and readily agreed. At that moment, he turned his horse's head and rode back slowly in the direction of Tianlong Stronghold: "Let's take a closer look on the way back. This is related to thousands of lives!" A line of four people all turn around the horse's head, all the way slowly riding the horse on the return journey.

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