Your voice is in the wind.

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    Zhao Lingyue said, "Dad!"! How dare you drink beer and eat barbecue when you just checked out three highs this year? Father Zhao waved his hand and said, "You have to be happy in life. If it weren't for making your career bigger, your father wouldn't come to this place to drink tea.". Tea is not good to drink, it is better to drink beer and eat roadside stalls before starting from scratch, and beat anyone who makes your father unhappy! Come on, Ling Yue, Zhou Yi, sit down, eat with your father, eat whatever you like. "I just had lunch with Zhou Yi," said Zhao Lingyue. However, Zhao Lingyue is well versed in his father's temperament, which will not accompany him to eat something, his father is easily unhappy, so he called the waiter to come over and asked for a pot of white tea and a fruit platter. Zhao Lingyue said, "Dad, I have something to discuss with you." Father Zhao drank beer and asked, "What's the matter?" Zhao Lingyue said: After I went to Sanya for a month's vacation, I found that I still wanted to study. I wanted to take the postgraduate entrance examination in Beijing. My former classmates introduced me to the postgraduate entrance examination class in Beijing, which will start next month. I plan to go directly to Beijing to get familiar with the environment first, and then it will be convenient for follow-up study after I pass the exam. Dad, I know you work hard, but my major doesn't match our company. I'm going to take an examination of a major that matches our company. Dad, what do you think? Zhao Zhouyi said first: "OK, sister, you go to school.". It's not long before the college entrance examination. After that,Magnesium Oxide price, I can go to the company to familiarize myself with the environment. When I go to college, I can practice while studying and enrich my experience. I'll come to work for you after you graduate from graduate school. Zhao Lingyue looked at him angrily and said, "Do you want to call your little boss?" Zhao Zhouyi said, "Shout and listen." Zhao Lingyue: "*** you." At this point, the waiter served white tea and fruit jigsaw and asked if he needed help making tea. Zhao Lingyue refused, boiled hot water by himself, knelt on the cushion in the box to make white tea, one after another rigorous tea-making process is meticulous, just like a professional tea-maker. Father Zhao, who had been silent all the time, looked at his daughter with a somewhat erratic look in his eyes and suddenly sighed: "You look more and more like your mother." His voice was a little hoarse, and his eyes were full of vicissitudes. Your mother used to like to drink tea, and she always thought I was three big and five rough, and I could not be happy for a long time if I said a dirty word. That's how she made tea for me at that time. I couldn't taste anything, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and she didn't mind me. Remembering what had happened before, Zhao's father sighed again: "If your mother hadn't had an accident while skating, now our family of four would be neat and tidy." As if remembering something, Zhao's father stared at Zhao Lingyue again: "Your father left his words here today. If you dare to touch skating, I will break your legs." Zhao Zhouyi said, "Dad.." Father Zhao: "Don't interrupt when talking to your sister." Zhao Lingyue pulled her lips quietly and said, "Dad, I remember the oath I made in front of my mother's grave.". That is to say, you don't object to my going to Beijing to take the postgraduate entrance examination, do you? "Father Zhao threw back his neck and gulped down the rest of the beer." All right, go. Anyway, I didn't really expect you to take over the company. It doesn't matter whether you can pass the exam or not. It's a serious matter to come back as a son-in-law when you meet a good young man. Zhao Lingyue nodded. . Zhao's father wants to go back to the company in the evening and let Zhao Lingyue go home first. When Zhao Lingyue returned home, it was already late. She went into the room without turning on the light. Her whole body was stuck to the wall and her eyes were closed. Through the faint moonlight outside the window, she could faintly see her slightly trembling eyelashes and her lips in a straight line. The whole face seemed to be immersed in the frost, with a bit of heaviness. Just then, her cell phone rang. She looked down and saw that it was Xi Jiashu's WeChat. [Xi Jiashu: Goldfish Zhao, are you having another goldfish memory attack?] Only then did she remember that she had forgotten to reply to Xi Jiashu's WeChat today. She was too lazy to type and dialed the voice directly. It took Xi Jiashu a while to pick up the voice, with a trace of irrepressible joy in his voice, although the tone was fierce: "Zhao Goldfish, you can't not reply to the message sent to you by the elder." Zhao Lingyue said: "Well, I will pay attention to it later." Xi Jiashu gave a "hum". Zhao Lingyue said: "I had dinner with my family today. I had something to do. I didn't have time to look at my mobile phone. I saw the picture you sent. The rainbow is very beautiful." After a meal, he said: "Senior children, I can't see that you have a talent for photography. The picture seems to be taken with a SLR camera." Xi Jiashu said, "Oh, it's just a casual shot." He also paused, suddenly asked: "Zhao Goldfish, you are not happy?" Zhao Lingyue was stunned and said, "No." Xi Jiashu said, "It's a lie. I can hear it. You are just unhappy." He seemed to think of something and said, "Do you know there is a private ice rink on Hutai Road? It's open 24 hours. The boss is my friend. It's for personal use only. You can give me your name. Get on the ice when you are not happy! Zhao Jinyu, do you know? When you skate very fast, you can hear the voice in your heart in the wind. Zhao Lingyue laughed, for no reason, the heavy mood for a long time seemed to suddenly clear up. Chapter 19 Beijingnan Railway Station . Zhao Lingyue got off the high-speed railway and was ready to leave the railway station. July has entered the summer vacation, as one of the popular tourist cities, Beijing's railway station is crowded with people. Zhao Lingyue held a mobile phone in one hand and dragged a 28-inch suitcase in the other. Lin Quan gave her a call. Are we there yet? Do you want someone to pick it up? "I just got off the high-speed railway." A passer-by in a hurry passed by her, accidentally touched her, dropped a "sorry" without looking back, and hurried to the exit of the ticket station. Zhao Lingyue took one look at him and then said to Lin Quan: "Coach Lin, you can rest assured that I am not the first time to come to Beijing. I am very familiar with the way. I will take a taxi directly to Shougang Stadium later.". You don't have to worry about me. Zhao Lingyue queued up to check in and leave the station. Lin Quan says: "Ok, the dormitory bed has been arranged, it is a two-person room.". By the way, there will be a welcome dinner in the evening. Hearing this, Zhao Lingyue paused,dap diammonium phosphate, lowered her eyes slightly, and asked, "New Year's banquet?"? Is it only the players of this training team led by you? 。

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