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    This huge ship is very difficult to start because of its large size and deep draft, but similarly, once it is accelerated to a certain speed by the wind, it is more difficult to stop! The two battleships were taken as friendly forces and were defenseless. It was not until they hit each other that they felt it was inappropriate. Where was it too late to turn in a hurry? A ship was hit on the port side, with a loud crash, sawdust flying all over the sky, hundreds of soldiers on the deck were thrown seven or eight meters high, and then thrown out askew, like dumplings into the middle of the river! The whole ship was hit obliquely and flew seven or eight feet away, and the mast was broken and drifted away with the tide! Of course, the bow of the ship where Fang Lin was was also damaged a lot. Fortunately, a group of people were prepared for the collision. They even tied themselves to the mast next to it, so there was no damage. But with the momentum of the collision, they just deflected the bow and aimed at the middle of a bucket ship! At this time the wind is strong, the ship's full sails eat enough wind, once again silently against the head! The fighting ship saw the friendly forces were hit, the heart is confused, suddenly see the bow of the giant ship and aimed at their own, immediately scared soul flying! He hurriedly tried to turn around and run away, but he was just in the windward place, and it was also very difficult to avoid. Seeing the giant ship crashing into the middle of the weakest hull with a roar! The ship had been wounded in the previous fierce battle, was beaten half floating and half sinking reluctantly to support, and met Fang Lin, who did not care about his own rush,heavy duty cantilever racks, directly pushed the middle of the hull inward, the wood sent out a sour creak, broke, the masts on board were broken, the sails capsized in turn, and the spray alone was as high as tens of feet. Even Fang Lin and his party on the back deck were drenched all over! The soldiers on the ship had already dived one after another, and the momentum of the ship on which Fang Lin was riding still did not disappear, directly pushing the ship, which was several times smaller than his own size,drive in racking system, into the battle group. In the flames, Fang Lin closed his eyes and extended his mental detection to the limit. Knowing the general situation around him, under his control, the giant ship drew a long arc, and the rest of the warships fled one after another, fearing to suffer from the fish in the pond, dividing the battlefield into two different parts in disguise. As a result, the subsequent attacks of the Wu army could not be continued, and the decline of the Shu army slowed down! But the speed of the ship slowed down, next to Wu Jun already knew that the man was an enemy and not a friend, suddenly, arrows poured down like rain toward the rear deck. But Fang Lin had already seen the course, the huge ship tilted, the oars next to it broke one after another, and a bucket ship had slipped and stopped. The harsh creak was accompanied by the trembling of the ship, and the waves splashed from top to bottom. It was really difficult to stand firm and see things. Fang Lin and his party, then take advantage of this violent shock of the potential, push back racking system ,mobile racking systems, quickly from the side of the hull of the past! Fang Lin's mental power is currently as high as 81 points, so the radius of mental power detection has been as wide as 100 meters, very wide, plus fuzzy detection rather than precise detection, only need to roughly detect how many people around, naturally can scan out the approximate location of the mission target Liu Chan Liu Adou. Therefore, Fang Lin's collision seems to be askew and random, but in fact it is the result of careful consideration! Not only disguised aid zhaoyun army, but also to achieve the purpose of their own on the ship where Liu Chan, straight to Huanglong! Wu Jun carrying Liu Chan this ship MengChong ship scale is far less than the previous ship, in addition to the front and back decks, is the two sides of the troop transport road is quite wide, Fang Lin and others boarded MengChong ship, head-on then rushed to more than ten leather archers, more than twenty pikemen and ju shield hand mixed team, and here can be said to be no danger to keep, can only grind teeth hard top! [Chapter 28 Taking Side] Just as Fang Lin and his party were about to fall into a bitter battle, two more ships with the word "Zhao" flying on top of them rushed over. In the noisy waves, one left and one right sandwiched the Mengchong ship in the center, as if two big mastiffs were stretching out. In an instant, many scratching hooks and boarding boards came up. Hundreds of soldiers swarmed up, and Wu Jun also poured out of the cabin and fought together. The Mengchong warship was originally built for this kind of shipboard battle, so the troop transport path beside the two sides was not only surprisingly wide, but also unusually strong, under hundreds of thousands of people fighting, it was easy to do, and did not appear crowded. Fang Lin and his party, after all, is a team of three people, if more than ten people, then they need to face the impact of the Wu army alone here, and there will be no Shu army to help. Although the number of Wu troops on the ship was superior, the more than thirty big men who took the lead in coming to the aid of the Shu army were carefully selected, holding a thick steel shield several times as high as a man in both hands. Plugged in the ground, then built a deep steel line of defense, easily guarded against hundreds of leather archers in the front of the way, and a long bayonet shining with mysterious light like the teeth of a beast from the front of the shield array. Bloodthirsty forest in the sun. The Shu army offered such tactics, apparently not to seek merit first, but to seek no fault, and to make itself invincible. This kind of step-by-step tactics, called Wu Jun really has a kind of rat pull turtle, nowhere to start feeling, although the ship is shaking very badly, but once based on stability, heavy shield disguised played a role in stabilizing the center of gravity, in the shooting Wu Jun suffered heavy casualties, fell to the ground one after another. But throughout the battlefield, the Soochow army is always in the upper hand, even though they were Fang Lin suddenly this time the impact disrupted the position, but to help the elite is also extremely fast. The Shu army had just repelled the Wu army on the ship. Next to the two ships stopped, but it is the east Wu generals gan Ning and Zhou Tai two people together! The vision of the two generals is also extremely unique, directly abandoned the Shu army in the battle group, led the Qinjun to catch up, their way of docking is quite sophisticated and mature,industrial racking systems, feeling just a slight flash, has been connected to the side. Then gan Ning QinBing guards such as ant gush out, on the iron shield QinBing zhaoyun.

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