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    Insidious, cunning and vicious enough to rival Bato's demons! Very well, my servant. You have my permission to take this. Sacrifice, and I will reward your loyalty. Tell me, what do you need in order to collect the sacrifice for me? "I need strength!" The Demon Lord roared out a brief spell, and a thick, blood-colored beam of light enveloped Rogue! At Before the light fell, Rogue pushed Serena out of the range of the light. The beam of light soon disappeared, but Rogge's body was trembling, as if in great pain. His face was dark red, and his face was horribly twisted, as if all the blood in his body was reading! Rogge suddenly stood up and raised his head to the sky with a loud roar! With his roar, a dark red Clouds of fire came out of his mouth and floated into the sky. The dark red flame on his body has been instantly closed. All his clothes were burned. But he finally stood up! Very good! Only with this kind of physique can I be qualified to be my servant! With a light sound, a dagger so delicate that it could not be described fell in front of Rogge. Take it! It is named after me and has the power I have personally given it! It will easily defeat your enemies. People are torn to pieces! And every drop of blood that passes over it will become a part of my power! Go ahead! My servant Man, fetch me the blood of ten thousand sacrifices! Now, you can leave through the space door behind me. Rogue picked up the dagger, saluted Casinaras,heavy duty metal racks, Lord of the Abyss, picked up Serena, and strode into the air. Go between the doors. In the world of the abyss, only the terrifying figure of Cassinaras wielding the sword of Damocles and its thud. A roar of laughter. As soon as he stepped out of the space door, a long dark knife silently stabbed Rogge in the back of his waist. Dark red scales immediately appeared around Rogge's waist, protecting the soft fat. He will just get. The dagger, the roar of Cassinaras,heavy duty rack manufacturers, swung wildly in the direction of the long knife. The blade of the dagger, which was so delicate and thin that it seemed to break at any time, lit up a little red, as Rogge waved it. A few faint ripples of flame crisscrossed toward the attacker! Dark long knife has not yet touched Rogge's waist, the dark came a burst of pain with a charming cry, followed by a full. The woman in black rolled out of nothingness. There was a long cut on her left arm and right leg, obviously not. It can avoid the ripples of fire as fast as lightning. With a sneer, Rogue raised his dagger again and prepared to harvest the first offering to the Lord of the Abyss. Lord Rogue! Show mercy! Straw's old voice sounded outside. The imperial prime minister, who usually showed his majesty, was more like a helpless old man at the moment, and he ran in. Roger, of course I won't be moved by his appearance. Straw was able to dominate the empire for decades, heavy duty cantilever racks ,mobile racking systems, and if he couldn't act, the whole continent There are few people in the world who can act. Rogge had a look of forbearance on his face, and in his heart he was wondering if he would find time to give him one. Next, conveniently solved this heart trouble? But thinking of the strange rules of imperial infighting, if the fat man killed Straw, it would be a rebellion. Rogge doesn't want to go against it yet. In the future, he did not want to oppose it, so he suppressed the killing machine in his heart. But the dagger in his hand was still pointing at the black clothes. In the light of that red awn, Su did not dare to move. As soon as Straw ran in, he saw Serena in Rogge and immediately said in a trembling voice, "Yes." Serena? She. Her Are you still alive? Rogge said coldly, "You live well, at least better than me." To Straw's surprise, Rogge put Serena, a huge bargaining chip, on the ground and then on her buttocks. "Don't pretend to be unconscious," he said. "Go home." Serena shrieked, blushed, and stood there, momentarily at a loss. Straw took off his robe, threw it on Serena, pulled her whole body up, and then gently and without the slightest objection. Tunnel: "Go to your room to rest!" Anyway, it was a miracle that Serena could come back from the abyss world, and Straw was ecstatic. Other small regrets can be completely ignored. For example, Rogge came out completely, and the pieces on Serena's body had little shielding effect. What has happened can be seen at a glance. In connection with Rogge's usual reputation, Straw is more convinced of his judgment. Lord Straw, your daughter has been returned to you. I'll take my leave. As for the rest of the account between us, it will be in the future. I will settle accounts with you carefully one by one. Rogge dropped a few cold words and wanted to walk away. Wait a minute Straw stopped Rogge and said, "Don't you think you should stay and talk about it?"? Maybe we Can we find a place where both sides can accept it? In the empire, there is nothing in politics that cannot be negotiated. Rogge smiled faintly. "The sword of Damocles is still in the abyss behind me," he said. It won't take long. One. The Lord of the Abyss will lead countless Bato demons out of here to conquer the world! Aren't you busy solving your own problems now? What is there to talk about with me about the problems of the hospital? Straw's face changed at once! Originally saw Rogge and Serena miraculously return from the abyss, Straw's heart still has the last line of luck. But now, He could only watch Rogge walk away like a wooden chicken, and for a moment, he aged ten years out of thin air. Rogge jumped out of the high wall of the prime minister's mansion, and as soon as he fell to the ground, Seraphy appeared behind him like a ghost. That's a nice dagger! Seraphy praised. Rogge's face was expressionless and he still strode forward. "That sword is better,shuttle rack system," he said lightly. "In fact, the Abyssal Lord himself is the most valuable." What Seraphy said tonight was right for Rogue. But he was very angry. Never read. Just give her a good look. It's valuable, but I really don't know how to turn a pit Lord into money. "What are you going to do?" 。

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