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    "That is impossible, my good niece, and you must not trifle with your innocent reputation." Xu Hongyu way: "I didn't take my life as a joke. I had sent someone to Luojiapu to check it secretly beforehand. There was indeed a mourning hall in the bridal chamber. It can be seen that he didn't deceive me." Drunken beggar way: "But where is the murderer? Will the murderer fall from the sky by himself when the salute is over?" Xu Hongwudao: "That's his business. If he's sincere, he'll arrange it. If he can't, it's not good for him." Spider weng loudly track: "In any case, you can't do that. It's our duty to avenge your father's murder. If he can do it, we can do it too. Why do you put your life at stake?" 'Xu Hongyu nodded: "Yes, the younger generation admitted that it was a lifelong bet, but in order to avenge his father, even if the younger generation was crushed to pieces, it was worth it. The father's enmity was implacable. Without his father, where did he come from? Can you say that I did something wrong?" Drunken beggar busy way: "We are not saying that you are wrong, but that you have sacrificed too much. You are for your father, but your father must not be able to close his eyes when he is in his grave." Xu Hongyu sighed and said: "Up to now, I can't care about so much. I can only appreciate the kindness of your predecessors. I have finished what I should say, and I ask you to forgive me." Spider weng way: "We're responsible for avenging your father's murder. Don't you want to change your mind?" Xu Hongyu shook his head and said: "It's not that the younger generation is stubborn and anxious about their father's enmity. It's hard to bear for a moment, and the older generation can't catch the murderer today, so they have to live up to your attention and hospitality." At this point, the meaning of the words is exhausted. Although the Five Friends of the Great Wall and Spider Weng are not reconciled, there is no word to refute them. Spider on his back, tears in his eyes, trembling way: "Brother Xu, brother Xu, why didn't you kill me with a sword, but left me to witness the tragedy of this foolish filial piety?"? Even if I die at once, it will be too late! Xu Hongyu lowered her head, tears like rain,x60 line pipe, and kept silent. Her heart was not hurt, not sad, but she closed her lips tightly and refused to change her mind. The hearts of the five friends of the Great Wall were cut like a knife, and they knew that it was useless to persuade them, so they had to be dejected and walk out of the hall with a look of shame on their faces. The ugly scholar walked at the end and stopped again at the door of the hall, as if waiting for the spider man, fearing that he would be too sad and do something drastic. At the same time, with the corner of his eye, he quickly looked at the situation in Luojiapu. The wedding was finally completed. It was still the same hall, still the same guests, but the atmosphere seemed much more deserted than the previous day. It is indeed unprecedented for a wedding to be completed in two days, so the guests have lost their interest and feel that they have lost their "freshness" and joy. The host is also not strong enough, eager to finish the ceremony earlier, 316 stainless steel plate ,x70 line pipe, to deal with the "business" that must be performed, so as not to have a long night and many dreams, and to have complications. Finally. Spider Weng and the five friends of the Great Wall did not appear again, the wedding ended hastily, then anxious to send the bride into the bridal chamber. The wedding banquet was arranged outside, and the guests were all present, but everyone seemed to have lost interest in the wedding feast, and the scene was cold and cheerless, not warm at all. But the bridegroom drank a lot of wine today. I don't know if he's afraid of being left out in the cold? Or are you really too happy? In any case, when someone came to propose a toast, he always accepted all comers. Not only did he not refuse, but he also voluntarily toasted with others. Later, the guests were too frightened to propose a toast to the bridegroom. Luo Tianbao drank heartily alone, and when the guests left the banquet, he was already six or seven points drunk, and kept shouting: "Hello!"! Don't go, you haven't made trouble in the bridal chamber yet. Gong Tianlin was afraid that he was really drunk, so he whispered a reminder: "Lord of the castle, the spring night is worth the gold. Don't let the bride wait for a long time." Luo Tianbao laughed and said: "Yes!"! Yes! Then I won't ask you to stay. Tianlin, you send the guests for me. Prepare more lanterns and horses. Don't neglect the distinguished guests. ” Gong Tianlin promised and whispered: "The Five Friends of the Great Wall and the old spider monster didn't show up, so we have to be on our guard. Our subordinates have been looking forward to the 18 Iron Guards being distributed around the new house. All of them have doubled their sentries. After tonight, we can rest assured." Luo Tianbao nodded, patted Gong Tianlin on the shoulder, and said with a smile: "Well done, Tianlin. Thanks to you for this marriage. I'll have to thank you later." Gong Tianlin modestly went to see the guests off, but Luo Tianbao walked briskly to the bridal chamber. "Congratulations to the castle owner for a hundred years of good union and the early birth of your son!" In the bridal chamber, Xi Niang and Ya Tou Fu welcomed Luo Tianbao and knelt down to congratulate him. Luo Tianbao's face was full of joy, even saying: Very good! Very good! You've worked hard, too. Each of you will be rewarded with twenty taels of silver. Go and drink! "Lord Sherburg!" Everyone is waiting for this sentence, hurriedly kowtow thanks, afraid to thank late, Luo Tianbao will take back the words. Luo Tianbao also seems to be eager for these, go quickly, there are still sitting on the bed, lifting the veil, drinking a cup of wine. And so on the program, is all exempted by Luo Tianbao, drove these women all out. Closing the door, Luo Tianbao breathed a sigh of relief and sat down at the Eight Immortals table. Xu Hongyu sat on the edge of the bed, dressed in a bright red auspicious dress, with her head hanging down, and did not seem to have heard anything about what had just happened in the new house. But when Luo Tianbao closed the door, she suddenly took something out of her sleeve. An unsheathed dagger with a cold gleam. There was a blue light on the sword, and it was obvious that it had been poisoned. Luo Tianbao was stunned,316l stainless steel pipe, and the smile on his face froze. Xu Hongyu used the dagger to automatically pick up the veil on her face and looked at Luo Tianbao with a cold face. Her whole face was like a rigid picture, without the color of joy or anger. Luo Tianbao coughed lightly and said shyly: "Lady, are you tired?" "You don't have to call it that." Xu Hongyu's voice was as cold as her face! "We're not husband and wife yet. Please respect the castle owner." 。

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