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    Ubisoft's hit strategic shooter will shortly introduce a variety of new content for gamers, including two new playable Operators, a greatly manicured map, along with other welcome changes.

    Rainbow Six Siege has undergone praiseworthy development in its three decades on the market, emerging as one of today's top shooters. Despite its troubled roots in 2015, Ubisoft's commitment to reinvigorate its player base has proven effective, with its population reaching an all-time high in 2018. Now midway through its next year of post-launch content, Ubisoft isn't slowing down, promising a roster of 100 Operators in the years ahead.

    Matt Brown, Windows Central games editor: Between rear in buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits 2015 and today, what's changed about the Rainbow Six Siege development process? The overall perception of Rainbow Six Siege, and what gamers expect, has clearly changed.

    Craig Robinson community programmer: We've created a firm commitment to encouraging the game long-term. I believe we have more than just talked about it, we have shown that using Operation Health, together with the addition of BattlEye at [Operation] Skull Rain, things like this. So players than ever, will realize that we're likely to continue encouraging Rainbow Six Siege for quite a while. 100 operators' goal is our players point out often. We're supporting Rainbow Six for a long time.

    The game's overall grade has improved. Operation Health was a turning point for Rainbow Six Siege and it was a time in which we took a step back in the constant tempo of releasing articles and required a little time to [sort] the infrastructure and base of this match, in order to make certain it's a game that could last for a long time to come. And we are still reaping the benefits of Operation Health today, with the host enhancements we've implemented, the new processes we implemented on the development side. So I think that, combined with the fact we are talking with our gamers all comes together, and players are expecting us not to bail on Rainbow Six Siege.

    The promise of 100 Operators is a big claim. Do you feel as you R6 Items continue balancing the roster as it will become overwhelming? When you introduce a new Operator, there are balancing changes.

    We recently created a balancing team, therefore their sole focus would be that the balancing of Operators. This was sort of created to Lion being released in response. It is made up of a data scientist a game designer, and a user researcher, and these three guys, they work together to identify which operators want some adjustments. Whether they want a buff, a nerf, in which that change needs to be executed, to be certain we get the desired result and don't affect how fun the operator is to perform -- and that's their mandate.

    So with a committed staff that marries both qualitative and qualitative feedback with sport design, it allows us to balance our game in a that we're going to be able to continue doing this , even with 100 operators. We're with Operation Grim Sky, at about 42, and our meta is at a great location. So I think that right there's a testament to their dedication and the job they've been doing, to make sure that our game stays
    balanced, but also enjoyable to play.

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