Douluo Mainland by Tang Jiasanshao [End]

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    Zhu Zhuqing has always been a stoic character, and at the beginning she got great benefits from the immortal grass provided by Tang San. As for Ning Rongrong, she has been practicing almost day and night for five years in order to free herself from the pain of missing, and she has just broken through the level 60 mark not long ago. When she completed the breakthrough, Ning Fengzhi had already announced within the clan that she was the next suzerain of the Seven Treasures Liuli Sect. Feeling the progress of the partners, Tang San's chest suddenly filled with a bit of heroism, although he has not reached level 60, progress is not less than them ah! Think of here, Tang San can not help but roar, "you do not believe my identity, then use strength to prove it.". Who else can have such strength besides our Shrek Seven? Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun are not ready to talk nonsense with him, thinking about the safety of Tang San, the two almost moved at the same time. Dai Mubai at the foot of a sliding step, the whole body golden light blooming, the first soul skill white tiger protection barrier has been released, at the same time, the body suddenly accelerated, tiger palm spread out, straight to the front of Tang San. Set. A deep voice sounded from Tang San's mouth, and four clusters of blue light rose from different parts of the ground at the same time, the fourth soul skill of the Blue and Silver Emperor, the Blue and Silver Cage. The four blue and silver emperors enveloped Dai Mubai's four bodies at the same time,shuttle rack system, including Dai Mubai, who rushed forward, and the four stopped almost at the same time. Even the fiery Phoenix flame on Ma Hongjun's body was completely suppressed at this moment. Appearance can be fake, but soul skill can't be fake. At this time, Tang San has released his own blue and silver emperor, the fourth soul skill for the black this distinctive feature immediately looked at Dai Mubai one Leng. But his tiger claws still subconsciously grabbed the blue and silver cage in front of him. Just then, a layer of blue light was released from Tang San, and the blue and silver field appeared. Greening in front of Shrek Academy is very good,warehouse pallet racks, but as long as there is a green place, how can there be no blue silver grass with tenacious life? At the moment of the release of the blue and silver field, Tang San already felt that his mind had been connected with all the blue and silver grass around him. Under the leadership of his blue and silver world emperor breath, all the blue and silver grass grew up like crazy, and in the blink of an eye it had turned into a blue and silver emperor, spreading quickly around the blue and silver cage released by Tang San, touching it together. In a flash, the four blue and silver cages all turned into dazzling gold, and although Dai Mubai's extremely sharp tiger claws were cut on them, they bounced back abruptly. Zhu Zhuqing is also facing the same experience, as for Ma Hongjun is completely suppressed, Tang San's blue silver emperor has been moistened by the best fire attribute immortal grass fire apricot, his phoenix flame is strong, but it is impossible to burn Tang San's blue silver emperor. Appearance and temperament will change. Will my ability change too? Boss Dai, you see clearly. Tang San bowed slightly, cantilever racking system ,wire mesh decking, the five soul rings on his body were bright, and at the same time, accompanied by the sound of his clothes breaking, the eight spider spears carved like crystals had broken out of his back, and at the same time, Tang San's eyes had come out with clear blue light. The blue and silver emperor in his hand withdrew, the black light surged, the hammer appeared in his left hand, and the blue and silver cage disappeared. At this moment, Tang San is fully displayed in front of his partners, such as the twin Wuhun, the fourth ten-thousand-year soul skill, the eight spider spears, and the wisdom skull of spiritual cohesion. Seeing this scene, Dai Mubai, who was preparing to display a stronger soul skill, stagnated. "Are you really Tang San?"? But how did you change so much? Tang San said with a wry smile, "As long as you give me a chance to explain, of course I will tell you." Ma Hongjun looked at Dai Mubai, and then looked at the eight spider spears behind Tang San. "Boss, although these eight spider spears are different from before, they don't look fake." Dai Mubai nodded and looked at Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong looked at each other and nodded at the same time. If the Tang San in front of us is really a fake, then everything is too coincidental. After all, every soul master's ability is unique. Compared with five years ago, although Tang San has become more powerful, the fundamental things have not changed. In particular, the unique twin Wuhun can not be imitated casually. When Dai Mubai was about to ask what had happened to Tang San. Noisy footsteps came from the direction of Shrek Academy. People have not arrived, a rich voice has come out, "who dare to pretend to be our little monsters, but also dare to hit people.". Let me see. A tough middle-aged man has come out of Shrek Academy, accompanied by two other middle-aged men who look like college teachers. See this person, Shrek five strange laughed, out of none other than Zhao Wuji, the king of the Ming Dynasty. Zhao Wuji received a report from the students on duty. Originally, he didn't need to come out in person for this kind of thing. As the vice dean, his work was very easy now. The boiling blood in his bones made him run out with a little interest. He planned to see who was pretending to be the Shrek Seven and teach him a lesson by the way. At this point, when he really walked out of the school gate and saw five people standing there, he quickly rubbed his eyes. Now, although Tang San in the Shrek Five has recovered the blue and silver emperor, there is no soul ring shining on his body, but the eight spider spears behind him are there, while the other four are shining with the glory of the soul ring. If the changes in the appearance of the people still need to be judged, then the martial soul and momentum they showed at this time, as well as the strength represented by the soul ring, have helped Zhao Wuji make a judgment. Apart from the Shrek Seven, who else can have such strength at such an age? "Damn it, it's really you little monsters." Laughing, Zhao Wuji came up to meet him. The two teachers who followed him and the students on duty who reported to him were somewhat stunned. The dazzling light of the soul ring in front of them had dazzled their eyes. In addition to Zhao Wuji's words,warehousing storage solutions, they immediately understood that these people in front of them were really the Shrek Seven members who had won the championship of the elite contest of the Mainland Senior Soul Division Academy five years ago! Dai Mubai, who was closest to the gate of the college, immediately went up to meet him and gave the immovable Ming King a bear hug.

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