No woman in the world dies faster than the heroine.

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    Oscar-winning actress, really? Human scum Really? Shura fields are everywhere But I will never abuse the woman. The main character controls heaven. Content tags: British and American TV series Superhero HP Unlimited Stream Search Keyword: Protagonist: Tomie Supporting Role: Other: Everywhere Shura Field , Chapter 1 Section 1 It was a lively and gorgeous night. The whole of New York is silent in the happy atmosphere of the Expo. The shadow of World War II seems to have suddenly faded, and in the towering buildings, shining neon lights and dazzling products show the most advanced technology of mankind. Almost all of these brilliant achievements, which embody human wisdom, make all the people involved stunned by this artistic moment. It is precisely because of this that the existence of the girl in the crowd becomes more special. She doesn't even have to do anything to turn existence into a more eye-catching demonstration of Stark's newly developed maglev car. This is an Asian woman. Her beauty is almost aggressive. Under the dazzling light, her skin was as white as if it could shine in the night, and her long seaweed-like hair was lazily scattered on her thin shoulders. She lowered her head slightly, occasionally looked up and looked around, her deep eyes seemed to absorb the light, dark, without a trace of light, looking cold and mysterious. Then, amid the growing attention of the people around her, a smile suddenly appeared on the face of the girl in the focus. This moment is like a glacier melting and epiphyllum blooming. Her cold temperament is instantly beautiful,heavy duty rack manufacturers, like a dahlia swaying in the night, with dazzling colors, delicate and precious. Also because of this smile, the eyes of the crowd secretly moved to the person she was watching. Steve Rogers frowned uncontrollably, and although he was given a contemptuous look almost all the time, it was clear that he could not get used to it anyway. Steve braced himself and took a few quick steps forward. He was not confident in his Japanese pronunciation,warehousing storage solutions, but in fact it was very standard, and he called out, "Tomie.". And the girl who was called Tomie was already running towards him with shining eyes. She couldn't even hide her dependence, as if the dodder flower was wrapped around the vine and hugged Steve as hard as she could. Tomie raised his head, as if he could only look at one person in his black eyes. "Steve, you're too slow." Then the short, thin young man showed a panic and confusion that he could not hide. He was so shy that his whole body was stiff and he did not know where to put his hands. Tomie laughed at his embarrassment, his eyebrows curved, the lachrymal mole under his left eye trembling with a smile on his cheek, and Steve turned his head with difficulty. Tomie.. His tone was empty: "You shouldn't …" I mean You let me go first. Steve Rogers, of course, heavy duty metal racks ,shuttle rack system, did not notice that the girl's eyes slid across the void and stayed for a short time, as if there was something he could not see. Tomie, on the other hand, lowered her eyes after watching, and she sighed: Steve Rogers, 17. It's lower than she thought. But Tomie was not discouraged. She is different from other "Kawakami Tomie" who are arrogant and self-righteous. Tomie is unique. She was the only Tomie chosen. She has the patience to go through all the tests from the system, and in the end, she will get everything she wants. Tomie takes a step back, and she gives Steve just the distance he can accept. Did you pass the recruitment interview in the afternoon? Tomie threw out the topic at random. Then the man hung his head, his golden hair falling on his cheeks. He was trying to hide his loss, but his clear blue eyes could not lie. They told Tomie that he had failed. This is really not good news, especially when she wants to brush the good feeling, it is too stupid to ask by herself! She had to make up for it. Tomie raised her hand, and at this moment, she thought of many comforting words. However, before the exit, he chose to pinch Steve's face, fingertips, pinching Steve's eyes with physiological tears. The girl's face was spoiled, and her eyes were worried. "Don't be discouraged!" She looks like she's angry. In Steve's gaze, Tomie raised his head: "You are the one who saved me!"! If I am easily defeated by setbacks, I will be angry! Steve blinked his eyes, and in the girl's dark eyes, he recalled their first meeting, which she said, when he saved her. It was the best of times and the worst of times. When Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland, the British Empire led by Britain and France jointly declared war on Germany. The guns of World War II were officially fired. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States officially joined the war, and almost all the men in the United States joined the army and were proud to be able to go to war! Serve your country! Defeat the evil fascists! However, it is precisely because of this that the domestic atmosphere is tense. Feelings of hatred for Japan run high. All Japanese in the United States, as well as companies/factories cooperating with Japan, have become synonymous with "despicable", "shameless" and "fascist". When Steve met Tomie Kawakami, it happened to be her most awkward moment. He still remembers that day. For the first time, he failed in the recruitment interview, and even had no chance to enter the second interview. The eyes of all the people around were calm and indifferent,push back racking system, and there was no surprise. For them, he is far less than 5.5 feet (170cm) tall, and he is too small to be fully projected in their eyes. This contempt is contemptuous and arrogant. But all Steve could do was clench his fists and not look too embarrassed. He left the medical office quietly without waiting for his friend James Barnes to come out. He had a premonition that his friend would pass the interview if there was no accident. Steve sighed quietly. He was tired of his low mood and the inferiority of his heart. These fragile and sensitive emotions make him uncertain whether his expression will reveal his inner emotions when facing Bucky-he is afraid that he will hurt Bucky.

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