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    P1: First of all, many readers have recently told me that the urban plot of Xiaoxi's novel is too much, lacking the meaning expressed by the title. Xiaoxi knows this problem in his heart, and he is also very angry about it. But have you ever thought that the theme of this book is slaves? In the future, our protagonist Yang Fan will have countless slaves. But how many slaves can be used in the city? Come to think of it, if the protagonist is a powerless person, maybe only a few efforts of the fighting type can be used, right? So, for other slaves to find a job that can shine and heat is imminent, so the stream chose to let our Yang Fan in charge of a nightclub, can be the slave trade in the hatchet man, beauty arranged to the nightclub, so that not only Yang Fan can have a base camp, but also rich free time to do other things, such as flirting with animation beauty? This time will not be long, about two days or so things here will be able to fully understand, but Hou will slightly change the style, will appear relaxed, D some, I hope to be able to get your support, thank you! P2: Xiaoxi is a novice. Today, I received a message saying that this book could be signed. I was very excited. In the process, I disturbed the lovely leaf MM for a long time. Finally,smart board for conference room, I finished it a few hours ago and mailed the contract out. Now I have time to code words. The next chapter will probably be later, but it will be more. Today, it can only be two more! Also Ask for tickets again!!! Chapter 43 the slaughter begins. "Let him go?"? Are you kidding me? If I let him go, will I get out of here alive? Yang Fan disdained a cold hum, and did not pay attention to Wang Li twenty turn his head to glare at Li Luo. Deputy General Manager Li Luo, right? You are really a grateful person. What did you say after Liu Jiaxing and I saved you? Owe us a favor? That's how you owe it! "Yang Fan, I did say, I Li Hong owe you and Liu Jiaxing a favor, but let you two ordinary people as a foreman for such a long time,smartboard for business, I am also benevolent?"? Is it because of that time that you two still want me to take care of you for the rest of your life? If this is really the case, I, the deputy general manager of the nightclub, will not have to do it, and directly distribute the nightclub to so many people who have been kind to me! Li Luo is also an old oil stick, unwilling to be outdone, said that every sentence is reasonable so that Yang Fan can not say what is wrong. OK! What a Li Luo! A good Li family, since you are unrighteous, don't blame me Yang Fan heartless today! Said, Yang Fan in the eyes of a flash of murder, will pull the trigger. Anyway, with Wang Liancheng this God according to, Yang Fan is not afraid to get into any trouble, simply also let go of the posture ready to do such a fight with them, regardless of win or lose, I believe that Wang Liancheng's connections can drive Li Hong's family out of Yueyun City, smart board interactive whiteboard ,75 smart board, let them become lost dogs, and the brilliant nightclub will be taken over by Yang Fan! "Poof!" Suddenly, at the moment when she was ready to pull the trigger, Wang Li, who had been pleading in front of Yang Fan, had a flash of cold light on her wrist, and then felt a pain in her right arm and lost her intuition. In an instant, Yang Fan's wrist was cut open by Wang Li's dagger, blood gushed out and dyed his clothes. The silver-white pistol fell to the ground and made a clear sound. Li Shenghao also took the opportunity to dodge and quickly returned to Li Hong and Li Luo. He abandoned Wang Li, who had saved him, and fled alone! "Wang Li.." You attacked me because of Li Shenghao! Frowning and covering the wound on his right wrist, Yang Fan's anger burst out like a raging fire and looked directly at Wang Li. To say that Wang Li's attack was really quite successful, the dagger flashed and cut a long and wide wound on Yang Fan's wrist, and the blood-red blood gushed out like a spring. With the system of ordinary people, it would take less than two or three minutes to lose too much blood and faint. In another two or three minutes, it would definitely be the end of death. This shows how strong Wang Li's ruthlessness is! "Humph!"! Yang Fan, just now we gave you a chance, since you did not cherish, then don't blame us for being ruthless! Seeing that his beloved nephew had got out of trouble, Li Luo finally revealed his ugly face and waved his big hand, "Wanbao, bring someone in!" "Brother Hong, Brother Luo!" After hearing the order, Wanbao rushed into the room with more than a dozen of his men with guns, and without Li Luo's greeting, he aimed more than a dozen dark guns at Yang Fan. Yang Fan, although you have saved me before, but since you don't know each other, don't blame me, for the sake of the past, I allow you to say your last words! Li Luo said with a guffaw. Ding! Wang Liancheng and Li Qingqing, the target of the realistic task, have come to the brilliant nightclub. It is confirmed that no one died in Wang Liancheng, Li Qingqing, Li Hong, Li Luo, Li Shenghao, Bai Fen and Wanbao. The last step is to start the task! "Kill: Kill Li Hong, Li Luo, Li Shenghao, Bai Fen, Wan Bao and more than ten of Wan Bao's thugs in the brilliant nightclub. If one of them escapes from the brilliant nightclub, the mission will be regarded as a failure!" "Note: Ensure that Wang Liancheng and Li Qingqing do not die during the execution of this mission, otherwise it will be regarded as a failure of the mission!" "A deathbed speech?"? How interesting Yang Fan's throat sent out a strange laugh, turned his head to look at a few people who followed him. At this time, there were four people behind him, Wang Liancheng, Li Qingqing, Zhao Hu and Liu Jiaxing. Yang Fan, delay a period of time, Wang Fan is now bringing people over, as long as you can hold on for a while,interactive digital whiteboard, we can win! Wang Liancheng also found out that the situation was not good and said in a low voice with some nervousness. Delay? There's no chance of delay now, and even if the whole situation could be delayed, I would bleed to death! Can you use your powers now? 。

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