PoE Currency Farming Guide 3.10: Build and Tips

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    It has been for a while after POE 3.10 Delirium release, as the first expansion of POE in 2020, it introduced a new set league mechanic and modifiers to start the year-round storyline.
    Looking at the history of updates through Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games releases a series of patch notes to fix bugs and make improvements after each expansion release.
    In the latest update 1.43, it mainly added a console specific fit to fix a bug which would prevent small cluster jewel passives from saving in specific jewel slots, and the visual adjustments to Delirium mist.
    Farming Delirium Orbs POE Currency
    Delirium Orbs are currency items that can be applied to maps to add layers of Delirium and grant-specific rewards. Delirium Orbs can only be found in the temporary Delirium leagues.
    Best Use of Cluster Jewel
    Cluster Jewels are a class of jewels that can be socketed in the outermost sockets of the passive skill tree. These jewels extend the skill tree by creating new clusters of nodes, which can contain basic nodes, notable skills, and even keystones. They can also create more jewel sockets that can support smaller cluster jewels.
    Trade POE Currency in PoE Delirium
    Of course, the next recommendation will not apply to people using solo self-found or SSF for short. In any case, if you play in a professional league, that’s good advice to follow.
    Trade. Seriously sell and buy what you need. If you need money, you can flip the item by buying it cheaply and selling it for more than the purchase price. If you do not have access to specific “unique” items to launch, please purchase them. Sell any good equipment you don’t need to make money on, and use it to make beautiful items for your work.
    Build a powerful character
    When it comes to building, there are a lot of building guidelines on the path of exile forum and Reddit. You can also check websites like poe.ninja to learn about the skills and items most players use.
    Build Defensive Passives
    The passive tree, more like a passive forest, is the first thing many players will see when they start the game. Despite its size, it’s easy to get around it.
    All you need to do is grab the bonus that’s good for the character. If you do it often, consider seizing life or energy in trees to shield passive objects. If your damage is not enough to kill the enemy quickly, consider gaining damage bonuses based on the weapons, spells, or elements you use to kill the enemy. In general, the more life you take out of a tree, the stronger the life that gears bring — greatly increasing your overall health.
    Play with Minions
    The Blight league has brought many benefits to the character of the summoner, completely changing spells such as the Guardian and Necromancer. In addition, many minion gems will gain gains.
    Skeletons, in particular, cause much more damage. When built correctly, zombies can be incredibly clumsy and using multiple specters now no longer relies on gears. If you need a chance to breathe while fighting Delirium, consider buying a Raise Zombie gem with a meat shield as an accessory. For damage, skeletons are the best minions to use. They take more damage than regular gems, are easy to equip, and can be used in the first decree. If you need a good starting alliance, consider using necromancer summoners.
    Crafting items in PoE 3.10
    You may not be able to find the items you need while playing Path of Exile, but thankfully, you can modify the items you wear to potentially solve any problems encountered in the build.
    Need more character life? Crafting on your gear. Does your weapon require a flat physical damage roll to do more damage? By hand! Sometimes, all the items you need are carefully designed modifiers, not full modifiers. This is also applicable to the endgame. Its main module enables players to make some extremely powerful items!
    Choose your best flasks
    Don’t underestimate the power of flasks in Exile. Life Flasks can provide a lot of regeneration quickly, but utility flasks can provide a lot of defense for your character.
    Granite flasks can provide you with a lot of armor to reduce physical damage, while jade flasks can provide you with the ability to avoid attacks. Stibnite flasks can even blind nearby enemies, reducing their chance of hitting you by half. Unlike ARPG such as Diablo, the flasks in the path of exile replenish energy by killing the enemy. Therefore, if the killing speed is fast enough, it is possible to make these powerful gains continuously effective.
    Increase Chaos Resistance
    When you fight Delirium bosses, the first thing you notice is how deadly they are. Some will kill you immediately, while others will not be so terrible.
    This may be because you don’t have a high level of Chaos Resistance. A large number of Delirium bosses use chaos damage in their attacks, causing poison or desecration when they die. Unless you run Chaos Inncoluation, you need to gain Chaos Resistance on the equipment. Otherwise, these things will kill you immediately.
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