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    The girl suddenly smiled, "I can't believe you are Chinese. When I found you, I thought you were a savage."? Oh, why are you here in such thin clothes? With a sword? Xiao Lei tried to move his Adam's apple. He was not afraid of getting hurt. Anyway, there were many panaceas in his bag. He was about to open his mouth when he heard the sound of a zipper. Immediately, the tent was pulled open, the wind and snow rolled in from the outside of the tent, a figure came in, and then Xiao Lei heard a stout man shouting at the girl, and then went out again. The girl zipped up the tent, sighed, with a bit of worry in her tone, and said to Xiao Lei, "Oh, we're in a storm.." The captain said we might be trapped here for a while, and our communication has been blocked. Alas, what can I do. You seem to be seriously injured. Small thunder heard this, suddenly the heart suddenly sank, as if faintly felt a strange, that a strange idea flashed in his heart,Calacatta Quartz Slab, he seemed to want to catch that idea, but some can not grasp the clue. At that moment, a straw was stuffed into Little Ray's mouth. Can you suck? You need to rehydrate. Xiao Lei subconsciously sucked two mouthfuls, but then, the girl said a word, let Xiao Lei burst out, the water in his mouth all sprayed out, even though the pain of the whole body made him unbearable,Marble Projects, but desperately opened his eyes, and kicked the girl in front of him! Because the girl seemed to say something to herself: Alas, we are now in our tenth day in the Pyrenees, and it seems that the storm has arrived earlier than expected. Ah, by the way, what's your name.. Well, my name is Yuehua, and like you, I am also Chinese. www/ m Chapter 111 the discovery of the eighth day of the mountaineering team. Xiao Lei used all his strength to open his eyes and see clearly the girl named "Yuehua" in front of him. First fall into the eyes, is a pair of autumn water bright eyes, that pair of eyes in the eyes of quiet and happy, although there is a touch of melancholy between the eyebrows, but just so gently a cluster, it is enough to make people palpitate in the heart. This girl has long hair like silk, Slate Wall Panel ,Carrara Marble Slab, a simple ponytail, wearing a thick climbing suit, but that smile is still like a spring flower blooming in the general mind! Although her appearance is not the kind of human role, but that temperament of a shallow implicit gentle, like a valley orchid in general, not the average woman can be compared. Of course, more importantly, Xiao Lei recognized her at a glance! The shallow pear pit on her cheek, the eyebrows, the nose, the lips. It is clearly the picture I have seen, Boa's mother, Yuehua! The young lady of the Mingyue family, Yuehua! "It's a mess." It's a mess. It's all a mess! Xiao Lei closed his eyes feebly and could not help groaning in his heart. What the *** is this? How many years ago did you dive by yourself? Is the underwater door the so-called "door of time and space"? Damn it! *** the big head! Xiao Lei suddenly felt extremely absurd in his heart. He wanted to laugh and cry. Or if you want to jump up and shout three times, you'd better have a bastard in front of you to beat yourself up. Yuehua saw that Xiao Lei's whole body suddenly tightened. Her body seemed to tremble faintly. Her pale face suddenly turned red. She thought there was something wrong with Xiao Lei. She bent down and whispered, "What's wrong with you?" Xiao Lei's voice was dry, as if it was squeezed out of his throat. What he said was: "I want to hit the wall.." Sanqing Daozun, Amitayus Buddha, Jade Emperor, Queen Mother, Mantian God Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Buddha.. There are other immortals. Are you kidding me? Time reversal? My God, you haven't made me five hundred years ago! Is the young master going to find a person who gives me three moles? Do you want to see Qingxia Zixia again? Is there the Great Sage Equaling Heaven? Five hundred years ago? Pan Si Daxian? Moonlight Box? Bo Ruo Bo Ruo Mi? *** me! Fart! Fart! Put the ***ing swine fever screw turning fart! Xiao Lei's mind is in a state of extreme confusion, this experience of time and space, "back" to the past experience, although various novels and movies emerge in an endless stream, but if it really falls on someone, it is really like an instant collapse of the sky.. Xiao Lei's body was lying there, many thoughts were turning around in his mind, and his body was completely relaxed there. Suddenly he sat up with a jerk. Probably the movement was too violent, the muscles of his whole body hurt so that his facial expression was ferocious and twisted. Yuehua, sitting next to him, was startled to see him grinning and could not help shrinking back, but Xiao Lei, regardless of the sharp pain all over his body, quickly rubbed his chest and clothes in his arms. He was now wrapped in a sleeping bag, presumably because Yuehua had saved him and was afraid that he would freeze to death, so he was given warm measures. As soon as Xiao Lei touched his hand, he couldn't help looking pale and lost his voice: "My heaven and earth.." Where's my bag? Yuehua looked at his frightening appearance and couldn't help feeling a little afraid. "Yes, on top of your head.." she said. Xiao Lei immediately grabbed the past, and sure enough, he grabbed the dry Kun bag, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. Now he was like a man who had fallen into the water, and the many magic weapons and panaceas in his bag were the foundation he relied on, which was the last straw in his heart at the moment. You,Marble Granite Price, you can rest assured that no one has opened your things. This cloth bag is very strange. I wanted to find out if you had any identification on you, but this bag couldn't be opened. Xiao Lei listened to Yuehua and nodded. The pain on his body was a little better at the moment. He sighed: "You really can't open it." This Gankun bag is a treasure of the immortal family. Without Xiao Lei's secret formula, others will never be able to open this bag unless their magic power is stronger than Xiao Lei's.

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