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    Therefore, people scold. I've been looking for it for a long time. The look on his face was even more surprised and uncertain: "Either this person's kungfu is unfathomable!"! Or this person has another way to hide himself. Ruan Zhi's eyes burst out with a strong sense of murder, but he could not find the target. Her eyes swept over the crowd one by one like lightning. Anyone she saw felt cold all over. This time, no one needs to say. As we all know, this beauty is a top master! The crowd was still clamoring for it, and the voice rang again: "What's the matter?"? Only do not allow people to say? This time, the people who had been paying full attention could not help turning their eyes to the roof of the hall. But the roof is empty, there is no place to settle down, where can it come from? Ruan Zhi was extremely angry at this time, and the cold on his body kept emanating around him. She looked at the roof. With a brush, he jumped up and saw a blue figure passing over the heads of all the people like lightning. Less than a moment. She fell back again, just the fire in her eyes. It's more intense. It seems. She still hasn't found anyone. Now, including Zhu Neng. All the people, including Sheng Shengzi, were excited. As they looked around, the expressions on their faces were both excited and surprised, as well as a kind of indescribable dignity: to be able to speak twice on such an occasion, but to make people unable to find people, if it was done by kungfu, what kind of shocking master would it be? Most importantly,interactive whiteboard for schools, will this master be an unexpected master? Ruan Zhi fell to the original place, her eyes still looking in the crowd. But often on the public's line of sight, her anger is even stronger. In Jianghu, even if there is no wind, there will be waves of three meters. Now that someone has said this and started this, I'm afraid that by tomorrow, Ruan Zhi has become a rotten commodity in everyone's mind. And she belongs to the Nianhua door,touch screen interactive whiteboard, afraid is also spread unbearable! Ruan Zhi naturally knows that this matter is important, today's plan, only when she shows her true face, can everyone's rumors not hurt the division and themselves. But if she wants to show her true face under such circumstances, her heart is absolutely unwilling! Her unwillingness can be felt by everyone. But both men and women are laughing about it. Looking for the mysterious man's line of sight for a moment, he turned to Ruan Zhi's body and saw that she had come to this point and did not show her true face. Ruan Zhi gritted his teeth, his eyes were full of murder, and the people who leaned against her stepped back half a step. Even so, the eyes that stuck to her face did not move a little, and almost everyone was waiting for her decision. And as she hesitated, these expectant eyes gradually turned to contempt and disdain, as well as a kind of sudden enlightenment of ridicule. Li Qiong and other women looked at her eyes, but also naked to show a kind of irony. Ruan Zhi stood where he was and did not move for another quarter of an hour. The struggle in her bright eyes was obvious. Everyone can see the unwillingness and hesitation. Then a man suddenly said, "The beauty of Fairy Ruan is known to all in Jianghu.". If you want to see the true face of the fairy, 65 inch smart board ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, why do you force each other so hard? The short speaker was looking at Ruan Zhimei with an ingratiating smile. That wretched look, as if he said this sentence, you can get the favor of the beauty. However, his words played a very good role. It seems that this Ruan Fairy is not worthy of his name, otherwise he wouldn't have to hesitate for so long. Ah, I've heard rumors before that women in the flower door can't show their true face easily. There is only one end for anyone who sees her true face, and that is death. Now that I think about it, it's hard to understand. Don't talk to people. Not to mention just looks? It seems that there is a lot of articles in it! The discussion is getting louder and louder. By the end, almost all the people were talking about it. While whispering, these people looked at Ruan Zhi sympathetically from time to time, and their eyes all turned from admiration at the beginning to contempt. Ruan Zhi was very angry at this time, but the more angry she was, the louder the voices of the people were. Chang Lin's mouth showed a faint smile, and Yang Lan, sitting beside him, had clenched her fists and stared at Ruan Zhi. She was so nervous that her sharp nails hurt Chang Lin's palms. Seeing Yang Lan with an excited face, Chang Lin's smile turned into spoiling again. But at this time, Ruan Zhi's voice rang out: "Do you want to see my true face?"? Ok Her elegant and calm voice implied anger and unwillingness at the moment. Enjoy reading anytime, anywhere! Chapter 157 uploaded by netizens There was a buzz and everyone got excited. Everyone, including Chang Lin, stared at Ruan Zhi, but no one cared about her anger and unwillingness. Ruan Zhi that Sai Yu deceives the frost the right hand, slowly in everybody's anticipation, put on the veil. With her movements, Yang Lan's breathing was so loud that Chang Lin could hear it clearly. With a wry smile, he took out his handkerchief and turned to gently wipe the sweat from her forehead. Looking at her excited appearance, his heart was overflowing with love and pity, and it took him a lot of strength to control himself, so that he did not imprint a kiss on her face. Yang Lan did not feel his movements, she looked at Ruan Zhi with a pair of big eyes, without blinking, where did she know that she was too long and too serious, and Ruan Zhi's movements were too slow. After a while, Yang Lan, whose eyes were wide open, was extremely tired. He blinked several times. At the same time as she kept blinking, Ruan Zhi's hand pulled and a veil floated down! As the veil fell, everyone gasped. This is a plain face, not only plain, it should be said that it is a face full of the spirit of immortality and compassion. Jade white skin, Qiong nose cherry lips, can not be said to be very special, but match together, but let everyone see the first time, think of a word: Goddess of Mercy! And this Goddess of Mercy is not a clay statue sculpted in the temple,smart board touch screen, but the Goddess of Mercy, who is as beautiful as a celestial being in people's imagination! It is a kind of beauty of compassion and Buddha-nature, a kind of beauty that transcends the world.

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