The sound of the flute at midnight

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    The little girl stopped at once and stood at the end of the pipe with her back to Yang Ruozi, her white figure shining like a phantom in the light of the beam. It was dark all around, only the little girl's body gave off a white reflection. She was not a ghost from the underground, but a little angel sent by God to come to the world in the vast night. Yang Ruozi suddenly felt how familiar this scene was. Many Renaissance masters had depicted it countless times in religious paintings. The angel has wings and a halo behind her, and all the pain in the world disappears with her arrival. Tears slowly flowed on Yang Ruozi's face, and the nightmare of ten years could finally end. She almost trotted behind the little girl, and now they were less than a meter apart. Her face was still in shadow, but she felt the white reflection of the little girl's body coming towards her. They were so close now that they could feel the special breath of the little girl, as if they could reach out and touch her long hair. Everything was like yesterday, as if it was the night of heavy rain when Zizi disappeared. Yang Ruozi came to the underground pipeline to look for her sister. In the boundless darkness, she kept walking and walking for ten years until Zizi appeared in front of her. Yang Ruozi took a deep breath and breathed out Zizi's name softly. The little girl in the white halo slowly turned around. In the shadow, Yang Ruozi opened her eyes wide and finally saw her face. -Purple. The little girl has the face of an angel. She raised her head, lowered her eyes, and looked at Yang Ruozi with a faint look, hiding a pair of clear eyes like a deep pool under her long eyelashes. Lips are always tightly closed, in the white light, even the bangs in front of the forehead are a burst of luster. That expression is very strange,Silver Travertine Slabs, like smiling, like crying, only the eyes reveal a kind of deja vu, as if it was destined to have this glimpse in a previous life. She finally opened her lips gently and uttered a delicate child's voice. "Sister." Yang Ruozi nodded madly, she had completely lost control, forgot where she was, only the little girl's light and shadow in front of her eyes. She said softly,Granite Slab Supplier, "Zizi, I finally found you." Sister, I have been waiting for you underground for a long time. In the heavy rain at night, cold and dark, I kept walking and walking alone. At last I fell, and I fell into a very deep place, very deep. Very deep.. The little girl trembled and said, especially the last few words: "very deep.". Listening to Zizi's words, Yang Ruozi felt that he had fallen into a very deep place, which was a deep sewer, cold and dark, surrounded by a cold water, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,grey marble slab, gradually suffocating. "No!" In an instant, the little match girl passed through her mind again. She lowered her head and said, "Zizi, don't be afraid. If your sister lights a match for you, you won't be cold." "Sister, get me out of here." The little girl said softly, and the voice was heartbreaking. But her eyes were still strange, as if she were staring behind Yang Ruozi. Zizi, don't worry. My sister will take you home. Yang Ruozi soothed the little girl, who squatted down slowly and finally reached out her hand to the angelic face. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the flute sounded. Chapter 20 Magic Flute. After a few years, I finally heard the sound of the magic flute again, deep in the dark underground. The sound was so eerie and breathtaking that no one was spared. At this moment, he saw the back of a young woman trembling at the end of the underground pipe. In front of the woman stood a little girl in white, completely enveloped by a white halo. The distance was too far for him to see the woman's face clearly. However, the sound of the flute was heard clearly, and every ghostly note penetrated his eardrum with great clarity. Awakening suddenly understood that the sound of the flute was fatal-at the moment when the flute sounded in the middle of the night, life and death were only separated by a piece of paper. As the sound of the flute raged, death was slowly approaching them. No, it's too late. What to do? When he woke up, he felt dizzy and his heart beat faster and faster. Before he went crazy, he thought with the only trace of reason left in his mind. In an instant, he remembered Roland's face on the ground. Suddenly, he subconsciously touched his body and finally touched the small flute hidden in his arms. It's the flute that Xiao Mi dropped on the ground. At the critical moment of life and death, another sentence flashed through his mind: "The person who tied the bell must untie it.". At this moment, he saw that at the end of the tunnel, the sound of the flute had made the young woman almost collapse. Perhaps this was the only way-Awakening picked up the small flute and put it to his lips. Fortunately, the membrane of the flute was still intact. Then he took a deep breath, and before he could think about it, he had already played a tune. The air in the awakening chest slowly passed through the flute tube and vibrated violently on the flute membrane. Six fingers danced flexibly on the sound hole, and the music poured out of the last sound hole like a waterfall. It was not until I listened to all the music that I realized what I was playing-the famous Jiangnan song "Purple Bamboo Tune". Awakening has played the flute many times on the stage, but this is the most important performance in his life. The dark underground pipeline became his stage, and the music of the Chinese flute became his Messiah, the Savior. Although it is only an unremarkable small flute, it is full of awakening desire for survival and the memory and pain of the dead. For the first time, he realized how to use the Qi of Dantian, then pour it into his chest, rush into the small flute with full Qi, and finally become the supreme God of music. A miracle happened. The sound of the evil flute in the darkness was immediately suppressed by the awakening of the "Purple Bamboo Tune". Jiangnan Sizhu,white marble slabs, which has always been soft and light, suddenly turned into an overwhelming force at the moment of life and death, completely overwhelming the eerie sound of the midnight flute.

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