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    Under great pressure. Tang San's brain began to run at high speed. Be sure to get out of here as soon as possible and meet up with the guys. Inheritance of the God of the sea. A thousand feet of snow becomes a God. It makes him more eager for the inheritance of God. Not just because of the desire for power. More importantly, he needs to have the ability to protect his relatives and friends. Need to have the strength to check and balance the Wuhun Empire. The day passed quickly. Qianren Snow is still constantly releasing her own mind, and she finds that this kind of uninterrupted detection is also of great benefit to herself. She has just become a God, and through this constant release of divine thoughts, she has a deeper and deeper understanding of her divine power. The feeling of being in control is growing. With a flash of golden light, Qianrenxue opened her eyes and showed a playful smile at the corners of her mouth. She said to herself, "Why, can't you help coming out?"? I'll see where you're going this time. In the twinkling of light and shadow, her body had disappeared into the air, and at the same time took away the trident of Poseidon, which was inserted on the ground. An instant is as far as the mind and the body can reach. Qianxue is not flying at all, to be exact, it should be constantly shifting in an instant. The speed was so fast that it was even faster than the mind she released. There was no obstacle in her mind at all. And this day, her mind is always shrouded in the forest of stars, no matter what level of soul, all dormant in trembling,faux ficus tree, even the atmosphere dare not breathe, naturally no one will dare to disturb her. She saw her goal, but to her surprise, Tang San was waiting for her arrival in situ, as if he had anticipated all this and had no intention of running away at all. Even with a faint smile on his face, he was elegant and calm. With a flash of golden light,fake ficus tree, Qianren Snow stopped ten meters away in front of Tang San and stared at him, frowning slightly. "Can you tell me what gives you confidence?"? You don't look like a lost dog. "Do you think I'm a lost dog?" Tang San asked in reply. Qianrenxue smiled, "Of course not, you are the best man I have ever seen besides Grandpa.". Maybe one day you will surpass my grandfather. I just wonder why you don't keep hiding. As long as you don't leave this forest, it's hard for me to find you. You are proud enough to be able to hide so that a God can't find it. I thought our game of cat and mouse would go on for a long time. In my impression, you are not a person who can't hold your breath. Tang San smiled indifferently, "Miss Qianxue is full of praise.". I came out just to make a bet with the young lady. Qianxue lifted the trident of Poseidon in her hand, "your artifact is really heavy." Her somewhat playful eyes seemed to say that even the only artifact you could rely on had fallen into my hands, and what qualifications did you have to negotiate with me. Tang San took one look at the dark trident of Poseidon and sighed in his heart, "Old fellow, you have been wronged." That's right. You can take me now. I'm no match for you. You are right. There is an impassable gap between man and God. But what you can get is only my person or my corpse, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,artificial plant wall panels, but not my heart. Don't you want me to submit to you? Qianrenxue was stupefied. "Life is also what I want, and righteousness is also what I want. You can't have both. Give up life and take righteousness.". I still remember your words very clearly. What's the matter? Have you changed your mind so soon? In her eyes, there was a touch of disappointment. Tang San said calmly, "Death is as light as a feather and as heavy as Mount Tai. Even if I want to die, I still want to die valuable, don't I?"? You can choose to catch me, kill me, or gamble with me. If you win, then I swear to submit to you. If you lose, I just need three days away. Three days later, you can continue to pursue me, as long as you can use force to capture me, I can still submit to you. "Oh?"? In that case, I'd be interested to hear what your bet is. Of course, Qianxue understood that Tang San was by no means an aimless person, but what Tang San had said before touched her heart, and now that he was captured, he could only get his people, not his heart. Such a simple sentence may be useless to others, but for Tang San as the biggest flaw in the heart of the angel God Qianren snow, it is in the middle of the soft rib. Although Tang San did not know what Qianrenxue had done before, but after a day of careful analysis, he stood out, naturally with great confidence that Qianrenxue would agree to his bet. "My bet is very simple," said Tang San. "Neither you nor I will use an artifact to fight. The time limit is one stick of incense. In a stick of incense, if you can catch me, you win, if you can't. So, I get three days to get out of here. In the meantime, please return my trident. "A stick of incense?"? Tang San, are you really so confident? Even if it's not a practical artifact, I'm still a God. Qianxue originally thought that Tang San would use a bet that was extremely favorable to him to bet with himself, but he did not expect that there was nothing wrong with his bet. It is even extremely beneficial to oneself. Are you still afraid of him as a human with your own god-level strength? In fact, Tang San also grasped the mentality of Qianrenxue, that is, she used her inertial thinking that it was impossible to lose to herself in the battle to gamble on this. Is he not gambling at the cost of his own life? "All you have to do is answer whether I bet or not." Tang San's voice suddenly turned cold. Qianren Snow is holding the trident of Poseidon in his hand. "You can bet.". But I can't give you back the trident. What if you win, and I catch you three days later,silk ficus tree, and you don't admit it? I don't want your body. So, it's better to keep the trident in my hands. When you pledge your allegiance to me, I will return it to you. 。

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