My Home – Design Dreams has fuses colorful matching puzzle levels

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    My Home - Design Dreams creates room interiors on points received from level 3 graduations in a row. Help new residents to complete the room and become the best designer, step by step to change the interior. Adding new items requires special points that you get if you overcome a level. The gameplay is quite classic, it is necessary to move certain numbers of colors and shapes to get three or more vertical or horizontal lines. Bonuses are still open combining four or more elements of the same type, and then combining them, so they will be removed from the playing field at once many forms. In Dream House Design some unique stories about people who have experienced different situations in their lives, bright designs, as well as the repair and decoration of various rooms: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

    This game has fuses colorful matching puzzle levels with your home restore makeover and decorate. There are many free furniture styles and combinations that you can use to create epic games. This game has cool multi-player features so you can visit your best friend's house to catch up and talk about your dreams. This game has amazing puzzle gameplay that is mixed with building games. There are hundreds of levels that you can play. Another really cool thing is that the story line is personalized and the game revolves around you. The characters in this game are really good and unique. Landlords, your friends, and many more are the characters you want to know. By the way, you can buy Cheap My Home Credits from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ RVGM ”.

    Players can follow the storyline with great adventures while solving puzzles and designing their dream home. People can also visit various cities and festivals with various types of lively characters. In addition, you will experience a fun and unique character, your best friend, your extraordinary owner and many surprises. Even subtle graphics will help you feel the true effects of design.

    People who are trying to find out the best technique for playing games perfectly should check My Home Review on various online sources. However, people are increasingly attached to the game simply because of its impressive features, and are increasingly popular only because people find great gameplay. You should try to pay attention to collecting currencies such as coins and credit.

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