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    O. S. Johnson is a chiropractic physician and medical author and lecturer in shelby township, michigan. "digging deeper to find answers in your chronic fitness venture" is dr. Neurofy Johnson's ardour. Autoimmune assault is at the foundation of many patients debilitating situations that lamentably, for plenty, has no longer been a attention within the prognosis and as a result the negative final results for popular scientific treatment. Dr. Johnson is and graduate of the yank functional neurology institute and is likewise a certified gluten unfastened instruct and author of the book, reclaim your existence; your manual to revealing your frame's existence converting secrets for renewed health, to be had at amazon. The brain includes the whole lot that makes us who we are. This accommodates no longer only every skills and skill, however additionally the statistics of all our experiences, hopes and desires, the friendships and achievements that give meaning and motive to our lives. It's no marvel then, that with each little 'brain hiccup' -

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