Rebirth Circle Fork Special Forces

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    Not far away, the sharp-eyed platoon leader He Sijia found a metal pull ring on a branch, which had been removed from a canned drink. As soon as Zhong Shu saw it, he knew that the fleeting luster he saw on the other side of the river came from here. He Sijia said softly, "Be careful that there is a trip wire behind this branch." Then he reached behind the branch and prepared to check it. Don't move! Zhong Shu shouted and ordered He Sijia to step back. He observed for a while and said, "That's bait. Otherwise, it wouldn't have left such an obvious flaw." Then he looked around and found that there was actually a trip wire made of thin spider silk in the gap between the branch and the front. The trip wire is twisted into a thin thread from dozens of strands of silk extracted from the tail of a spider in the jungle. Spider silk is composed of gold and white, dozens of strands twisted into thin thread, the tension is just right to arrange into a trip wire, it is not easy to break when you touch it without knowing it, and it is easy to find in the sun, which is really insidious. He Sijia also broke out in a cold sweat, and at the same time he admired the drillmaster who was usually trained strictly. The enemy's mine master's intention is obviously to use the metal pull ring as bait, did not expect that the final flash of light but early reminded the clock tree alert, really steal chicken without losing rice yo! Having located the real mine, they stepped back, detonated the mine, and continued to move carefully. In this narrow passage of tens of meters, they removed several mines to detonate, and looked ahead at the road, which was no longer suitable for laying mines. Zhong Shu and the deputy captain analyzed that the enemy sneaked into our country to kill police and save people. Although the weapons and equipment were excellent, they did not intend to stay and fight guerrilla warfare with us,wholesale plastic pallet, nor could they carry a large number of combat materials. Therefore, it is better for them to set up a suspicious array here, first, to stop our pursuit time, second, to create a shadow of thunder everywhere, and third, to cause casualties to our fighters. After the analysis,plastic pallet supplier, Zhong Shu decisively ordered the team members to move forward quickly. Facts proved that Zhong Shu's judgment was right, and no more mines were found on the way behind. Along the way, they left the unique contact tracking marks of the "Dragon Claw" special forces, searching for the traces of the enemy, and after more than two hours of tracking, the two military dogs showed more excitement. Signs show that the enemy will not be too far away, and we must kill this group of arrogant saboteurs who committed the murder in the territory, in order to comfort the souls of the armed police and public security officers who died tragically in heaven, and let the enemy know what is: those who violate our country's power will be punished even if they are far away. The sky is getting bright, the gray sky turns to gray blue, and at 5 A. m., it is the time when ordinary people are sleeping. Look at the coordinates, there are hundreds of kilometers away from the border, Zhong Shu's heart slightly anxious. Be sure to catch up with that group of militants today, otherwise it will be another day and night, near the border, heavy duty plastic pallet ,plastic pallet box, once they have someone to meet them, and go abroad, the Chinese soldiers will not be able to step out of the country. Suddenly, in the bushes ahead, cigarette butts appeared faintly. That's great. It's a fatal mistake that some of the enemies smoke. All the teams stopped moving and crawled in the hidden position. Observers carefully observed the jungle hundreds of meters away and found that it was commanding, with a wide view, and the surrounding environment was very suitable for ambushing snipers. He reported the situation to Zhong Shu, who also observed and thought. After a while, the situation that the cigarette end went out disappeared. It was estimated that the enemy had finished smoking and put out the cigarette end. The enemy did not expect that after a day and a night of rapid March in the vast primitive jungle, the special forces of the Chinese Army could catch up with them. They sneaked into our country, arranged an ambush to kill our police forces, robbed the prisoners, and then fled all the way, eventually entering the long-arranged retreat route-the vast primitive jungle in the south. Fleeing with ethnic saboteurs who were physically fit but had not received special training, coupled with their nervousness, they really overdrew their physical strength all the way. There were still two hundred miles of forest to cross, and they were so tired that they finally stopped at a place suitable for rest and sniping. After arranging for the guards to guard, they sat down with their backs against the trees and took the time to nap and rest. Otherwise, there will be no rest at dawn. Besides, Chinese soldiers are also human beings. Do they also need to rest? It was this fluke mentality that led them to be overtaken by the commandos of the "Dragon Claw" Special Brigade, who had undergone strict jungle training, in the early morning when it was getting light. After a brief discussion with the vice-captain, Zhong Shu planned not to frighten the snake first. He decided to lead several team members around the front of the enemy in a semi-arc, and then attack from both sides, so as to catch the enemy in a net. In the semi-unknown primitive jungle, hundreds of meters away, if you want to take the arc route, you have to climb up from the side cliff. Zhong Shu with several elite team members, such as Jiaolong into the sea, suddenly disappeared in the vast dense forest. The enemy rested until 5:30, was woken up by the leader, yawned, stuffed with convenient high-energy food in his mouth, and a group of militants with saboteurs began their last escape career. After resting for a few hours and replenishing the food, the whole team's pace was obviously faster than last night. Little did they know that in their rear, observers from the Chinese Army Special Forces had observed their advance. Report to the war dragon, there are seven militants, the capture target is walking among them, now they have stopped resting, out of the area suitable for sniping, and are heading for you at two o'clock! Over! The observer reports to the clock tree via radio waves. Zhanlong received, you pay attention to concealment, follow up from the rear to outflank, wait for me to give the order to fight! Over! The enemy, who was gradually relaxed, had no idea that their hunting pockets had begun to tighten. Pow! A bullet hit the enemy walking in front of the team, and when he fell, the militants shouted and took cover with the target. The crisp sound of gunfire rang out in the jungle in the early morning, and the battle began. The process of the battle,plastic trash bins, exciting and exciting, the cat really can not write, please feel free to fill it. (The cat takes the whipping from the girls!!!).

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