Sky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of Love

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    The head of the kindergarten stood in place, looking at the back of their husband and wife leaving shoulder to shoulder, already sweating and gasping for breath. This couple.. It's killing people. Don't let it happen again. Now Who dares to gossip? Gu Xiaoai walked out with Li Jue Feng on his arm, only to see Wu Jiang playing on the slide with Len. Wu Jiang always had an expressionless face with a smile and spoiling. Len is also very happy, which is the opposite of being unhappy before. This thing.. Finally, the pressure hidden in Len's heart has been solved. It was Li Juefeng who was the first to discover why Len ran away from home under pressure from all sides. This thing taught her a lot, but also let Gu Xiaoai understand a truth. Most of the time, your own practice will have two sides of the result, if the result is not what you imagine, you must know the mistake and correct it. Otherwise, things will only be deadlocked. Into the night. The bedroom is brightly lit. Gu Xiaoai put away all the books about autism in children and no longer let them exist in the bookshelves. Chapter 2528: [Happiness] bury the hatchet (14) "Do what?" Li Juefeng leaned against the door of the study in his nightgown, his hands in his pockets, his hair wet, and stared down at Gu Xiaoai, who was squatting on the ground and busy tidying up his books. Put these books away from Len. Gu Xiaoai squatted on the ground and pointed to the three words "autism" on the cover. "He knows these three words." "Hm?" Li Juefeng raised his eyebrows. Now that Len has very few symptoms of autism, I should treat him as a normal child, instead of trying to dictate how I treat him through the words of doctors and the contents of books. Gu Xiaoai stood up and walked up to Li Juefeng. He stood on tiptoe and put his hands around his neck. His face was close to his handsome face. He said softly, "You taught me to treat him as a patient,10g Ozone Generator, and he will always be a patient." "Do you still listen to me?!" Li Jue snorted coldly. Of course. You're my husband. Gu Xiaoai smiled and raised his face to kiss his thin lips. Li Juefeng's thin lips were sexy and hot, burning her lips. Gu Xiaoai kissed him deeply and opened his lips to entangle with him. His slender bracelet was on her waist, and his fingertips slowly went up. Gu Xiaoai simply took off his shoes and stepped on the instep of Li Juefeng, closer to him. Li Juefeng raised his eyebrows, bowed his head and locked her lips desperately. After a while, Li Juefeng let go of her lips and mocked the tunnel,7g Ozone Generator, "Short legs, step on my feet and stand on tiptoe to kiss me!" Can't you afford to have long legs?! I won't stand on tiptoe. You can kiss me a little lower. Gu Xiaoai immediately retorted with disdain. I can kiss you without bending! Li Juefeng spit out words from his thin lips, brusquely put her against the door frame, and picked her up with one hand. "Li Jue Feng." Gu Xiaoai gave a cry of shock. Her feet were off the ground, a head higher than Li Jue Feng. She was forced to lean against the door frame and be locked in Li Jue Feng's arms. It seemed that she would fall down at any time and anywhere. Her hands could only hold his shoulders feebly. "Li Ju Feng, put me down.." "That's a good pose." Li Juefeng stared at her ambiguously, supported all her strength with one hand, kissed her neck easily as soon as he turned his head, absorbed the fragrance of her body, and left a hickey on her neck with his soft and dexterous lips and tongue. "Well.." His lips and tongues were so hot that Gu Xiaoai could not help groaning. Lijue wind's kiss all the way down, teeth bite open her nightgown, in the snowy chest left his mark. "How about here?!" Li Jue Feng suddenly made a dumb sound, and his tone was ambiguous to the extreme. This posture.. He hasn't tried it yet. It must be very fresh. No Gu Xiaoai refused decisively. Gu Xiaoai, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Ceramic Band Heater, are you tired of living? Refuse me again?! Li Jue Feng's tone suddenly became angry. Husband You left the door open! Gu Xiaoai said helplessly. “……” Li Juefeng glanced at the door, and sure enough, he didn't close it. "Damn, trouble!" The door must be closed, not to guard against others, but their sons! Li Jue Feng had to put her down, only to see Gu Xiaoai has been kissed by him flushed, eyes blurred, unexpectedly still thinking about whether to close the door! Chapter 2529: [Happiness] bury the hatchet (15) Li Juefeng went over and closed the door, forcefully dropped the lock, turned around, and threw a delicate figure into his arms, "Husband!" Li Juefeng was knocked back, Gu Xiaoai smiled and threw himself into his arms, stood on tiptoe to kiss his jaw, a delicate hand opened the belt of his robe, and his lips and tongue slowly described his lips with his skills. Li Juefeng stared at her reddish cheeks, a pair of black eyes getting deeper and deeper, Adam's apple rolling up and down, bent his head and bit her soft lips, "Goblin!" "Well.." Gu Xiaoai sang softly, wrapped his hands tightly around his neck, and stepped barefoot on the ground. It's cold on the ground. Step on it. Li Jue made a dumb sound in the wind. Gu Xiaoai obediently stepped on his feet, and then one hand began to swim on him, flirting with him ambiguously. Li Jue Feng breathed heavily, and Li Jue Feng bit her lips, kissed her closely, and walked slowly to the bed with her weight. Both of them rolled onto the bed, and Li Juefeng couldn't wait to untie the robe on her waist, and her thin lips continued to swim on her face. "Bang-bang-" There was a knock at the door. Gu Xiaoai was surprised by the pressure of Li Jue Feng, who continued to kiss her as if he had not heard. Bang, bang, bang. The knock on the door continued without any intention of giving up. Li Juefeng, someone is knocking at the door. Gu Xiaoai pushed Li Jue Feng, Li Jue Feng frowned, "you didn't hear it!" "Bang, bang, bang, bang." The knock on the door continued. This time, without being reminded by Gu Xiaoai,ceramic bobbin heater, Li Jue Feng stopped all his movements and shouted impatiently, "Get out!"! Is it annoying?! "Dad, did you sleep with your mother?" Len's childish voice sounded outside the door. ……” 。

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