The evil spirit revives

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    When we found him, he was lying on his side, motionless. He held his head in his hands, his body curled up, and his knees were so tight that they almost touched his chest. We bent down and shook him, but he didn't say a word. He's dead? I'm choking. I was desperate to turn around and run away. The trees are very close to us. "I don't know," Howard said. I don't know. I wish he was dead. I watched him kneel down and put his hand under the poor man's shirt. In an instant, his face froze. Then he stood up and shook his head. "He's still alive," he said. We must change him into dry clothes quickly. I helped him, and together we lifted the curled body from the ground and carried it forward. On two occasions, we stumbled and nearly fell, and the creeping plants kept tearing our clothes. Under the guidance of those evil trees, they stretched out their vicious little hands, grasping and pulling. With no stars to show us the way, we trudged out of the Malingen woodland with the help of a dimmer and dimmer flashlight. Hardly had we emerged from the woodland when a low hum sounded. At first, we could only hear a tiny sound, which was very soft, like the roar of a huge engine on the far side of the earth. As we stumbled along with the load, the noise grew louder and caught our attention. What's that sound? Howard asked softly. Through the gloomy mist, I saw his face take on a pale green color. "I don't know," I mumbled. The sound is terrible. I've never heard anything like it. Can you walk faster? So far, we've all been resisting some common fears, but the low hum behind us is unlike anything I've ever heard in this world. I screamed out in sheer terror. Faster,fish measuring tape, Howard, faster! For God's sake, let's get out of here! As I spoke, the body we were carrying wriggled and uttered a series of inexplicable words from its open mouth: "I walked among the trees with my head up.". I can't see the top of the tree. I looked up, and then I looked down sharply, and the thing landed on my shoulder. It's all legs — all long, crawling legs. It went into my head. I tried to get out of the woods, but I couldn't. I was alone in the woods, and the thing was on my back, in my head, and when I tried to run, Diameter tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, the tree put out its foot and tripped me. It made a hole so it could go in. What it wants is my brain. Today, he made a hole, and now he crawls in. He sucks, sucks, sucks. It was as cold as ice, and it made a noise like a big fly flying. But it's not a fly. It's not a hand. I said it was a hand, but I was wrong. You can't see it. If it doesn't make a hole in it, I can't see it, I can't feel it. You're almost seeing it, you're almost feeling it, which means it's ready to go in. Can you walk, Wells? Can you walk? Howard let go of Wells' leg. I could hear him breathing quickly. He was struggling to take off his raincoat. "I think so," cried Wells. But that's nothing. Now it's got me. Put me down and run for your lives. "We have to run!" I cried out in horror. "This is our last chance!" Howard shouted. Wells, you're with us. Follow us, do you understand? If they catch you, they'll destroy your brain. We gotta run, man. Follow us! He rushed out. Wells broke free and followed him like a man in a trance. I felt a fear more terrible than death. The buzzing was louder; it was in my ears, and for a moment I couldn't move at all. The fog wall has become thicker. Frank didn't follow! It was the voice of Wells, full of desperate cries. Let's go and meet him! Now it's Howard shouting. Even if death is more terrible than death, we can't leave him. "Run away!" I shouted. They can't catch me. You run away! I couldn't wait to stop them from sacrificing for me, so I jumped forward madly. After a while, I caught up with Howard and grabbed his arm. What's that? I asked aloud. What scares us? Now, there is a buzz all around us, but the volume is not increased. Come here quickly, or we will be finished! He urged frantically. They have broken through all barriers. The buzz was a warning. We found them, so we got a warning. If the noise gets any louder, we're done. Near the Maringen woodlands is their territory, where they make themselves visible. They are doing experiments now-exploring their way. After a while, when they figure it out, they'll spread. If only we could get to the farm. "We can get to the farm!" I shouted as I groped my way through the fog. If we don't get there, God will help us! Howard muttered. He had shaken off his raincoat, and the wet shirt was wrapped around his thin body. He strode through the darkness. In the distance, we heard Henry Wells screaming ahead. The foghorn kept whining; the fog kept circling and swirling around us. The hum continued unabated. In the dark, it seemed impossible for us to find our way back to the farm. But we found it. Back at the farm, we hurled ourselves to the ground. Close the door Howard shouted. I closed the door. "We'll be safe here, I think," he said. They can't get to the farm yet. "How is Wells?" I asked out of breath, and then I saw a string of wet footprints on the ground,Pi tape measure, leading to the kitchen. Howard saw the footprints, too. His eyes lit up and he breathed a little. "I'm glad he's safe," he muttered. I was worried about him. 。

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